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Risk factor: do you fit customersupplied parts? by Mike Ruff, GW Editor

Drivers are increasingly asking garages to fit parts they have purchased elsewhere, GW looks into the debate. UNDER the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982, garage customers are entitled to expect

“We used to this for people, completely unaware of the potential consequences.” repairs to be carried out with reasonable care and skill, in a reasonable time and for a reasonable charge.

Should any parts need to be replaced, the customer is also entitled to expect that the part is of satisfactory quality, is fit for purpose and is as described. These statutory rights understood and accepted.



However, GW readers are reporting an increase in the number of customers supplying their own parts – parts that technicians cannot guarantee are of satisfactory quality or are fitfor-purpose. A quick search online or trip down to the local scrapyard is an attractive option for some car owners but with an unknown history and specification, many garages are quite right to be wary of the possible implications when it comes to fitting them. Shaun Miller of Millers Garage in Newbury has established a fastgrowing Facebook group, which warns garage owners and technicians about the risks of fitting such parts.


GW Views - Issue 8 June 2017  

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