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A-Z of Garage Essentials & Garage Door Repairs Our A-Z of Garage Essentials and Garage Door Repairs from Garage Door Rescue Whether you’re moving into a new home with your rst garage or looking to get organised, there are a few basics you will always need. Get organised and equip yourself with our A-Z of Garage Essentials……… A is for Air Ratchet, perfect for quickly loosening or tightening nuts and bolts on the garage door B is for Brushes, you never know when you need to refresh the paintwork of your garage door with a paintbrush and the last thing you want to do is have to pop out to the DIY shop. A dry, clean brush can also be used to clean the mechanics of your garage door. C is for Candles. For times, however infrequent that you lose electric and your lights for any period of time D is for Drill. A Drill is a really sensible expense that you will use for many years to come E is for Extension Lead. A must for many jobs around the home and garden big or small F is for Freezer or Fridgefreezer to put those everyday family essentials in when your main fridge or freezer is over owing G is for Glue. The glues you will always use and need, Super Glue, Wood and Plastic Adhesive H is for Hammer. A Hammer is essential for so many DIY jobs around the home and garden and will be a crucial element of your toolkit I is for Industrial Rubber or Latex gloves, essential for those mucky DIY or garden jobs J is for Jay Cloths, great for cleaning, wiping and to use when you are decorating. Easy and cheap enough to throw away when you’ve used them too K is for Kneeler, perfect for when you are gardening, DIY’ing or decorating to protect your knees when kneeling down for longer periods of time L is for Lamp or Flashlight for those tricky jobs when you need more light or, if your electric goes off for a short period of time

M -is for Magnetic Tool Hanger. Keep all of your tools handy and tidy by having a couple of these on your garage walls N is for Nails. You never know which DIY job you will need a nail for and over the years you will add many types and sizes to your collection O is for Organiser. A tool Organiser has lots of different sized compartments that you can store your tools and essentials in, it enables you to do your DIY anywhere in the house or garden, or for when you go to a friend or families home to help them with their DIY P is for Paint and Plunger. Keep the leftover paint you have used to decorate for those times when you have a mark on your wall or you want to refresh a room. A Plunger is essential for drain and toilet emergencies. Believe us you will be so relieved to have one of these when the job arises Q is for Quick Dry Sealant, for those kitchen and bathroom sealant jobs, it’s always a good one to have to hand R is for Retractable Knife (otherwise known as a Stanley Knife), now this is de nitely a DIY essential and you will use this over and over again for many years S is for Screws, Sandpaper and Socket Set. Like Nails, you can never have enough Screws. Sandpaper, a Socket Set and Sealant are all DIY essentials in the home and garden T is for Tape Measure, you always need one to hand and quickly when you are internet shopping and need to understand a room or your furniture dimensions, or when you are hanging a picture and want it exactly centre U is for Universal Space Saver Plumbing Kit for those kitchen sink emergencies when water is leaking V is for Vacuum Cleaner. Don’t take up vital space in your home, keep your vacuum cleaner in the garage W is for White Spirit and WD40. You will need White Spirit for lots of jobs and it is essential when you need to clean those paintbrushes coated with gloss paint. WD40 stands for Water Displacement, it is a multi-use product and contains anti-corrosion agents and ingredients for penetration, water displacement and soil removal. Believe us it really can be used for so many things, including those annoyingly squeaking hinges X is for Excited, well nearly…… you can be excited that you are getting organised or kitting out your new garage with your Garage Essentials Y stands for the ‘Y’ in DIY….Yourself, you will now have the essential tools for those ‘Do It Yourself’ jobs Z is for ZZZzzzzz, you can have a snooze when your garage is sorted and all your DIY jobs are done About Garage Door Rescue Garage Door Rescue has been repairing, maintaining, servicing and installing new garage doors for homes and businesses in the Wiltshire region for over 20 years. We have a team of fully quali ed, local garage door engineers who are will come out to you and repair your garage door the same day if you need it.

We carry a huge amount of spare parts for garage doors so that we are able to repair and x most problems in one visit. This is how we can keep our garage door repair prices so low. We cover the whole of Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Bath, as well as the surrounding areas. All of our Engineers have an in-depth understanding of all makes and models of garage doors so you know your repair and installation will be carried out by a professional and quali ed engineer. We take pride in providing a friendly and approachable service and are happy to answer any questions you have over the phone or face to face and can then provide you with a xed quote to perform the repair or installation. Garage Door Repairs and Installations in Wiltshire At Garage Door Rescue offer garage door repairs on all makes and models of garage doors. All our cable replacements come with a Lifetime guarantee offering you complete peace of mind and we provide a full 12-month guarantee, including parts and labour for all our other garage door repairs. All our repairs strictly adhere to manufacturer’s instructions. We supply and t spare parts for garage doors and have a huge range of parts in stock so most repairs can be completed in just one visit. Types of Garage Doors: Up and over garage doors – swing towards the driveway rst and then up and there are two types: Canopy and Retractable Roller Garage Doors – roll vertically up and down and can t in a small space above the opening. They can also be tted to unusual shaped openings unlike the Up and Over and Sectional Garage doors Sectional Garage Doors – are horizontally hinged panels that roll into an overhead position on tracks and are usually spring-loaded Automatic Garage Doors – are one of the most common garage doors. The door rotates on a horizontal axis and is supported horizontally when open Replacement Garage Door Parts: Cables/Wires Springs Locks Handles Door Rollers Roller Spindles Additional Garage Door Services: Security options (Garage Door Defender Installation) Garage Door Service and Maintenance Garage Door Automation Garage Door Rescue offers garage door repairs, installations, advice, security upgrades, new ttings, maintenance and automation systems throughout Wiltshire and the surrounding areas. If you need more information on any of our Garage Door Services or have an emergency repair, give us a call on 01793 393503 and one of the team will be happy to help.

By Garage Door Rescue | April 11th, 2018

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About the Author: Garage Door Rescue Garage Door Rescue - a family owned and managed garage door repair and new garage door company. Up & Over garage doors, roller shutter doors and automated garage doors - we specialise in them all. We have local Engineers throughout Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and Berkshire.

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