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Turbo charger replacement GW readers share their views and experiences on turbo repairs.

DEMAND for turbo-related repairs are on the up with 46 per cent of independent garages replacing one to four turbos each month. While 58 per cent say they “fully diagnose the fault before replacement” and have not

PSA’s 1.6 HDi engine was repeatedly mentioned as a particularly problematic job had a bad experience, 42 per cent say they have come across turbo replacements that have suffered a related problem after fitment and that often it was incorrect diagnosis that was to blame. PSA’s 1.6 HDi engine was repeatedly mentioned as a particularly problematic job with some respondents noting difficulty in removing the carbon build-up in the oil feed pipes. It’s thought that if the engine has been operated with a low oil level, a high concentration of carbon in the oil can lead to the blockage of the in-line filter, oil cooler and main oil filter, which will eventually bring on premature turbocharger failure. Other problem areas highlighted in the GW reader survey included poor quality non-OE turbocharges and difficulties in obtaining new feed pipes.

27 per cent mostly fit new OE turbochargers while 20 per cent tend to fit non-OE turbos. The remaining 53 per cent say it depends on their customer’s budget. When it comes to remanufactured turbos, 47 per cent would only ever fit an OE remanufactured unit from a “trusted supplier” and 42 per cent would favour the non-OE remanufactured alternative.

Tech advice Independent turbo distributor, BTN Turbo say it’s essential to find out what caused the turbo to fail, or you may repeat the problem. With more than 90 per cent of turbo failures linked to oil issues, technicians are advised to check the oil for evidence of starvation or contamination. Double check the engine specification and inspect the hoses for leaks or blockages. Remember, it’s vital to change the oil and replace the oil and air filters, when you fit the new turbo. BTN Turbo stock a range of oil feed pipes covering over 1,000 key applications and these are available when you buy either a BTN supplied new OE or OE remanufactured turbocharger.


GW Views - Issue 8 June 2017  

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