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Garage Door Repair Brampton Technicians Suggest 5 Critical Door Opener Features

Automated garage door openers have revolutionized the garage door industry. They render easy operation and absolute security to the residential and commercial settings. They are accompanied by a remote. Now by simply pushing a button, you can open or close the door conveniently. Openers require little maintenance and you can consult the garage door repair Brampton technicians for instant replacement. Before buying a door, you give due consideration to the style, design, color and finishes of the door. But apart from this, you also need to consider garage door spring, openers, cables and other crucial parts. As the opener plays the pivotal role in opening and closing of the door. Thus, you need to check a few crucial things including:

Horsepower Horse power or HP of the opener relates to the door directly. The HP assures that the opener holds sufficient power to lift or drop the door. You need to check the height, weight and type of the door before selecting any opener. For most of the single doors ½ HP is adequate. It is most commonly used in residential settings. If you own a heavy door created by solid wood, the ¾ HP openers should be your verdict.

Type of drive There are mainly three types of opener drives – Chain, Screw and Belt. • Chain drives are quite noisy as they operate on chain mechanism. But they are inexpensive and render good performance. Thus, they are the most ideal choice. • Screw drives use threaded steel rod to lift the door. There are plasticlined tracks also available that reduce noise level and provide good opening speed. • Belt drive openers are the best alternative. They are quiet and offer good-quality performance. If you have garages next or below your room, it can be your ideal choice.

Security features Openers are meant to provide security. Most of the advanced openers nowadays, come with additional security feature. Some of the common feature you must check includes: • Highly secure access system • Security from unauthorized entry – anti-intruder • Automated door reverse mechanism to prevent any personal injury and property damage You can ask the manufacturers about more security features added over the years

Remote Control Remote controls allow easy and quick access to the door. Even from 100 ft

distance, you can push the remote button and get the door opened for parking. Wireless keypads and keychain remote features has made the door operation more convenient for people.

Opener Motor (AC or DC) There are two types of motors- Direct Current (DC) and Alternating Current (AC). Efficient openers use DC motors as they are reliable and create less noise. DC motor uses less electricity as compare to AC motor. Though, AC motors are also good at performance but mostly DC motors are preferred. offer efficient garage door openers of

leading brands including Wayne Dalton, Genie and many more. We also provide repair, installation and replacement services for garage door, opener, spring, cables and so on. You can contact our technicians to know our latest packages.

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