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Why is our industry still totally unregulated? GW columnist, Caroline Lake expresses anger over the government’s reluctance to consider licensing.

TWITTER A few weeks ago, I had my boiler serviced and the nice engineer duly showed me his ID and Gas Safe certificate. A few weeks before that, I had my chimney swept and the lovely young chap proudly showed me his accreditations. I previously had no idea there was such a

thing as a Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps, but I tried to look suitably impressed. So what, I hear you cry, has this to do with the garage industry? Well, I am amazed and shocked – in fact horrified – that our industry is still totally unregulated. Any Tom, Dick or indeed Harriet, can set up a garage with no qualifications, experience or knowledge of anything. No licencing or regulation required. Anyone can work in a garage and private punters can happily, and often dangerously, work on their own cars. My Mother, could set up in her garden shed tomorrow and call it ‘Mum’s Motors’ – no problem. Except there is a huge problem.


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