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Taking business that wants is a veterinary clinic in which will cure all animals especially pets of households, but do not believe that the rest of the animals set them aside since there will be a person in charge to go into the surrounding villages of Vitoria-Gasteiz. My goals are to be able to cure all the animals of Gasteiz or anywhere else; In addition if the business works well I would build a hotel for dogs. Prices will be low because this business really amount to exercise my profession as well as possible and achieve to save many lives. If you create the hotel would leave aside to accommodate stray animals and trying to get them a home suitable for them. Although that will not be still you must know that if you meet an abandoned animal you can bring him to the vet and curare-like it free. The veterinarian will be on Arkaiate that is a new of Zalburua district, because today nobody has mounted none there and so for all the people who have animals have greater comfort to the animal. Towns people won't have to go because we'll simply have to take appointment. Finally the logo type I've chosen is Woof- Woof.

Potential Market The advantages that you can find is that we heal all types of animals not as at the other Vet Clinic that only heal domestic animals like dog, cat that are the most usual. In addition when you live in a town that is near Vitoria-Gasteiz only you will have to make an appointment and won't have to worry about anything because we will move us to the people; since if a horse gets sick for example is difficult to move it to Vitoria. En should give you by partner card Woof-Woof, for each visit you make will earn points with them you will have discounts on drugs, in hotel for dogs, in food (prizes for dogs or cans for special occasions)... In addition to the foregoing in the field that will be the hotel, there is an area in which tours so they can make dogs. The weekends can go all the people who want and with monitors that will be there to teach them how to control their pets that they obey them. On the other hand in the land were abandoned animals that we or you find and we will help them so that they can get ahead since do not deserve what they have lived; as abuse or lack of food. Because there is a clear thing, a dog a faithful friend who always is beside you and you never fails. Make it this in almost any clinic, much less cure them without receiving money in return but we will get to see it succeed after all and with that worth. The only disadvantages we can find is that the only principle there will be a Vet Clinic. Where all work well will be held all that I have explained above related to the hotel and the area of travels for dogs.

Putting on the market

ÂĄÂĄYou don't have to worry

more for the health of your pet, and for the money because the prices are very low!!

I imagine that many people who have pet ever be has asked this question: would to to give more importance to the health of the animal or the money that costs us?Because I have an answer to that question is the Vet Clinic Woof, Woof, there not should worry money because vaccines, drugs... has lower prices than usual. We have partnered with a company that will leave us at good prices because we buy large quantities and also give out no them ourselves with other Vet Clinic that also begin this adventure now doing everything like us you and there will be all over the Basque country. You're also guaranteed that the health of the animal will be in good hands because everyone who works have the career of veterinarian and are good at their job. So that we may inform us and you can see the Vet Clinic we invite you to come on June 15 that it will be the opening, there will be things for they can Peck also awards for dogs and owners. That day I will give information and a chat to tell you everything in detail, as well as to resolve your doubts. Don't over think it is! and already go to the Vet Clinic Woof, Woof, which is located in Arkaiate the new district of Zalburua.

SWOT of the business S

W Strength


· We help the family who need help with their · It is the first time that we assemble a business. puppies. · Ost of the people doesn't so much importance ·We will help the animals that are alone an will to animals, so it may seem like bullshit. give help to it. · Workers have never worked between us or us, · With the crisis that we will give work to a each unoha worked in a different place and a group of young veterinarians. different constunbres.


T Opportinities


· It is an opportunity to do what we like in · Threats that we can find is that you might have addition to learning new things. the same business with the ideas that we have because we don't can put them all in practice · It is the opportunity to pay the fair price for because we lack money. For this reason you can food and animal medicines. to someone that if you have money take us our ideas. · It's time that there are so many stray animals because they could not keep them. ·Another is that people not interested in, or you like the business and we can not fulfill our dream.


The vet clinic is located in Arkayate, concrete mind in the plot RCP4. The premises is located in the were, and that may have advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that as it is a new quarter there will be almost vet clinic as it might be in other neighborhood but the downside may be that just living people and the few living do not have pets.

The vet clinic has 98,81 m2 and I will split in the following way:

Input Waiting room

Consultation Hall

WC (This room extra)

Hall Hall

Room for animals


Drug store and operating room

1.- Hall

2.- Waiting room

4.- WC

5.- Room for sick animals

6.- Drug store and operating room

3.- Consultation


To work in this Veterinary Clinic you must have minimum veterinary career. Because your obligations is to cure the maximum possible dogs and without that race without the knowledge that you need to remove it you can not work here. At all times, you have to be nice to the customer and assist you in whatever way we can. Job you have to go in good condition and with a good image because we are to face the public, also must comply with the timetables and the day you arrive late will have to assume the consequences.


Economic business begins regular since spent it all the money that I have saved to the local with a Vet Clinic. La facilities market not bought it was a gift from my uncle because since you promised me that yes she would race and wanted to set up my business the would help me with the local. The part of hotel for dogs perform it if I see that the business runs well and with consultations SAC money to go to saving. In addition to asking the loans, was in the Caja Laboral wondering since my aunt works there. Said me that you to grant me the loans should guarantee with Vet Clinic and in the event that it could not pay the Bank would stay with her. The before at the beginning I would have to save and be sure that with the money he won at the Vet Clinic would give me to pay off the loan.

My business  

Proyecto de EI

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