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TOUGH by Swarfega skincare products

5.0 Put to the test • 250 ml hand cleaner. • 100 ml skin protection cream. • 250ml shower gel. • 100 ml sun cream. • Heavy duty hand wipes.


Pryors Garage gets hands on with the new range of TOUGH Swarfega skincare products. TO CELEBRATE its seventy-year milestone, Swarfega recently launched a limited-edition range of skincare products for before, during and after the working day. Designed to work “as hard as the people it’s made for”, we decided to put Swarfega’s statement to the test with the help of GW reader, Stan Salmon of Pryor’s Garage in Truro.


GW Views - Issue 9 Autumn 2017  

More reader reviews and real-garage feedback than ever before on the issues that matter in our biggest edition yet !