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Garage Storage Solutions

Sometimes it seems like the task of keeping a garage clean and clutter-free is a full-time job. It’s common to accumulate all kinds of gear and random paraphernalia in the garage, and, if a homeowner isn’t careful, the area will eventually end up looking like a junkyard. Many people deal with this problem by assembling makeshift containers to hold their ever-growing inventory of odds and ends, but homemade storage units seldom meet professional standards, and subpar construction can pose a safety hazard.

To avoid this, homeowners should consider

purchasing high-quality garage organization equipment from Garage Flooring LLC, a leader in the field. There are many types of garage storage solutions available through our website; below we’ll examine them in more detail. Cabinets When one discusses garage storage units, the type that most commonly comes to mind is the cabinet. The continuing popularity of garage storage cabinets is no mystery. These units are available in a wide range of styles and shapes, which makes it reasonably easy for the consumer to find a model suitable for their site.

Tall cabinets are long, narrow, and upright;

base cabinets are wide, short, and often rectangular in construction; wall cabinets, as the name implies, are designed to be permanently attached to the interior sides of the garage. Frequently made from sturdy material such as stainless steel, these units are designed to endure harsher wear than cabinets found in other parts of the home. Some cabinets come with adjustable feet that can accommodate uneven garage flooring. Overhead racks and shelves Overhead garage storage is one area where the do-it-yourself approach could prove particularly dangerous. Many homeowners, facing a shortage of space along the floor, decide to pile their leftover gear on shelves attached to the wall or on the ceiling. Because the failure of this equipment could cause serious property damage or bodily injury due to falling objects, it is important to use only strong, sturdy racks and shelves from dependable manufacturers. Consumers have many options available to them, including their choice of fixed and adjustable shelving. Often positioned above the garage door (at least two feet of available space above

the door is recommended), professionally manufactured overhead storage units can safely support hundreds of pounds—check the instructions to ensure that you don’t exceed the weight capacity. Common sizes include 27x36, 36x36, and 45x45. Tire racks Many homeowners who store spare tires find that these objects have a tendency to get in the way, taking up too much valuable space. Tire racks supply an effective solution to this problem. Basically a type of shelving, the tire rack is permanently affixed to the garage wall and typically can hold three or four tires. Some varieties can be adjusted to avoid taking up unneeded space when not at full capacity, while the folding tire rack also allows homeowners to push the unused shelf flat against the wall. The average tire rack is capable of safely bearing 300 lbs., or more. Again, homeowners should check the documentation to ensure they don’t overload the equipment. Bike racks Bicycles are too large and unwieldy to be left lying around on the garage floor where they can interfere with the activities of those in the area. Similar to tire racks, bike racks attach to the wall, keeping your bicycles in a safe spot where they can be easily retrieved when needed. It is also possible to purchase racks designed for other specific types of sporting gear. You can buy a dedicated rack created for storing golf bags, another for camping equipment, and one more for snowboards; other rack designs are available, as well. For more information, visit our website at

Garage Storage Solutions  

Professionally made garage storage solutions give homeowners a convenient way to organize their tools and equipment. Garage storage units c...