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Philips LED workshop lamps

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Your news CONTENTS your VIEWS your magazine 19 Independents react to the petrol and diesel ban

THE government’s announcement that it is to end the sale of all new conventional petrol and diesel cars by 2040 truly split opinion for garage owners and technicians. We’ve got the results of a GW reader poll on page 8 and we chat to workshops across the country to reveal the reaction of independent service and repair workshops in this issue’s hot topic on page 19. You’ll be all too aware about the pace of technological innovation within the motor industry so it raises the question if the announcement really was that much of a surprise? I recently attended a HELLA GUTMANN SOLUTIONS course on advanced driver assistance systems – systems that are already widely fitted to cars on our roads and systems that are fast paving the way for autonomous driving. However, experts have told GW that a shocking number of garages remain blissfully unaware that the vehicles they are currently working on could have advanced driver assistance systems fitted and that routine service and maintenance work on these vehicles could have a detrimental effect on how they work. Flick to page 23 and take a look at this GWTV report to ensure you’re clued up on advanced driver assist technology. Also featured in this issue, we’ve got reader reviews covering the Philips range of LED workshop lamps, TOUGH by Swarfega skin care products and a suspension arm lever by Laser Tools, plus a review of brake brand, Textar. Get involved with the conversation and keep your comments coming – thanks for reading. Mike Ruff | Editor

ADAS: What it means for your workshop

Reader review: Philips LED workshop lamps

How Carbon Clean UK is helping garages drive profit

Carbulance: the ultimate mobile workshop

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• All Cambiare parts are either OE quality or BER compliant • UK Technical Hotline: 0845 543 8280 • Live web-catalogue

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Reader reaction to the biggest stories published on GW

Garage tells harrowing story of shutter door horror FULL STORY... and warns of dangers Technician pulled his FULL STORY... head back inside just moments before the shutter door fell "like FULL STORY... a guillotine".

GW EXCLUSIVE “There was no chance he would have got out alive. He wouldn’t have heard a thing, it just dropped. What we didn’t realise is that if the motor drive breaks – which apparently is not uncommon – the roller door under its own weight will fall like a guillotine. The motor drive is the only thing that stops the door from unrolling and it just gave up – very scary.” Peter Fearnley of Fearnley Motors speaking to GW.

“Our large roller doors did this, missing someone's head by a foot. The drive system was a chain which snapped. Now the drive system is direct worm gear so it can't happen again.” Paul Capper, commenting on Facebook.

While locking up for the night, an employee at Fearnley Motors in Colchester turned the key switch to close the workshop’s electric roller shutter doors, looked outside to check everything was safe for the night and pulled his head back inside just moments before the 18-foot shutter came crashing to the ground – the electric motor inside the rollers had failed. “We had similar a few years ago with a hand operated door. The chain that the pulley rotated sheared, making the door drop like a stone. We had just taken a nearly new Audi out – it could have been nasty and very expensive. The incident scared us that much, we made some safety bars to stop it from happening again.” Malcolm Mcgrath, commenting on GW.

DVSA highlights MOT improvements in its first annual reviewFULL STORY... Report reveals MOT cost savings for agency and FULL STORY... motorists but what about test stations?


“All the DVSA has done is pass the cost on to the MOT test station. There has been no price increase in six or seven years; this makes them look good but isn’t very fair on us as we have absorbed the cost of running a station. My rent, electricity rates, wages and water rates have all gone up. I am glad that I have only ten years until retirement, this is just getting silly.” Mercedes of Autotune Grangemouth, commenting on GW.

“Well done DVSA, I’m so glad you are saving money. What about MOT stations?” Alan Kean of Hooks Service Station, commenting on GW.


YOUR COMMENTS Supermarket fuel comes under fire FULL STORY... Independent garage owners and technicians FULL STORY... speak out against supermarket fuels and would recommend that FULL motorists STORY... use branded filling stations over supermarkets.

Reader reaction to the biggest stories published on GW “As a vehicle tuner of mainly turbo petrol cars I can, without hesitation concur that supermarket fuel is awful in terms of quality. I have seen gains of 30 plus BHP from the worst fuel to the best. My car is totally different to drive with decent fuel in it and after draining; that’s before I change anything inside the ECU.” Andy Cookson of Cookson Autos, commenting on GW. “Supermarkets do not pay to have the additives added in order to maintain their competitive edge. By using fuel as a loss leader of between 5-20 pence a litre means the VAT payable can be less than the VAT recovered. Supermarkets have also been known to add unwanted additives at no additional charge with disastrous results to O2 sensors and catalytic converters. Give Tesco their due, they did reimburse my customers in full on submission of their invoices." Barry of Mercury Garage Ltd, commenting on Facebook.

Workshop employee on sick leave will only return if new job role is created FULL STORY... The Independent Garage Association (IGA) publish- FULL STORY... es advice it gave to a member whose employee is refusing to return to their existing FULL STORY... job role after a period of long-term sickness.

“We have tried to accommodate their return with reasonable adjustments, but the employee is simply refusing to return to the existing role and wants us to create a new position for them. We have no need for the position they wish to take on and therefore we are somewhat in a stalemate because the employee is adamant they are not resigning, but at the same time, is refusing to return to work unless we create this new role. How can we proceed?” Garage owner askes IGA.

“To me this is just another employee taking the mick and just wants to return to a job where he can do as little as possible. With my experience as an employer, this is going on way too much. The employee has way too many rights and for a small business this can have serious financial consequences. The business should be allowed to just give him his p45 without any worries so they can quickly get a replacement before the business goes under. Hope and pray we can actually find somebody that appreciates the fact that they have a job.” Anthony Roe of mot-centre. com, commenting on GW.


MOT Training From the UK’s largest automotive trade association


of Automotive Skills

The RMI Academy of Automotive Skills offers a “one stop shop” for all your MOT training needs. We deliver training that meets the DVSA’s requirements and, what’s more, as the UK’s largest automotive trade body we deliver training in a cost effective manner for the benefit of the entire retail motor industry. The RMI Academy has sites in Southam, Warwickshire and Runcorn, Cheshire.

• • • • • •

Light Vehicle Inspection Level 3 MOT Tester Training Motorcycle Tester Training MOT Centre Management F-Gas Annual Training Courses available weekly at both locations - view the calendars at or call our friendly team on 0845 305 4230



Reader views in numbers

Petrol and diesel ban • 26 per cent said they’ll now be investing more into training and equipment for alternatively fuelled cars. • 22 per cent said they’ll be carrying on as normal because the ban is “a long way off”. • 26 per cent don’t think it will happen. • 26 per cent said “we'll be here to service vehicles, no matter how they are powered”.



Connected cars • 73 per cent believe the connected car poses a serious threat for independents.


• 14 per cent don’t think connected cars are here yet. • 13 per cent don’t know what a connected car is.

deployment of telematics technology that can host remote diagnostics or predictive maintenance.

Need to know MORE than a million vehicles on UK roads are already connected to the internet, according to SMMT data. A Europe-wide mandatory introduction of ‘eCall’ in all new passenger cars from 2018 will accelerate the

Lobby groups are fighting to ensure independent operators are able to offer competitive digital products and services by protecting their right of direct access to in-vehicle, real-time data and of online communications through standardised, interoperable and secure telematics interfaces.


Workshop doors • Just 19 per cent regularly check workshop shutter doors for safety.


• 81 per cent didn’t know such that such checks are a legal requirement.

Join the debate and share your views with GW





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Reader views in numbers

Dealing with customers: the toughest job yet? GW readers reveal the toughest jobs that they deal with in their workshop.

IT’S OFFICIAL – dealing with customers is the toughest job for garage owners and technicians working in independent garages. In a survey held in partnership with TOUGH by Swarfega, 58 per cent of GW readers put the trying task above any other when asked what the toughest job in a garage is. When it comes to getting hands on with the job, transmission rebuilds were cited as the toughest by 19 per cent.

Thanks for taking part Five participants were selected from a draw to win a complete set of TOUGH by Swarfega skincare products, including heavy duty hand wipes, hand cleaner, skin protection cream, shower gel and sun protection.

“Cleaning the toilet, it's such a tough job no-one seems to want to take it on except me.” Eight per cent said clutch rebuilds and four per cent quoted common rail diagnostics as tough. Other responses included “paperwork” and another respondent commented: “Cleaning the toilet, it's such a tough job no-one seems to want to take it on except me.”


What’s the toughest job in your workshop?

58%19% 19% 8% 4% 4% Dealing with customers

Transmission Clutch rebuilds replacement

Other tough jobs that you said you have to deal with include:



Common rail diagnostics

Making a brew

View the full survey results... 11



than its competitors, the MS906 acturers, actuation testing, special can also take images, send/receive ionality. Meet the super fast Garage Essentials


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GE-Tec diagnostic unit from the Parts Alliance

Megapixel camera, 2GB RAM and a es of faulty parts for customers and Covers a wide range of car models including European, Asian, American and Chinese Mobile Tablet with models. It also has a range of powerful test functions, and provides accurate live data. a cable, it’s the perfect tool for the Bluetooth EOBD Product Features at unbeatable value. Dongle and additional tailored software

• • • •

Service Light resets & Injector programming Diesel particulate filter regeneration/replacement Featuring the latest Android™ Tablet technology Next generation software: OE-level access to Asian, European, and Domestic applications for module coding, resets, relearns, and bi-directional capabilities Code Search: the quickest response for code solutions, automatically searches Google™ with DTC and related info Install third party apps and software Auto-ID all available vehicle systems and modules Class-1 Bluetooth® 4.0 connector for a wired OBD II experience in a wireless device

ates, UK based telephone support on to catch up again! •

• • •

• Audible alarm prevents leaving the Bluetooth® connector in the car • High resolution camera with still and video capabilities (5MP Rear 2MP Front) • The 8” high resolution (1280 x 800) IPS capacitive 10-point touch screen is clear, bright, and crisp • Featuring 512MB RAM Memory and 4,290 mAh lithium-ion long life battery • Software subscription included • Uses a micro USB 2.0 and a 3.5MM headphone jack • Products meet international quality and environmental regulations, including as FCC, CE and RoHS

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The odd, the weird and the horrifying.

Back street garage ‘spares no expense’ TECHNICIAN, Matthey Walker shared this picture of what is quite literally a back street garage on Facebook. Located in Southampton, the single-space garage appears to back onto residential housing. The frontage features some carefully designed hand-written signage. The owner declined to speak to GW.

Transmission carnage after rookie mechanic drains wrong sump A TECHNICIAN has taken to Facebook to share photos of a gearbox that was left destroyed after a rookie mechanic accidently drained the wrong oil. The technician, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “The vehicle broke down 63 miles after being serviced with loss of drive in fifth gear. “I found no oil in gearbox but no signs of a leak. “I also found that the engine oil was way above max and the sump drain plug didn’t look like it had been removed for a long time. “Looks like someone took out the wrong drain bung.”



The odd, the weird and the horrifying.

27,000 mile Corsa presented for MOT with severe rust A 2008 Vauxhall Corsa with just 27,000 miles on the clock was plagued with severe rust. Jon Snowdon of Darvin Motors said the entire frame was covered in rust.

Shattered CV cage SAULIUS Sunny of SDI Automotive has shared pictures of a shattered CV cage. Posting them onto Facebook, he said: “Customer said it fell out from the wheel. “I’m still amazed how it made a couple of miles to my garage.”


Remanufacturing is flourishing but it’s not without its critics Autoelectro spearheads a campaign to protect the integrity and celebrate its practice of remanufacturing. THE Bradford-based remanufacturer and supplier of starter motors and alternators has said that there’s “a degree of confusion” that still surrounds remanufacturing and that there are issues hampering its reputation.

Behind the jargon • New: A component manufactured or assembled using no pre-used parts. • Reconditioned: Component returned to good condition by cleaning, patching or repairing. • Used: Subject to previous use. No repairs or correcting of any problems that the product may have sustained. • Repaired: Sufficient work carried out to make the component operational again. • Remanufactured: The return of a used product to at least its original performance, with a warranty that is equivalent or better than that of the original product when it was new.

Autoelectro warn that the public remain unaware of the difference between remanufactured and reconditioned parts. The two terms are regularly interchanged and muddled. Despite the lack of public awareness, the remanufacturing industry in the UK employs more than 50,000 people,


contributes approximately ÂŁ2.4 billion to GDP and, according to a report published by the All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group in 2014, has the potential to increase to ÂŁ5.6 billion. Autoelectro boasts modern remanufacturing facilities, which has allowed its team of experts to assemble high-quality products – often with original design flaws ironed out. Its formula of reengineering units from old ‘core’ is a cost-effective and environmentallyfriendly option. Like the uncertainty between remanufactured and reconditioned products, another major threat to the UK remanufacturing industry is the spread and influence of cheaper quality, copy components. Coming from countries such as China, India and Eastern Europe, the industry faces

genuine danger from parts that are, typically, built to a price and are inferior copies of their original counterparts.

...the industry faces genuine danger from parts that are, typically, built to a price and are inferior ...

• UK’s largest remanufacturer & supplier of rotating electrics • Established since 1986 • All Starter Motors & Alternators individually tested to OE specification • Latest fully computerised test equipment • Two year warranty • Comprehensive website with online chat & technical support

Please contact your independent Motor Factor for any requirements you have or contact us directly here at Autoelectro and we will put you in touch with your nearest distributor.

Autoelectro managing director, Tony Bhogal said: “The problem is that these particular units are manufactured to an inferior standard, which is highlighted by the fact that they cannot be remanufactured when they are returned as old core; original design faults are overlooked, and additional problems may arise due to cost savings, such as weak castings.�


& FORGET +44(0)1274 656101



Independents face AGM battery challenge There’s still considerable confusion in the market when it comes to battery replacement for vehicles that incorporate a start-stop function, ECOBAT Battery Technologies say. NECESSARY for start-stop technology, the predicted growth in AGM battery replacement has failed to materialise. ECOBAT Battery Technologies (EBT) claim it’s because AGM batteries are not being used

"...things are finally about to change and technicians in particular need to be prepared..." in the way they were designed. In a press release, EBT said: “The AGM battery is a formidable piece of engineering that, unlike a traditional SLI battery, is designed with a high cyclic (charge/discharge/recharge) capacity and the ability to recharge extremely quickly. “Over their design life, which was projected to be around four years, they are expected, due to the vehicle’s startstop system, to make 350,000 engine starts, compared with the 30,000 expected by an SLI battery in a non start-stop vehicle.

“However, because most drivers tend to deactivate the system, the battery is under used and in effect, over engineered, as it is only making the number of starts an SLI battery is designed to make. “All this is historical however, as things are finally about to change and technicians in particular need to be prepared, because they will be at the frontline as AGM and EFB batteries come into play and replacing them with a traditional SLI battery is not an option, as they are simply not fit for purpose and will cause problems.” Start-stop batteries tend to take much longer to replace, require a battery validation device and have fitting procedures that need to be followed to prevent their premature failure. ECOBAT Battery Technologies say SLI batteries cannot be used as an alternative because they are not designed to cope with the demands inherent with the vehicle. Not only are they of the incorrect design, they will cause problems with the vehicle’s ECU and dashboard warning system. EBT added: “Take onboard these factors however, and the AGM/EFB revolution heralds a bright and profitable future for workshops, because in conjunction with a customer service orientated, vehicle by vehicle battery testing regime, they can benefit from the extra labour time required to undertake their replacement and the higher margin these batteries provide.”




Europe’s number one battery supplier




Have your say on the news

Petrol and diesel ban sparks mixed reaction by Mike Ruff, GW Editor

By 2040, car makers will have produced three generations of their vehicles and with technological innovation within the industry occurring at an unprecedented pace, is news of a petrol and diesel sales ban really that much of a surprise announcement? OFFICIAL confirmation that the government is to end the sale of all new conventional petrol and diesel cars by 2040 has given rise to a host of questions and concerns from an industry that’s bracing itself for what will be the biggest shake-up it has ever seen. Environment Secretary, Michael Gove said the move is part of a plan to replace the traditional combustion engine in cars and vans with cleaner electric or hybrid alternatives. Mike Hawes, SMMT chief executive, said: "Much depends on the cost of these new technologies and how willing consumers are to adopt battery, plug-in hybrid and hydrogen cars. "Currently demand for alternatively fuelled vehicles is growing but is still at a very low level

as consumers have concern over affordability, range and charging points. "We could undermine the UK’s successful automotive sector if we don’t allow enough

"We could undermine the UK’s successful automotive sector if we don’t allow enough time for the industry to adjust." time for the industry to adjust." Just over half of GW readers have said that they accept news of the 2040 sales ban for new petrol and diesel cars in a recent reader survey. 26 per cent say they’ll now start to invest more into training and equipment for alternatively fuelled vehicles and another 26 per cent say that they’ll “be here to service vehicles, no matter how they are powered.” Commenting on GW, Peter Miles of Polson Hill Garage in Crediton said: “We’ve all adapted to changes in technology. “The businesses that couldn’t have gone. “At the end of the day, even without government intervention it was coming anyway.


HOT TOPICS “All they’ve done is put a date to it.” Similarly, GW reader and garage owner, Paul Yabsley said: “This is just one issue. “As independents, we will need to get to grips with so much technology. “Bring it on.” Two in ten readers said the ban was too far away for it to concern them but 26 per cent don’t think the ban will happen at all. Not all workshops have complete faith in

“Already we have hybrid vehicles in our workshop with failed batteries." the alternative technology. Commenting on GW, Paul Duffy said: “Already we have hybrid vehicles in our workshop with failed batteries. “I won’t buy a battery car that is four years old knowing I may have a battery replacement bill in a couple of years.” Paul suggests that the novelty factor of plug-in hybrid can rub off quickly, saying: “Customers with plug-in hybrids, plugged in for the first few weeks after buying the car but got fed up and ended up driving them as a regular car.” Questions were also raised about the demand for electric on an already strained system. GW reader, Nigel Kirby commented: “It’s OK all these electric cars but where is all the electricity going to come from to charge them? “It’s going to be interesting to see what happens when thousands of cars plug in.” Just last month the National Grid warned that home charging units could blow a

Have your say on the news household’s main fuse if used alongside other ‘high demand’ items such as kettles, ovens and immersion heaters. However, the National Grid says it will be able to cope despite large increases in peak power demand.

Paul Robbie prepares for a passionate farewell TO the traditionAL combustion engine GW columnist and garage owner, Paul Robbie has his say on the 2040 sales ban. This year marks the 20th anniversary of Celine Dion's warbling offering for Titanic, My Heart Will Go On and R Kelly's I wish I could fly. It was around this time we were beginning to read stories about how our microwaves were going to explode and that there was a possibility that planes would fall from the sky due to the millennium bug. We are now being told that in a similar time frame we will have to dump our beloved fossil fuelled cars and replace them. Now this talk of an actual end date for our cars of today all feels very final, albeit a long way off but there will be a lot of practical changes to be made in the meantime. Infrastructure for charging these vehicles is the first one that springs to mind. Will we see a whole plethora of cable extensions leading from your house to your car? It may be seen as a knee-jerk reaction to the ongoing emissions scandal but questions also have to be asked regarding the recent trend of oversized, overpowered engines in vehicles. Do we really need a pick up with a 3.0 twin turbo fitted or a car that can do 0-60mph in under four seconds? Not in the real world. Maybe a shorter-term solution would have been to kerb engine sizes or to restrict power output? Whatever the solution, a ban on fossil fuelled cars feels as if we are losing something. What will happen to our beloved trade if the belief is these battery powered vehicles do not require maintaining or servicing? There will certainly be a drop off of new apprentices in the run up to the end. Time will no doubt show us the way with the help of our beloved leaders of the time but as that classic song of old says “my heart will go on” loving the feel, smell and sound of a proper car.

Electric cars: careful what you touch


Minimise the risk of Transit turbo failure BTN Turbo issues a safety critical warning for Ford Transit 2.2, 2.4 and 2.5LD turbo replacements. TURBOCHARGERS rely on a supply of oil, without which the turbo bearings will quickly suffer irreparable damage and result in turbo failure. BTN Turbo advises that when replacing the turbo on Transit engines, best practice is to replace the oil strainer and oil feed pipe. Remove the sump and clean it, and fit a new oil strainer and oil feed pipe. Then after 100 miles, change the oil and filter again to deal with any carbon build-up in the lubrication system. The reason for this preventative action is that most failures of this turbocharger are caused by abrasives in the oil system or a restricted oil feed. Replacing the old oil feed pipe and strainer with new parts helps ensure the turbo receives the quantity and quality of oil it needs to protect it and maintain performance. BTN Turbo oil feed pipes

Oil related failures BTN Turbo say 95 per cent of all turbo failures are caused by oil related problems. Oil starvation due to a restricted or completely blocked flow, and contamination from foreign bodies such as carbon in the oil or using the wrong grade of oil are the main offenders. The Transit turbos covered in BTN Turbo’s critical instruction are just some of several units that are particularly prone

“...95 per cent of all turbo failures are caused by oil related problems. " to blockages in the turbo oil feed pipe. That’s why BTN Turbo now offers a range of oil feed pipes that should be fitted when replacing a turbo on those vulnerable applications.


The turbocharger people

BTN Turbo is the only UK supplier of all major turbocharger brands. Technical helpline available for diagnostic information on 01895 466663 or



What advanced driver assistance systems mean for your workshop

by Mike Ruff, GW Editor

With truly impressive advanced driver assistance systems becoming increasingly prevalent on the UK’s roads, GWTV attends a HELLA GUTMANN SOLUTIONS awareness course to report on what the technology means for independents. ADVANCED driver assistance systems (ADAS) are more common that you might initially think. Many new cars already equipped with the likes of blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise

“...garages remain unaware about how these systems are already affecting the work that they carry out ..." control, autonomous emergency braking and park assist.” It’s thought that by 2020, 40 per cent of all new vehicles will be fitted with ADAS but there’s warnings that many garages remain unaware about how these systems are already affecting the work that they carry out on a daily basis.

Speaking to GWTV, Neil Hilton of HELLA GUTMANN SOLUTIONS warns that technicians are putting themselves at risk if they’re unaware of ADAS. He said: “If you change a steering rack or two rear springs, you’d think it wouldn’t affect the vehicle’s ADAS but it does because the geometry of the vehicle has changed.

ADAS that may already be fitted to cars in your workshop • • • • • • • • •

Adaptive cruise control. Traffic assist. Lane keep assist. Electro-mechanical steering. Parking assist. Night vision. Reverse assist. Adaptive lighting systems. Traffic sign recognition.



HGS side kit

“The electronic calibration for camera and radar is set to the mechanical position of the vehicle. “You’ve got to start thinking that anything changed which affects the mechanical position of the car will also affect ADAS calibration.” Incorrect or faulty calibration can illuminate a dashboard warning light and can result in incorrect function or complete deactivation. HELLA GUTMANN SOLUTIONS camera and sensor calibration (CSC) tool enables independent garages to calibrate and repair ADAS. A free ADAS awareness course for workshops covers the fundamentals of how the systems work and incorporates a hands on practical demo which leaves delegates in the know when it comes to correctly calibrating them. Iain Molloy of HELLA GUTMANN SOLUTIONS said: “Garages may be putting themselves and their customers at risk if they’re repairing a vehicle with ADAS and they’re not trained on the systems. “It’s really about making sure workshops are covering themselves and making sure the vehicle returns to the customer in a safe and calibrated state.” Those already trained and equipped with the CSC tool, have shown that ADAS calibration can command a lucrative revenue stream. Neil explained that what started off with a windscreen mounted camera has now developed into 360 degree cameras and radar technology. He said: “The growth of ADAS is to be expected as we move closer to a fully

autonomous vehicle. “These systems are increasingly fused together to monitor the vehicle’s surroundings. “It means that if you have a problem with one system it can affect another system too.” The HELLA GUTMANN SOLUTIONS ADAS course is free with the purchase of the equipment and an ADAS awareness course is also available for technicians that want to find out more about the technology.

How ADAS calibration works The calibration equipment, which works with the Mega Macs range of diagnostic equipment, is modular, allowing workshops to tailor their kit specifically to their needs. When using the CSC tool, the vehicle should be parked on even and levelled ground with sufficient space around the car and equipment, and the vehicle’s camera itself should be clean. Alignment equipment ensures the vehicle is correctly positioned for ADAS calibration, which can then be electronically initiated through the diagnostic tool.

MORE DETAILS EMAIL 01295 662 402 24

Schaeffler explains dry double clutch repairs Since the LuK RepSet 2CT received its world premiere at Automechanika Frankfurt 2012, Schaeffler remains the only company within the automotive aftermarket to offer a dry double clutch repair solution. REPAIRING a dry double clutch cannot be compared to fixing a conventional clutch. While a standard clutch replacement is usually a straightforward task for a technician, that is not quite the case when faced with removing and installing a dry double clutch. At the moment, many workshops take one look at the PNRD stick and direct the owner to a ‘specialist’, or turn down the work because their technicians lack the specialised

knowledge or appropriate special tools. Either way, they are missing out on a valuable profit opportunity. As double clutch transmissions are becoming more prevalent in the automotive aftermarket and become available for an increasing number of applications, such as Audi, Seat, Škoda, and Volkswagen – using a seven-speed transmission – and Renault and Ford – using a six-speed transmission – Schaeffler say technicians need to understand the functions of the technology and learn how to conduct the repair. As the only automotive component manufacturer and supplier offering the dry double clutch solution, Schaeffler offers a comprehensive training programme, as well as detailed repair instructions, technical updates and training videos on removal and installation.

What is a double clutch? A double clutch is, essentially, two clutches in one; the double clutch consists of two clutches mounted on two input shafts; one clutch services the odd-numbered gears, while the second engages and disengages the even-numbered gears – plus reverse gear. While driving, as one clutch is closed, the transmission control will automatically select the next gear from the next clutch. The simultaneous opening and closing of the other clutch enables a split-second gear change.




Technical Services Manager & REPXPERT trainer Couponnummer · coupon number numéro du coupon · número de cupón

We deliver more than just genuine parts.




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TS_013Seitex1von2 13

Our high-tech precision products are fitted by vehicle manufacturers on assembly lines and by mechanics in workshops around the world. But it doesn’t end there - we also provide invaluable technical data, fitting instructions, training videos and much more on our REPXPERT website. It’s completely free to register, which gives you instant access to an invaluable library of TecRMI information. You can also redeem the points you find in every LuK, INA and FAG carton and spend them on diagnostic data, special tools or workshop kit. Don’t miss out - sign up now! | |

22.11.16 14:08

@REPXPERT_UK | Technical Hotline +44 (0)1432 264264


How to avoid complaints of brake judder Disc thickness variation can easily develop as a result of minor oversights during the installation process, aftermarket braking specialist, Borg & Beck reports. IN THE first instance, excessive use of copper grease on the back of brake pads can lead to serious risk of contamination and

Hub run out in excess of 0.04mm is likely to cause a problem before any brake discs are installed, it is vital that the mounting surface of the disc and the vehicle’s hub are clean and free of rust and debris. The smallest piece of dirt or rust can, over time, affect the disc and induce DTV, which will lead to complaints of judder, drastically reducing the life of the brake discs. Once installed, the disc run out should be measured before re-assembly of the caliper and associated components. If the run out exceeds 0.08mm, the disc must be removed and the hub cleaned again. If this has no effect, the hub should be measured for run out as well. Hub run out in excess of 0.04mm is likely to cause a problem and should be investigated. New pads and discs installed together must be bedded-in properly to ensure a great pedal

feel and promote longevity of the components. When done correctly, associated issues relating to brake squeal and complaints of judder are unlikely. Borg & Beck BECKTEC coated brake discs have a water based coating using zincaluminium flakes, which protects the disc inside and out against rust and corrosion. This should be removed from the braking surface area by performing a few very light braking applications. The bedding-in period lasts up to four hundred miles, technicians should advise their customers to avoid heavy braking during this time, unless in an emergency, as rapid heat build-up can create thermal shocks, causing surface cracks. When bedding-in new pads and discs it is also important to avoid sitting stationary with the brakes firmly applied, this can create hotspots. To help technicians relay these messages to their customers, Borg & Beck has useful

posters for the reception and workshop areas and a rear-view mirror hanger, which will be introduced into every Borg & Beck brake disc box so that they can be placed in the vehicle after installation.





A glance at some of the most popular products, services and offers

Free Draper Expert CV joint removal tool Freebie available with the new Draper Expert two tonne hydraulic spring compressor.

Draper stockists


Interest free finance available on Carbon Clean machines Earn in excess of ÂŁ2000 a month with Carbon Clean.

Carbon Clean


Restore your workshop’s rollers with this kit Kit contents include pre-measured packs of two-part resin, application brushes, grit, protective gloves and comprehensive step by step instructions.



Parking distance sensor hole cutter Power-TEC

Kits available for 18.2mm, 18.4mm and 26mm holes.


New low-cost emissions analyser touchscreen Windows tablet.

Speaking to GW, a Hickleys spokesperson said: “The Omni 800 range uses proven petrol and diesel smoke analysers. “Many existing emission analysers no longer meet current approval and many others are beginning to fail. “Because the Omni Lite has a very low market price, it more sense to replace than repair. “Hickleys is offering a £500 trade in on any make of existing emissions analysers even if it has already failed.” With a two-year warranty, the latest database software and the installation calibration included, the Omni Lite can be yours for just £22 per week.

Hickleys, UK distributors of Brainbee emissions analysers, has announced the arrival of a new and exceptionally low-cost configuration to the range.

THE new BrainBee Omni 800 Lite analyser uses the latest cable-free technology with a handheld Bluetooth

Brain Bee

Brain Bee Omni 800 Lite

The new and exciting Brain Bee Omni Lite delivers all the outstanding faetures and quality of the Brain Bee range of emission analysers, but at an amzing low price.The Omni 800 Lite has been designed using the latest technology and modern designs to take emission testing to a new level.

The Omni 800 Lite uses cable-free technology throughout its design, enabling it to be moved freely around the workshop. This cutting edge design means the gas and smoke heads and the engine RPM and temperature module, together with the Windows tablet, are all communicated cable-free, leaving the workshops clear of cables and trip hazards

Ÿ Petrol & diesel combined emission analyser Ÿ DVSA approved to latest specification Ÿ Cable-free technology throughout Ÿ Windows 8.1 10" touch screen tablet Ÿ Cable-free RPM and oil temp module Ÿ Bluetooth communication system Ÿ Well proven AGS200 petrol and OPA100 diesel modules

Ÿ Optional WiFi printer Ÿ 2 year warranty Ÿ 3 year and 5 year extended care plan


£500 E IN

List Price £4495.00 Less Trade in -£500.00

Offer Price £3995.00

D TRALease for only £22 per week

Optional WiFi Printer £150.00

2 Year Warranty on the Full Omni 800 Range of Emission Testers

Call us or visit our website for more info


01823 328531


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suspension arm lever by Laser Tools

Specifications • Specifically designed to pull and hold down the lower suspension arms to allow separation of the hub from the lower arms. • Also assists in the separation of lower ball joint or suspension struts from the hub. • Makes the job easier and safer with hands free operation. • Suitable for most cars and light commercial vehicles.

Wimborne Motors gets an extra pair of hands with an impressive suspension arm lever.

“My initial expectations were exceeded.."

• Main bar 75cm in length.


THE suspension arm lever from Laser Tools is specifically designed to pull and hold down the lower suspension


Have your say on the latest products and services

READER REVIEWS arm t o a l l o w separation of the hub from the lower arm, making the job easier, safer and much more convenient. GW reader Andrew Watkins of Wimborne Motors in Dorset has been testing the handiness of the lever. He said: “Normally I would be using a sixfoot solid bar to help prop it up a little bit, which meant I would often be approaching the job from the front or back. “Because this has a lever and fits around the bottom bar with a hook, you can come in from the side and there is less chance of it slipping.” With safety being at the forefront for any workshop, it is important that the equipment they use is reliable, strong and above all, does not put anybody in danger. “My initial expectations were exceeded, when I first

“It’s like another pair of hands when you want a little bit more leverage." saw the suspension arm lever I thought it would be flimsy, but it’s strong. “Even when I added another bar, there wasn’t any movement because of the hook.” “When you’re using a bar they tend to slip,” explained Andrew. “When there are two people, if one has his fingers in the way when the bar slips then obviously it will be a problem. “It’s very good because you know it won’t slip because of how strong the hook is.” “It’s definitely part of the tool kit.”



Original Equipment Suppliers Aftermarket Association

FRANK ONLY FITS OE Frank Massey is not just a familiar and trusted face in workshop magazines and at training events around the country, but he also runs ADS, one of the most successful independent workshops in the UK. Frank insists on using genuine parts from OE suppliers in every single one of his customer’s cars whatever the problem. He believes that this is the best and only way he can deliver an efficient, professional and safe repair. He knows that parts from OE suppliers have been tested and approved for original fitment by the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers, so they will not compromise on quality, reliability and most importantly - safety. Will cheaper alternatives look, feel and drive the same as the originally fitted components? To protect his customers and his reputation, Frank only fits parts from OE suppliers. So should you.





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Philips LED workshop lamp range

GW readers try out LED workshop lamps from the Philips offering and share their feedback as the darker nights approach. YOU’LL know the value of a good workshop light there’s nothing worse than not being able to see what you’re doing - but with so many different options available it’s difficult to know what’s best for you.

To help out, GW has got its hands on the latest range of workshop lamps from Philips and, with the help of some GW readers, we’ve been lighting up those dark, difficult-to-see components that VMs like to hide away from easy access. All of the lights we tested feature Philips LED light units and have been designed to give optimum comfort and lighting levels for professional technicians. Mobile mechanic, David Marr gets



Philips RCH6 LED head lamp

“It looks and feels much stronger than other head lamps I’ve used.”

“An option for a lower light output would help to conserve the battery better.”


Philips HDL10 LED head lamp

“Battery life is good and has two brightness settings.”

“The light output is great but head torches aren’t really for me.”


PEN20 Philips LED rechargeable compact light

“Very good, well put together, seems solid.”

“It doesn’t quite last a whole day but that’s me having it on fairly solidly.”


PJH20 Philips Matchline rechargeable daylight LED projector

“It's good at what it's intended for and saves us time not having to move the vehicle outside.”

“Being around ten inch square, three inch thick it's quite large and heavy.”


CBL10 Philips cabled inspection light

“It’s a really durable light with a long lead.”

“The on/off button was hard to find.”


Philips LED multi directional lighting system

“They’re compact, versatile and give a fantastic light.”

“You’d think I have shares in Philips because I can’t think of a con.”

5.0 34


through plenty of head torches and was keen to get his hands on the Philips RCH6 LED head lamp. Designed to optimise clarity and vision, the white light improves visual comfort for fatigue-free working. A magnet allows you to attach the lamp to metal Martyn Wellfair surfaces should with the CBL10 you want to. David said: “The RCH6, doesn’t look like many of the previous headtorches I have owned, the shape is much better because it fits in your pocket better. “The most important feature is the light output and it has a very impressive beam angle. “Unlike previous headtorches that have a focused beam, the RCH6 lights up the working area well and is more like a mini flood light.” Sticking with head lamps, the Philips HDL10 provides a 100 lumen boost of LED light. Having tried it out for himself, Ian Fletcher of Hermitage Garage in Hailsham said: “There are two settings and it does what it’s supposed to do well. “I don’t tend to use headlamps though. “I don't think they’re suitable for the workshop because your head is always moving around. “Having said that, if you’re after one then this is the one to get.” Reviewing the PEN20 Philips LED rechargeable compact light, Luke Thorold of H M Wainwrights in Sheffield said: “When I first pulled it out I was a bit sceptical but when I switched it on and started using it, I was really impressed. “I’ve dropped it loads to be honest and it’s still intact so I’d say it’s pretty tough.” Small and deceivingly powerful, the PEN20 provides up to 200 lumens of bright light for up to six hours after an hour and a half of charging. The wide beam evenly spreads bright light over a large work area.

Have your say on the latest products and services George Nice of B&C Motors Ltd in Cottenham tried out the PJH20 Philips Matchline rechargeable daylight LED projector. Featuring the latest Lumileds Luxeon SMD LED technology, it benefits from a powerful white light, a high colour rendering index and a 6000-K true daylight colour temperature. It makes it ideal for paintwork, cleaning and polishing. George said: “I’d highly recommend for its intended use. “It’s got two brightness settings and I haven’t had to recharge it yet.” Trialling the CBL10 Philips cabled inspection light, Martyn Wellfair of Cotswold Auto Services in Cheltenham said: “A lot of stuff gets dropped or chucked to the side in the workshop and I could do that with this and not worry about it." "The cord is really long – I literally stretched it from one end of the workshop to the other. “I’d say that the on/off button was hard to find, I had to actually stop and look for it but I’d definitely recommend it for somebody who has

“I’d have no hesitation in saying to anyone that doesn’t think they’ll have a use for them to buy them because they will use them." to stay in the same place for a while, doing one job, focusing on one thing.” Alastair Mayne of Graham Goode Motors in Leicester was seriously impressed with the Philips LED multi directional lighting system. He said: “It’s basically three little rechargeable lamp units in a carry box, they’ve got magnets and they’re absolutely brilliant. “They’ve got a good strong magnet on them so you can stick them under the wheel arches if your working on the suspension but the head can be angled so you can position the lamp to pretty much wherever you want it.” John Tullett of Autocar Repairs in London also reviewed the multi directional lighting system and said: “I’d have no hesitation in saying to anyone that doesn’t think they’ll have a use for them to buy them because they will use them. “They are absolutely superb.”



Game-changing technology, from one of the world’s biggest brands. The Philips RacingVision +150 bulb – winner of Auto Express coveted Best Buy, in its 2016 headlamp bulb test. Why compromise when you can have the safest, best performing halogen bulb on the market? Information on full lighting range available at

RacingVision from Philips

The best performing halogen bulb yet Designed in consultation with automotive professionals, Philips LED workshop lights offer the best performing, most flexible lighting solutions. From the versatile ultra-portable RCH6 which can be hand-held, carmounted or used with its head fitting, through the award-winning 3-module Multi Directional Lighting System – which can now provide light for paint colour matching – to the new CBH51 under-bonnet lighting strip, Philips has the right light for any workshop situation.

The Workshop Light you need… Whatever the job Available in-branch or online from


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Textar brakes

5.0 Behind the brand • OE-matching range of brake pads, discs and accessories. • 99.9 per cent of the UK car parc coverage. • Launched to the UK aftermarket in April 2017.


Brake brand successfully satisfies the market’s need for quality OE-matching brakes at an affordable cost, garage owners report. OE FRICTION manufacturer, TMD Friction recently launched its Textar brand to the UK’s automotive aftermarket. Covering 99.9 per cent of the UK car parc, the range includes brake pads, discs and accessories, including brake fluid.



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“Ensuring these cars are able to stop well is a big part of our job.” Jordan Hague owner of JV Auto services in Rotherham has been fitting Textar brakes for the last five months after his motor factor introduced him to the brand. He said: “I had heard of Textar but it was the recommendation from my factor that gave me the confidence to give the brand a go. “I do a lot of tuning and remapping at my place, ensuring these cars are also able to stop well is a big part of our job.” As with any reliable independent, Jordan explained that he requires brands that offer quality and reliability. “I have to say, that’s exactly what Textar does for us,” he added. “It’s dealer quality but at a fraction of the price.” Andy at Clowne Test and Repair Centre in Chesterfield had been fitting a different brake brand in his workshop but said he never felt entirely comfortable because it wasn’t OEmatching. He recently made the switch to Textar and told GW why he would recommend the brand. “Textar is a quality that I like my business to be associated with,” he explained.

“You can struggle with aftermarket brakes, trying to find the OE quality that your after but I’ve never had one bad set of Textar brakes.” Both Jordan and Andy gave Textar a five out of five rating.

Behind the launch TMD Friction says it takes up to three years to develop, test and release a new OE-matching product. The knowledge gained from the development of the original

“...three years to develop, test and release a new OE-matching product." equipment part is transferred across to the manufacturer’s extensive aftermarket product range. Steve Firbank, managing director at TMD Friction UK, said: “We are passionate about creating quality braking products to meet all of our customers’ requirements; the introduction of Textar in the UK helps us to enhance this offering. “The feedback and demand for a premium OE product has led to us launching Textar into the UK and making it more widely available.”


THE STRONG SILENT TYPE Introducing Textar Q+, a revolutionary new noise dampening shim, which utilises OE technology exclusively for the aftermarket. Providing first-class braking comfort, the shim offers impeccable acoustic dampening along with an impressive visual appeal.


First class braking comfort Engineered as a result of extensive development and testing.

Unique layers specially designed for minimised brake noise and vibration. Optimum braking performance and comfort. Special adhesive to offer additional dampening properties. Developed and tested for OE. Aesthetic appeal with unique, embossed textile finish. 39

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TOUGH by Swarfega skincare products

5.0 Put to the test • 250 ml hand cleaner. • 100 ml skin protection cream. • 250ml shower gel. • 100 ml sun cream. • Heavy duty hand wipes.


Pryors Garage gets hands on with the new range of TOUGH Swarfega skincare products. TO CELEBRATE its seventy-year milestone, Swarfega recently launched a limited-edition range of skincare products for before, during and after the working day. Designed to work “as hard as the people it’s made for”, we decided to put Swarfega’s statement to the test with the help of GW reader, Stan Salmon of Pryor’s Garage in Truro.



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“’s the best hand cleaner I've ever used."

Hand cleaner Specially formulated with mild, skinfriendly lotions, the TOUGH hand cleaner claims to provide the same level of cleaning performance normally associated with solvent based products. Stan told GW: “When I first got the cleaner I thought it felt really gritty, but it’s brilliant, it’s the best hand cleaner I've ever used. “You wash your hands and they do look really good, it’s effortless and smells a lot better than other products I have used in the past. “It’s hard to find a decent hand cleaner but this is even better than the heavy-duty cleaner we normally use.”

Skin protection Designed to help tighten and strengthen the upper layer of the skin, the protection cream can reduce swelling and is said to make the skin more resistant to abrasion. “The protection cream is brilliant, normally you need quite a bit of product to get it to work but with this stuff you only need a pea-sized amount,” Stan explained. “It definitely protects against abrasion.

“What we normally use is like petroleum and it’s so messy.”

Wipes Also featured in the new range are wipes, stored in a strong sealed container. The wipes themselves are made from a durable fabric and feature a powerful formulation to effectively remove oil, grease and dirt from your hands. “The wipes are perfect if you need light duty clean, say if somebody needed a hand with a job you could quickly clean with these.

“ matter what I’ve tried it seems as if you can never get your hands fully clean – but this stuff did." “The container is definitely suitable for the workplace, I dropped it on the floor of the workshop a few times and there was no issue.” Impressed with the results, Stan told GW that the TOUGH range lives up to the striking branding. He added: “My skin looks better, it really does. “After years on the job, your hands wear or crack and no matter what I’ve tried it seems as if you can never get your hands fully clean – but this stuff did. “It’s nice at the end of the day that I don't have to spend five minutes after work to get my hands clean.” Swarfega has an extended network of stockists throughout the UK.



Winter stock - get yours now!



PAY 2018 Terms & Conditions: Buy Now Pay January 2018 available on a minimum purchase of 10 Vetech or Banner batteries. All credit is subject to status and may be refused. This offer is valid from 1st July 2017 until 31st January 2018. GSF Car Parts reserve the right to withdraw credit at any time. Maximum credit allowances apply; contact your local branch for details. All products purchased on Buy Now Pay Later schemes are non-refundable. Offers available to trade customers only.

Contact your local branch


Training centre gets kitted out WITH Boston Garage Equipment The Test Centre Training in Dartford is a state-of-the-art training facility offering a wide range of MOT courses from annual training to qualifying as an MOT tester. Now fully equipped with Boston Garage Equipment, director Ian Wills who also operates The Test Centre in Deptford, discusses why Boston was the right choice for his MOT training business. WHEN considering which supplier to use, Boston was the logical choice. I already had their equipment installed in my MOT testing centre so I knew I could depend on its reliability and longevity. The team are also spot-on when it comes to listening to your needs and providing advice. When we started discussing the project with Ross, Boston’s sales manager, we hadn’t yet decided on the premises. We looked at a couple of sites with him and decided to go with the second option based on

his feedback; it was definitely the best choice and gave us the right space and configuration for the different training zones we had in mind. From there on, Boston took care of the planning and drawings, and oversaw the groundwork before installing a complete MOT Class 7 OPLT/ATL bay. The installation went smoothly and was carried out by Boston engineers in just four days.

"Boston took care of the planning and drawings, and oversaw the groundwork before installing a complete MOT Class 7 OPLT/ATL bay." We were so pleased that we subsequently asked Boston to return and install an OPLT Class 4 vehicle lift to create a further training area for underside inspection. Alongside our knowledgeable, qualified trainers, it really helps that we have a professional site with dedicated training zones, separate classrooms and professional, user-friendly equipment.


The Parts Alliance announce new ‘Best of Brakes’ promotion

The Parts Alliance has teamed up with Delphi for the second time in 2017 to run their new ‘Best of Brakes’ promotion. ‘BEST OF BRAKES’ aims to build on the recordbreaking success of spring’s ‘Dream Drive’ promotion which saw surging sales and six lucky garage winners taking memorable Route 66 road trips. This time around there are six spectacular holidays to be won during September and October, to destinations throughout the world. Garages buying from The Parts Alliance members Allparts, BBC Superfactors, BMS Superfactors, Bromsgrove Motor Factors, CES, CPA, Dingbro, GMF, SAS Autoparts, SC Motor Factors, Qualvecom and The Parts Alliance South West branches during September and October will receive a brake pad shaped scratch card with each set of Delphi brake pads. The main prizes are action-packed two week holidays to Australia, Canada, Cuba, Italy, South Africa and Vietnam, including flights,

transfers, hotel accommodation and where necessary, car hire. “We’re delighted to be working with The Parts Alliance again on the ‘Best of Brakes’ promotion,” said Julian Goulding, UK marketing manager at Delphi. “The scale of the trading group gives us the perfect platform for communicating the benefits of Delphi’s braking solutions to UK garages.” Delphi pads are manufactured using no less than twenty different friction formulations. Other premium technologies include heat absorbing under-layers, noise reducing chamfers and dampening shims as well as pressed steel back plates. The result is pads that not only meet OE standards but also closely match the performance characteristics of individual vehicles. The ‘Best of Brakes’ prizes will include Delphi and The Parts Alliance branded beanie hats, snoods, drinks bottles, retro enamel mugs and tins of sweets to share.


Buy Delphi brake pads* in September and October for your chance to win thousands of fantastic prizes, including the holiday of your dreams! * From participating car parts suppliers for more information


How Sogefi technology protects the fuel injection system Chevron pleating makes it possible to use significantly larger media to deliver enhanced filtration performance.

“...guarantees removal of up to 99 per cent of contaminating water.”

A Sogefi spokesperson said: “The first two layers, which prevent particles from entering the fuel, achieve up to 95 per cent filtration for particles down to four micrometres. “The third layer is made from water repelling plastic mesh and guarantees removal of up to 99 per cent of contaminating water. “Diesel3Tech+ is already satisfying the requirements of Euro 6c generation vehicles starting from 2016,” added the spokesperson.”

TODAY’S highly sophisticated diesel engines are extremely sensitive to both contamination and cold temperatures. A single particle of dirt can damage an entire fuel system beyond repair, according to Sogefi. What’s more, inadequate maintenance can result in droplets of water freezing in the fuel system, blocking the flow of fuel to the engine and causing serious damage. For diesel engines, Sogefi has pioneered highly efficient Diesel3Tech and Diesel3Tech+ technologies, which combine three high performance filtration materials in a single element.








Aftermarket features worth reading

tackling direct injection deposit issues Simon Coxon of Your Tyres and Auto Care (left) with Tony Lawrence of BG Products

by Mike Ruff, GW Editor

GWTV heads to a Nottingham independent to find a solution for the increasingly prevalent issue of direct injection engine problems. PROVIDING tyres, vehicle servicing and repairs, Your Tyres and Auto Care is an independent

“...formulated to tackle direct injection engine issues with dirty intake valves, sticking rings and fouled injectors,” that prides itself on delivering a quality service to its customers.

In its bid to deliver quality, the business has recently started offering customers the BG Products range of preventative maintenance services and claims customers are already noticing vast improvements when it comes to performance and economy. Simon Coxon of Your Tyres and Auto Care told GW: “I am 110 per cent confident that BG Products is making a real difference. “The overall feedback that were getting from customers is excellent, people



Aftermarket features worth reading

Direct injection deposit issues Today’s catalytic converters burn away most gases entering them, leaving no tell-tale oil smoke at the exhaust pipe. Direct injection engines burn leaner than port fuel injection engines, up to 60-to-1 versus 14.7-to-1 air-to-fuel ratio. A leaner mixture results in more conservative fuel usage but contributes to much hotter engine operating temperatures.

THE SOURCE OF THE PROBLEM Higher cylinder temperatures and pressures released into the crankcase accelerate oil vaporisation, resulting in oil droplets coating intake valves. The cylinder injector spray position means fresh fuel is not sprayed onto intake valves to flush away vapour build-up. This build-up can accumulate and bake onto intake valves in as little as 10,000 miles Rings can become stuck into their lands by carbonised oil sludge, preventing the lowtension rings from properly sealing the piston. This also causes sludge, oil and fuel deposits to bake onto piston tops. Direct injection engines are renowned for coking – a build-up of cooked fuel deposits that foul injectors. Using BG’s advanced chemistry, comprising of BG fuel injection and combustion chamber cleaner, BG GDi intake valve cleaner and BG 44K fuel system cleaner, together, is what delivers a powerful solution to direct injection deposit issues.

are feeling the difference. “So much so that one customer, even before driving the car, said it sounds different, sounds much smoother and that’s generally what we’re getting told, which is great.” During filming, a customer’s BMW 1 Series 2.0 GDi petrol was treated to BG’s intake cleaning for direct injection engines. It’s a service BG Products formulated to tackle direct injection engine issues with dirty intake valves, sticking rings and fouled injectors, which often lead to complaints of high oil consumption, misfires and performance loss.

Tony Lawrence of BG Products said: “GDI engines generally are suffering from carbon build up on the valve stems and valve seats and it’s becoming more prevalent, especially on the smaller engines. “Normally, it’s an engine strip but if we catch it early enough, we can get rid of the carbon build up.” A pressurised tool was hooked up to the BMW to atomise the chemistry into the air intake while a fuel injector cleaner made its way to the combustion chamber and injectors. Meanwhile, BG’s engine performance restoration softened, emulsified and dissolved hard to remove fuel gums that clog the rings. An oil change concluded the service with the addition of BG’s engine oil supplement which enhances standard engine oil to prevent oil oxidation and thickening.

Results Simon told GW that BG Products is proving itself to truly restore power and performance in a way that previously only a manual engine strip and clean could do. Debra Hargreaves of Your Tyres and Auto Care added: “We’ve used products in the past but they don’t seem to give that performance difference. “We’ve even had customers asking how many horses we’ve put under the engine after a BG clean.” BG Products say its services gives garages the opportunity to deliver results for their customers – something consumers are happy to pay for.



t sa x u e ne Se cha e M

BG Air Intake Service

Get on board with BG Products today! • Increased Customer Visits • Customer Retention

• Customer Satisfaction • Increased Profitability

Standard car servicing simply can’t remove the power & MPG-sapping deposits that accumulate in an engine Long-term fuel test

Smart ForTwo, 19k miles MPG before Service

42 MPG

Fill-up 1 - 260 miles later

43 MPG

Fill-up 2 - 277 miles later

48 MPG

Fill-up 3 - 219 miles later

46 MPG

Fill-up 4 - 129 miles later

45 MPG

Fill-up 5 - 276 miles later

49 MPG

Fill-up 6 - 220 miles later

52 MPG

• 42 MPG before Service • MPG readings after each fill-up demonstrate long-term improvement


10 Miles Per Gallon improvement

NEW - Intake Cleaning for Direct Injection • Proven Air Intake Cleaning Service from BG Products • Direct Injection engines particularly susceptible to intake valve deposits forming And a rental plan for BG’s Air Intake Tool is available too! - Speak to your BG Rep or call 01284 777934

Did you know... BG’s Air Intake Service Tool prices start at just £278+VAT!

Leaders in automotive solutions and improving garage profitability


T: 01284 777934





Aftermarket features worth reading

How Carbon Clean UK is helping garages drive profits by Mike Ruff, GW Editor

GWTV goes to SN Autohaus in Illford, Essex to see Carbon Clean’s CC-16 machine in action. DEVELOPED specifically for the UK’s automotive aftermarket, Carbon Clean UK offers a unique engine decarbonising system that promises to not only improve vehicle emissions and performance but also provides

“Using just tap water, the technology breaks water down into oxygen and hydrogen molecules” garage support material to ensure workshops and mobile mechanics can successfully sell the service to their customers and benefit from the profit opportunities available.

The technology that sets the CC-16 machine apart is its use of electrolysis. Using just tap water, the technology breaks water down into oxygen and hydrogen molecules – these are then blown into the engine as an oxyhydrogen gas mixture to accelerate combustion and clear residues that can lead to loss of power, increased fuel consumption and increased engine component wear.

Engine decarbonisation Putting the machine to the test, we brought a Volvo C30 1.8 petrol into the workshop. Here, we programmed the machine to the requirements of the Volvo’s engine and connected an emergency shutdown protection system to the car’s battery – a safety feature which is triggered should the engine stall. The gas mixture is fed from the machine through a hose, which we insert



Aftermarket features worth reading

via the engine’s air intake pipe. We then started the engine and left it to idle. With all of its safety features, Carbon Clean UK say the process itself is fully automated and leaves the technician free to get on with another job.

“...four cleans a day could generate a yearly revenue of more than £75,000.” An emissions test before and after the service revealed that the half-hour treatment had significantly reduced carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. What’s more, a test drive demonstrated a noticeably smoother drive and better throttle response – improvements that garage customers are likely to notice.

PROFIT OPPORTUNITY The technology itself has been proved in numerous tests but it’s the support that Carbon Clean has to offer and the revenue

potential that’s particularly attractive. Carbon Clean say just four cleans a day could generate a yearly revenue of more than £75,000. Businesses can start exploiting the profit opportunities either as a Carbon Clean centre, for workshops that require brand, marketing and network support, a Carbon Clean engineer for mobile mechanics or a Carbon Clean business for workshops that require just the machine.

Behind the brand With its CC-16 and CC-14 carbon cleaning machines, Carbon Clean UK is bringing state-of-the-art technology that boasts minimal running costs, low maintenance and dramatic results to vehicle performance and the workshop’s bottom line.


Volvo XC70 diesel timing belt kit Installation The 2.4-litre diesel engine used in the XC70, as well as its XC60 and XC90 siblings, features a timing belt driven water pump. Here, Dayco offers technicians a step-by-step technical guide. AS WITH all primary drive system jobs, the work should be undertaken when the engine is cold. Start by removing the engine cover, then the front right wheel and cowling to expose the two belts of the auxiliary drive system. Use the special slot to slacken off the belt tensioner, remove the belt, followed by the five crankshaft pulley bolts. Then detach the ride height detector, remove the crankshaft pulley and then the tensioner. From underneath, take off the engine shield, securely support the engine and remove the engine’s lower links. Returning to the top, remove the cooling fluid reservoir, the upper engine support rod and mounting plate. Remove the two fasteners that support the hydraulic pipe by the timing belt cover, release the retaining clips and remove the cover.




Using the central crankshaft pulley bolt, rotate the crankshaft so that the crankshaft and camshaft pulley timing references align, then loosen the timing belt tensioner and remove the belt, followed by the tensioner. As the camshaft pulley is not fitted directly on the shaft and its holes are slotted, to ensure it is

refitted in the correct position, mark its position with paint before removing it. (1) Next, take off the idler and then the rear timing belt cover to allow the removal of the water pump. After flushing out the cooling system to remove any debris, cover both sides of the gasket with a thin layer of sealant before carefully positioning it in relation to the two pins in the housing before fitting the new water pump. Remove the bolts securing the alternator and the water hose above it to be able to turn the alternator in order to remove and replace the alternator pulley with Dayco ALP2409 and fit the protective cap. Refit the alternator and reattach the hose. Refit the rear timing belt case and position the new belt tensioner from the kit, paying particular attention as its slot must be located in the corresponding lug on the engine and then fit the new idler and tighten its bolt to 25Nm. (2) Refit the camshaft pulley, followed by the new timing belt. With an allen key, first position the pointer slightly past the right hand flange of its slot, before moving it so it points at the lug and tighten the belt tensioner bolt to 25Nm. (3) Turn the crankshaft through two rotations and check the engine timing remains correct. Refit the crankshaft pulley, tightening its central bolt to 300Nm and four side bolts to 35Nm + 50°. Refit the remaining components in reverse order of their removal but check, and if necessary, replace the auxiliary belt tensioner with Dayco APV2756. Finally, refill the cooling system, start the engine, check carefully for leaks and ensure the radiator fan is operating correctly.


Only the right partner gives the right solution.

Poly-V Belt

Timing Belt

Dayco, the full system supplier and partner of choice of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers. Fit Dayco with confidence and give your customers the aftermarkets OE solution.


Craig Harrity OPINION

Opinions, tips and advice

Why wheel alignment should be high on your list of priorities Technician at Philips Garage in Glasgow, Craig Harrity is the son of the workshop's founder and has been in the trade for over 20 years.

FACEBOOK GW columnist, Craig Harrity talks about the benefits of geometry both for you and your customers.

IT IS a common misconception that wheel alignment is a non-essential vehicle service often ranking low on the list of priorities for drivers. We've invested heavily in specialist equipment and training to ensure that we remain at the forefront of industry developments and to deliver accurate measurements for our customers. We use a Hofmann Geoliner 680 XD, the pinnacle in geometry equipment, and we've attended the Bosch Geometry course as well as the Hofmann IMI accredited course. Despite government promises, our roads remain in poor condition and are plagued with pot holes that cost motorists upwards of ÂŁ2.8 billion annually. Pot holes are not completely to blame however, vehicle components can weaken and wear over a period of time.


Craig Harrity OPINION Springs weaken and collapse, suspension and steering components can become loose and it means the drive is less pleasurable

Opinions, tips and advice (axis) to the front or rear. Increasing positive caster will increase directional stability and steering effort whilst decreasing caster naturally has the opposite effect, reducing directional stability and steering effort.

“..pot holes that cost motorists upwards of ÂŁ2.8 billion annually." for the driver, who'll also notice a rise in fuel consumption and increased tyre wear.

Complimentary geometry checks To reaffirm the importance of this service, we offer a complimentary geometry check. We provide a printout with a visual representation of the adjustments required. Our 3D, four-wheel geometry equipment allows our technicians to measure and make the necessary adjustments to compensate for wear related changes whilst ensuring adjustments are made within the allowable tolerances established by the vehicle manufacturer.

Drawing a line between the pivot points as a comparison to the vertical line drawn through the wheel determines the angle known as steering axis inclination.

This measurement helps to establish the scrub radius which, alongside other suspension data, allows us to establish toe specifications. When a vehicle is driven, normal dynamic driving forces strive to steer the wheels away from the straight-ahead position. The direction they steer is derived from the scrub radius and suspension design. Measuring the rear individual toe in relation to the vehicles geometric centreline is called thrust angle. If the thrust line is not identical to the geometric centreline, the driver must compensate when steering the vehicle to navigate a linear route.

“An accurate camber setting maximises the tread in contact with the road..."

After a thorough assessment of steering and suspension components and tyres, the ride height is used to establish the correct suspension height off which all other angles are measured. An accurate camber setting maximises the tread in contact with the road whilst establishing the correct load point of the suspension and is used in conjunction with other angles to diagnose problem suspension components. If incorrect, it can pull or lead the vehicle.

Caster provides the function of directional stability by tilting the vehicle's steering pivots

The misalignment of the rear wheels in relation to the centreline can cause the tracking to be offset, this is regularly referred to as 'dog tracking' or 'crabbing'. We strongly recommend integrating a geometry check to your normal servicing schedule biannually. In addition to the added safety aspects, this service will return savings on fuel consumption for your customers.


Specifically coated for quieter, smoother motoring. Only the hub and edges of Apec discs are coated with our long-lasting anti-corrosion formula. This selective application prevents brake pad contamination, which causes irritating noise and judder for your customers. Combine our precision-made high quality steel discs with our highly durable brake pads, and they’ll appreciate the benefits of quieter, smoother braking.

All Apec Braking friction and hydraulic components are guaranteed for 2 years or 24,000 miles. Terms and conditions apply.


Comline RESOLVES Nissan air filter issue Comline has identified a design flaw that affects numerous variants of its CNS12248 air filter and has now redesigned the filter to overcome the problem. COMLINE’S CNS12248 air filter is one of the most popular references within a range that

“...turbo suction generated at high rpm causes weaknesses in the side-walls of this filter” encompasses more than 1,700 numbers. It fits an array of Nissan applications, most notably the Qashqai 1.5dCi (2007-onwards) with K9K type engines. After in-depth analysis, Comline discovered that turbo suction generated at high rpm causes weaknesses in the side-walls of this filter, which, in turn, results in a complete loss of filter integrity. This immediately compromises the performance of the filter and puts the engine at greater risk of damage. If a technician identifies such damage to this filter variant, a replacement should be fitted immediately. To combat this issue, the filter needs to be able to withstand the severe suction forces of the turbo.

New and improved Comline’s redesign of this filter has seen the introduction of reinforced side-walls, manufactured from a composite material to provide greater strength and rigidity. In addition, an improved bonding adhesive is now utilised for more strength and longterm, service-life durability. The new and improved CNS12248 is instantly distinguishable from its predecessor due to the distinctive red media and brown composite side-walls. Comline product general manager, Miten Parikh said: “The product development team here at Comline is constantly working to improve the range and deliver ever better product to our customers. “CNS12248 is a key number within our all makes range and one of our bestselling Japanese numbers; these important enhancements improve its performance elevate the filter above others in the market.”



How induction heat can save you time in your workshop GW speaks to Induction Innovations to find out how induction heat can help cut down on repair times. THE Inductor heating tool from Induction Innovations, uses flameless ‘invisible heat’ to release ferrous and some non-ferrous metals from corrosion and thread lock compounds

“It’s safer to use, more efficient and works a lot faster.” without the danger of an open flame. Alicia Hawkins, marketing manager at Induction Innovations, told GW: “Induction heat is an alternative to the use of oxyacetylene in the workshop. “It’s safer to use, more efficient and works a lot faster. “Our Inductor tools come with flexible, pre-

formed coils, which fit around the part, without touching it and localise the heat solely on the part and not the surrounding area.” “Induction heat basically takes away the hassle of automotive repairs, which

Time saving benefits Induction heat works up to 90 per cent faster than traditional flame heating. Because the heat is focused solely on the part, it eliminates costly and time-consuming repairs to the surrounding area. The localised heat also means flammable parts do not need to be covered or removed first. There’s less safety equipment to wear and the tools are quick to set up and start heating up the parts immediately.


Mini-Ductor Venom removing a nut near fuel lines


ultimately helps make workshops more efficient and more profitable.” The award-winning Mini-Ductor range, which includes the new Venom and 12V battery powered tools comprises of handheld tools that are ideal for quickly removing a wide range of parts including: brake bleeder nuts, suspension bolts, axel mountings, corroded nuts near fuel lines, lug nuts, decals, graphics and much more. The range also includes the larger, more powerful Pro-Max bench or trolley mounted induction heating tool, which comes with a range of attachments for specialist applications such as glass removal, body side moulding repair, removing vinyl graphics and more.

MORE DETAILS 01953 859138

Go FlaMelEss wiTh IndUctIon heAt!

The Mini-Ductor® releases metal from corrosion and thread lock compounds without the dangers of open flame and up to 90% faster.


3/4” nuts are turned red hot in less than 15 seconds.



The independent garages you own and love


Carbulance: the ultimate mobile workshop

by Mike Ruff, GW Editor

GW chats with Kevin Thompson, owner of Carbulance in Herne Bay, to find out how he's attracted so much attention on social media. IT’S A given that workshops should have a strong online presence, but maintaining a steady flow of witty posts on your Facebook and Twitter feeds can be a time-consuming task when you’re a small business and even more so if you’re a one-man-band like Kevin. Speak to any marketer and they will tell you that it’s all about brand awareness – almost like

“...a subliminal message for prospective customers...” a subliminal message for prospective customers that will remember the amusing meme that you posted when the service light illuminates on their car. So, what if your social media presence could be boosted by others who freely decide to promote your business to their friends, family and local community for you? That’s exactly what Kevin achieved with his Carbulance, an ex-ambulance converted into the ultimate mobile workshop. Inside is a workbench, toolboxes housing

specialist tools and equipment, lights and even a heater – a luxury the majority of mobile mechanics can only dream of. “Having an ambulance really made a difference because it’s a mobile workshop, my workshop went to my customers,” Kevin explains. It attracts attention too. Search for Carbulance on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and you’ll find pictures and comments about Kevin’s van posted by those that happened to see it out and about. Complete with Carbulance livery, Kevin’s van does very much look like an ambulance. “On a number of occasions, I had people run up to me because somebody had been injured or had an accident or something while I was working,” he told me. Luckily for them, Kevin went to college and gained qualifications as an emergency care assistant. “I carry a defib and a full first aid kit so I can jump out of the van, put my other hat on, clean my hands and treat someone until an actual ambulance turns up,” he added.

Where it began Kevin, who had served in the army for the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers from 1987, returned home from duty in Iraq with an injury which meant he was off work for two years. Later, in 2010 when the recession was still biting hard, he got himself an ex-RAF ambulance and headed out to his first customer as a mobile mechanic. “It was my very first customer that told me I should call it a carbulance and so it stuck,” Kevin recalls.



“I’ve been driving around in my carbulance ever since.” The ex-RAF Transit ambulance didn’t last long as it couldn’t cope with the weight of Kevin’s gear, so it was soon replaced with an ex-NHS ambulance. I asked Kevin about some of the benefits and pitfalls of being a mobile mechanic. He said: “You get to pick and choose your

“You get to pick and choose your customers more and you get to know them better...” customers more and you get to know them better because you’re working on their drive ways, they’ll bring you a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich. “You really do get to deal with your customers first hand and it’s exceptionally convenient for them. “The only disadvantage is the weather and the fact that jobs probably take one and a half times longer at the side of the road than they do in a workshop but that’s just one of those things. “It wasn’t too bad though because I was able to stand up in my ambulance and I had everything that I needed in my van.” Sadly though, the Carbulance is currently being dismantled and prepped to start yet another lease of life as a camper van for one of Kevin’s customers. East Kent Autos, now more commonly known as Carbulance, got it’s first workshop in late 2016. “My wife reminded me that I’m nearly 60 and told me that I shouldn’t be lay down in puddles all day. “That’s why I’m selling the Carbulance. “I’ve got a little KA van which I’m going to convert as the Carbulance’s ‘son’ and so I still do a little bit of mobile work.” The new garage workshop is currently kitted out with a mid-rise ramp, due to height restrictions inside but Kevin plans adapt the workshop next year to accommodate a full-rise lift. “The mid-rise is good enough, a lot of the work is done on my back but it’s done on my back on a warm, dry floor,” Kevin explained. He’s now also joined by two others, an excustomer who now helps out on the phones and an apprentice whose starting this month.

The independent garages you own and love

Getting to know Kevin What's the best car you’ve worked on? Sometimes the best cars can be the most challenging, especially when you’re on a tough job and suddenly everything starts going right. I’ve actually got a Bentley here at the moment and when I’ve fixed it, it will probably be the best car that I’ve ever worked on.

And the worst car? It’s got to be French hasn’t it? Citroens can be a real pain in the backside.

What's the most useful garage tool you have used? Diagnostic tools have come a long way over the years and they really do give you an awful lot of information that you can work with. I’ve got Launch, Autoboss and Snap-On – it’s good to use a combination of them. After that, the most useful tool is probably the spring compressor because they make life much safer.

What's the most useless garage tool you have ever used? That will be a set of lock and wheel nut master keys – they’ve never ever fitted anything that I’ve worked on.

What's your ideal day off? A day off to go to a bike show would be nice. Although, having said that, I love going to Mechannex at Sandown park. One year, there was so much there that I ended up going for two days. It’s such a good show.

What profession would you be in if you weren’t a vehicle technician? I think I’d have been in the army full time as a vehicle mechanic.


The independent garages you own and love


Mechanics is all I ever wanted to do.

I enjoyed doing electronics and I enjoyed traveling all around the world repairing machines but it wasn’t what I really wanted to do. I mean, this isn’t a job.

What was the most embarrassing moment of your career? I broke the key to the Carbulance so I couldn’t open the door.

“... highly embarrassing when she asked if I realised what I sent her.”

So, I sent the customer a text saying that I’m going to be delayed because I’m locked out of the van.

We put the job off until the next day when I sent her a voice text but didn’t check what I was sending. Rather than it sending ‘at least this time I’ve got the keys’, it actually sent ‘at least today I’ve got my panties on’. It was highly embarrassing when she asked if I realised what I sent her.

What is the highlight of your career so far? There’s lots of good competition and

there’s lots of people that are under-pricing jobs too, so to survive, get the job done and still be in business after seven years on my own – that’s the highlight for me.

What is the biggest challenge the industry faces at the moment? Brexit is going to make things uncertain for a lot of people. I think one of the biggest challenges is going to be if the manufacturers start trying to change things around to stop us getting the information we need to repair vehicles. Although I disagree with a lot about the EU, I think block exemption was a great thing that came out of it. I can see the manufacturers trying to wangle their way around block exemption once we’re out and I think that could be quite a challenge for us. Then there’s the move over to hybrid and electric vehicles. The government has said from 2040, people won’t be able to get a new petrol or diesel vehicle so there’s going to be a lot of people that will need to retrain so they can work on hybrids and electrics. I don’t think they are greatly different, you just need to be careful with the extremely high voltages and follow the instructions that are there. We need to be aware of the situation and that things may well change.



Co up on nu mber · Co up on nu m m e r nu mér o d u cou po n · n úme r o de cu pó n



You get more than just OE parts in a Schaeffler box. GET COUPON


Gültig bis · valable jusqu’au valid until · válido hasta el

Our LuK, INA and FAG cartons not only contain the same parts that the car was born with, but also a bonus points coupon that you can redeem on REPXPERT, our FREE workshop knowledge portal. REPXPERT members get free and immediate access to Schaeffler product related TecRMI fitting instructions, specifications, technical videos and much, much more. Still in doubt? Need more help? Call our free REPXPERT technical hotline for one-on-one assistance.




DR_Repxpert_coupon_SPS1_10_11_16_1000POINTS_013Seitex1von2 13 | |

22.11.16 14:08

@REPXPERT_UK | Technical Helpline 01432 264264


HELLA introduces its 24-hour support site for technicians Gutmann Solutions has to offer. In addition, briefing notes are available, Specialist knowledge portal which give detailed information on product features and specifications, as well as links features technical training to supporting Apps, such as the ELIVER light comparison App and Behr Hella Services documents and videos. compressor app. In a press release, HELLA said: “Technicians HELLA TECH WORLD is a free website, can also access a range of practical technical available around the clock, for workshops. training modules for lighting, electric and electronics and thermal management, and The site provides technicians with take advantage of the detailed technical complete online support, including the latest information, with access to a knowhow tool in which HELLA reveals how components work. ...practical technical training modules “With this insight, they are able to for lighting, electric and electronics more easily identify the cause of a fault and through this technical background and thermal management. knowledge how to rectify it. “What’s more, technicians have the option to view technical clips and range extensions, which are updated monthly, diagnostic tips to assist with the repairing technical product information and HELLA process.” online training. TECH WORLD also links to the company’s online catalogues enabling them to browse all that HELLA, Behr Hella Service and Hella





SUCCESSFUL WITH EXPERTISE We can make your workshop future-proof. At HELLA TECH WORLD you will find all our expert technical knowledge from the fields of lighting, electrics, electronics, thermal management and vehicle diagnostics – interactively presented and always up to date.

HELLA Limited Unit 6, Appletree Industrial Estate Chipping Warden, Oxon OX17 1LL Tel.: (01295) 662400 E-mail: Website:


And the best thing: all of this content is available to you FREE OF CHARGE and around the clock. Register today and start acquiring the knowledge that will give you a genuine advantage – greater competence and greater success!



ZF SERVICES PROTECH: DELIVERING OE QUALITY TRAINING FOR YOU. Competition in the workshop is high. Why not separate yourself from your competitors by developing your team to their highest ability? Join [pro]Tech, the Garage Concept from ZF Services UK. We offer first class training where you can develop in-depth knowledge of chassis and driveline technology. Contact a member of our team on 0333 240 1123 to find out more or visit ZF Services UK Ltd . Abbeyfield Road . Nottingham . NG7 2SX . Tel: 0333 240 1123


TRICO revamps its “retro-fit upgrade” beam blade programme Neoform merchandiser packs brings new revenue opportunities NEOFORM blades allow customers to upgrade to the latest in beam blade technology from the originally fitted standard conventional blades. Beam blades offer uniform pressure distribution, resulting in a clearer wipe and extended lifespan, are aerodynamic with less wind lift and are manufactured using the TRICO patented twin point coupler design and OE formulation rubber. The new design uses the TRICO pyramid style packaging that has already proved

extremely popular in its ‘Flex’ and ‘Force’ beam blade programmes. Clear fitting instructions are printed on the rear of each packaging sleeve, as well as a QR code linking to the TRICO online catalogue and product information. To help launch these new blades TRICO also offers new carton merchandiser ‘prepack’ kits, containing 64 blades in assorted sizes, full colour header board, application catalogue and an instore poster.






For 100 years, TRICOÂŽ has been a global leader in wiper technology, providing reliable, innovative wiper blade products that come through at the moment you need them most. 01495 767700


Review: Automechanika Birmingham 2017

The UK's biggest aftermarket and supply chain show delivered its promise to offer more for independent garages.

Garage of the Year

Here’s everything you missed if you were unable to make to make it. AT AN event which was 70 per cent bigger, hosting over 800 quality exhibitors, Automechanika Birmingham delivered a hugely successful exhibition in its second year, and welcomed more than 12,000 visitors. Across five halls of the NEC, visitors saw companies including Schaeffler (UK) Ltd, ZF Aftermarket UK, Bosch UK, Denso Sales UK, Delphi, Draper Tools. Highlights of the event included over forty aftermarket and supply chain seminars, hosting industry experts, who delivered sessions covering daily challenges and industry developments, advanced technology and future solutions for day to day work. The new workshop training zone welcomed speakers including Frank Massey, James Dillon, Peter Coombes and others who hosted technical talks and live demonstrations. If there’s one event that you really ought to attend, it’s Automechanika Birmingham – be sure to make a note of next year’s dates: 5-7 June 2018.

Motorserv-UK was ‘Garage of the Year’ 2017 during the exhibition. The workshop, owned by 35-year-old Solihull entrepreneur, Kamran Saleem, was one of 12 other garage finalists but gained the most public votes in the battle for the top spot. The garage took home a £1,000 cash prize, a free 12-month platinum membership on, worth £329.99 + VAT, plus a free Dura ‘dream design’.


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