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Scavenger Hunt to Benefit Lincoln County Fire Fighters Burn Children Fund There are many non-profit organizations from Hospice to the Shriners Hospital that server our community in such a selfless show of compassion. This being said it is difficult to choose one group to support. Iron Station Thunder has chosen the Lincoln County Fire Department and will apply all the proceeds from this fund raiser to educate the community on fire safety and most importantly provide care for our children that are injured from fires or burns. Any of the remaining funds will be donated to the Children's Hospital in Wake Forrest. There are two ways to be involved in the scavenger hunt. The first way is if you are a business and wish to attract new customers for a donation of fifty dollars you will receive a tax credit for the donation. You will also be listed on one the the map pieces within the scavenger hunt. Stores will be grouped by their geographical locations. There will be approximately twelve separate groups. In each group one business will be selected to house a specially marked mailbox within the business. The business that will have the mailbox will be selected by a drawing. As a business you will also be asked to sell five participant tickets for twenty dollars each. This money is to be turned into the LCFFBCF as well. The second way to be involved in the scavenger hunt is by being a participant. As a participant you will purchase a ticket for twenty dollars. You will be invited to the launch party on April 27th. At the party you will receive your first clue. The clue will be a map piece with highlighted roads on it. You will proceed, at your own leisure, to the section of roads marked on the map to search for a specially marked mail box inside a business. On the map piece there will be clues such as a combination that will match the lock on the mailbox, list of businesses in the hunt and special instructions. When you locate the first mailbox, you will open it to find the next map piece. You will repeat this until you complete the course. You will have until June 7th to complete the course and turn your paperwork in to Iron Station Thunder. Everyone that meets the dead line will be placed in a drawing to be held on June 8th. The winner of the drawing will win $1000.00. There is no advantage to finishing first. It is not a race. You can not pick up map pieces for your friends or enemies. You can use any form of transportation you choose You must find the mailboxes in order they are numbered Tickets can be purchased from any Lincoln County fire department, participating business or from Iron Station Thunder Tickets can be purchased until June 7th Iron Station Thunder Lincolnton NC is your one stop shop for all your Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Susuki, Honda, KTM, Titan, Big Dog, Polaris or classic cars and parts. Please visit our parts and accessories website at with a wide range of vendors to choose from. Shop online or come into the shop at 124 East Water Street Lincolnton,

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Scavenger Hunt to Benefit Lincoln County Fire Fighters Burn Children Fund  
Scavenger Hunt to Benefit Lincoln County Fire Fighters Burn Children Fund  

There are many non-profit organizations from Hospi...