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How induction heat can save you time in your workshop GW speaks to Induction Innovations to find out how induction heat can help cut down on repair times. THE Inductor heating tool from Induction Innovations, uses flameless ‘invisible heat’ to release ferrous and some non-ferrous metals from corrosion and thread lock compounds

“It’s safer to use, more efficient and works a lot faster.” without the danger of an open flame. Alicia Hawkins, marketing manager at Induction Innovations, told GW: “Induction heat is an alternative to the use of oxyacetylene in the workshop. “It’s safer to use, more efficient and works a lot faster. “Our Inductor tools come with flexible, pre-

formed coils, which fit around the part, without touching it and localise the heat solely on the part and not the surrounding area.” “Induction heat basically takes away the hassle of automotive repairs, which

Time saving benefits Induction heat works up to 90 per cent faster than traditional flame heating. Because the heat is focused solely on the part, it eliminates costly and time-consuming repairs to the surrounding area. The localised heat also means flammable parts do not need to be covered or removed first. There’s less safety equipment to wear and the tools are quick to set up and start heating up the parts immediately.


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