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To Marilyn With love

Dada Shambhushivananda 25 years away from the century. Keep going. We love you, Marilyn

Gioko Maina, Mombasa Kenya You have been an inspiration because of your guidance and encouragement. May you be blessed on this auspicious milestone in your life.

Andrew Walters Kia ora Marilyn, Ngā mihi rā i tō rā whānau, e te tau (Wishing you a very happy birthday) from Global Action Plan Oceanea.

Tone Granaas, Norway A lots of gratitude and hugs from me to Marilyn, and two pictures that I found on a WC wall in the University of Sligo on our last trip together this spring. (on a Perl conference)

Marc Bontemps, Brussels A first thought was to send you following link (Laureaat Stadsprijs voor Duurzaamheid 2013) about my daughters zero-emission-house that just opened (result of eduction! You know, and next generation in different aspects :/ not sure if daughter Eveline ever saw you‌) but probably not easy to handle. Second thought: a card from the time I worked for ecolife: we never really used it, until now!!

Moses D.Chimedza, Zimbabwe Hi Marilyn, I am happy to be associated with you. You are a virtuous woman, a woman who has not just been satisfied by mere existence on this earth, but a woman who has made it her duty to influence and inspire everyone whom she comes into contact with at every turn of life. May you celebrate your three quarters of a century of life with this in mind; that you have become an international family member. May the dear Lord richly bless you and give you more years to come. Change, change and change!!! The theory of change has indeed changed communities and the world just because of you. I LOVE YOU MARILYN GOD BLESS. Yours Student

David Gershon, New York Marilyn my friend, I honor you for all that you have done to create more skill in the behavior change and GAP universe. You grabbed onto this social innovation and just kept putting one foot in front of the other until a magnificent edifice was created. You are an inspiration and a role model of social entrepreneurship and transformative leadership. Thank you so much for all that you are and all you do for our world! With love and gratitude

Loes & Frans Lenglet Dear Marilyn, With our best wishes for a happy 75th birthday. It is a privilege to know you (as well as Alex and all other people that are surrounding you with their love and dedication) and to be inspired by you. Our wish is that with many happy returns in good health and spirits you will continue to support the ever growing number of people across the globe who are determined to leave this world a more just place for humanity and "all things bright & beautiful" now and in the future.

GAP Spain ¡Feliz Cumpleaños! Carlos, Juan Carlos & Juanma from Spain wish you a very Happy Birthday and look forward to seeing you very soon!!!!

Andreas Sidkvist, Sweden "Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world, indeed that's the only thing that ever has." Det har varit mina ledord sedan jag bestämde mig för att Rädda världen för åtta år sen. För mig är du en av dessa personer som förändrar världen. Jag är imponerad av din driv och till synes outtröttliga förmåga att fortsätta kämpa i medvind såväl som i motvind. Världen behöver lysande stjärnor som du och jag tycker det är fantastiskt att du lyser så starkt än i denna dag!

Rajeswari Namagiri, India Happy Birthday dear gentle giant Marilyn! Ever so spirited, full of warmth and friendship - a great inspiration for me. You bring a fresh approach to sustainability. It's great to walk the talk with you. Many Many Happy Returns.

Michael Boddington, Laos I first met Marilyn in Gaia Fjordvang, Denmark, in late 1991. The meeting was to look at the proposed blueprint for ecovillages, sponsored by the Gaia Trust and prepared by the Context Institute. It was an amazing gathering of amazing people – Ross and Hildur Jackson, David Korten, Karl-Henrik Roberts, Declan Kennedy, Rob Lichtman, Robert and Diana Gilman, Michael Kinsley – and many more. And Marilyn! Names to conjure with. My entry ticket to that gathering was that I had just been commissioned by the Gaia Trust, to look at Technologies for Life: Sustainable Technologies for Eco-Villages. I have maintained contact with many of those people, but mostly with Marilyn. She made a presentation about GAP, during the course of the workshop. She had with her the very first GAP Ecoteam Handbook! I was hooked by the book! Well, not so much on the book, but the method and what it entailed and might deliver and Marilyn's presentation. Marilyn has that way with her. Persuasive.

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Before very long, I was swept up into the GAP community and helped to put it on the ground in UK. And, I was invited to join the Board of GAP International, in which Marilyn played – and continues to play – such a vital role. We met at least twice a year, and the meetings were for A WEEK! They took place in Germany, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, UK,... They were very organic, and Marilyn introduced methods for crystalising the discussions and the results that flowed from them. She was very much a leader in those meetings, but in a low-key, unobtrusive way. It was a warm and encompassing community. The linkages were with the group as well as between the individuals, and nobody was excluded. Everyone, everyone, everyone was encouraged to be an active participant. It was, in my experience, unique, and a very important part of the cohesiveness that has kept it alive and running – as well as

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developing – to this day. I am so grateful that I was a part of this


community for those seven or eight years, and that I had the

With very much love

opportunity to experience such an embracing organisation.

! !

to you

Erika Karman, Hungary Dear Marilyn, It has been such a pleasure from life to get to know you, work with you, change the World with you! Many more productive years as a Change Agent!

Edward Kamphonje Kalua Marilyn, a blessing, inspiration and valuable asset to the world in bringing change to institutions and societies. Your 75th Birthday should be a celebration of the impact you have made to us all as a model of practice, mentor, teacher and expert in global action and learning for change. Happy Birthday Dear Marilyn.

Gayatri Raghwa, India Many Happy Returns of the Day to a fellow traveler in this wonderful planet. Lots of love and hugs

Peter van Luttervelt Dear Marilyn, Sign with a flower, the flower of life. We met 23 year ago in the Narwal the Netherlands. The whole GAP early adopters gang was there and deeply engaged. This engagement never vanished; we were able to empower so many people. I was happy to be so close to you and Alexander while we were spreading our learning process with others in so many countries. We were all teachers, learners and doers. And you are one of the best I learned to know. You are living empowerment, empowering yourself is empowering others. And it is an open invitation‌ I am very much amazed about your never ending tour. Traveling around the world, enjoying of all the places, tours, etc, and most of all of the people who get engaged in the transition work we are in. My dear, I am looking forward to join you one of these days on one of your trips‌ Big cheers for this celebration, milestones in our life. When turning 80 you will by an electric Porsche I guess. Big big Hug from Hanneke en me

Mai Lan Peg & Frans Kasper Dearest Marilyn, Many happy returns of your Day. May this day and coming years bring you all the happiness and fortune belonging to you. We do hope that we will be part of your life adventures. Looking forward with love and light.

Laura Burani Italy Dear Marilyn, I have just realized that, unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of you and me together. Yet, I have found this one that I took last year on the amazing terrace in Hotel Star Road before leaving Stockholm. Nice memories come to my mind when I look at this picture. I think your smile represents very well the GAP spirit. A smile is something very sustainable: it is costless, it does not pollute and it is socially good since it is a kind of a “bridge” between two persons. Indeed, your warm smile reveals all these aspects very well. Keep on smiling and being positive and optimistic! By the way, I hope you will celebrate your birthday with a great party on the amazing terrace. ;-) TANTI AUGURI DI BUON COMPLEANNO! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! GRATTIS PÅ FÖDELSEDAGEN! Miss you a lot. I am waiting for you in Italy of course. Baci e abbracci, Laura

Christy Duijvelaar&daughter

TVE Hungary Team With love from Hungary, Association of Conscious Consumers. Emese Gulyás Anikó Haraszti Zsófi Perényi Kata Ujhelyi Dorottya Tuba Gabi Görbe

Galina Kashevskaya, Minsk, Belarus Let birds, dogs, trees, flowers, relatives, friends and people around you just give you attention, understanding, care and love as you give it all to people and nature around you! Let your Life Tree be decorated with delicate and lovely flowers to your heart! Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to You!!! Birthday Hugs and Kisses

agado team, Germany


Inger Raaby Kære Marilyn, Endnu ét år - og endnu smukkere, endnu mere inspirerende for os andre til at stille om til mere holdbar livsstil, dvs til at: stå sammen, være stærke i kampen for et liv hvor alt er lige delt og alle lever helt! Marilyn, dig ka' vi li' du skal i glas og ramme! Hurra, hurra, hurra! Og så det lange: hurraaaaa!

GAP International Grattis, b채sta Marilyn.

! Love from Maria Blomberg, Annika Piirimets, Johanna Wong, Alexander Mehlmann

Bui Thi Thanh Thuy, Vietnam I personally grew up near the location of the Swedish Embassy in Hanoi and seem to be have known you well since my childhood through to my cooperation with you and the Swedish person in Hanoi as the most friendly people and country who have whole-heartedly supported Vietnam in its development. Nice to see Marilyn Mehlmann in smart and beautiful women for ever as I and Vietnamese partners saw in the first time.

A.Bilge Dicleli, Turkey Happy Birthday! Health, happiness and a long sustainable life together with Alexander and us!

Manuel Arredondo Dear Marilyn, all the best in your birthday today. The moment you went to our training to give a brief speech I was amazed about the impact a few words can make. Those words truly speak about your devotion and experience, and a ongoing passion for learning. I hope you have a wonderful day today with my best wishes! I also send a picture I took of a small smiling Mexican ajolote which kids keep as pets here in central Mexico :)

Barbara Grazzini Carissima Marilyn, Tanti cari auguri per il tuo compleanno! Sei un grande esempio per me ed è un onore essere tua amica. BUON COMPLEANNO di cuore Barbara Dear M., my best wishes for your birthday! You are a great example for me and it’s an honor for me to be one of your friends. HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the deep of my heart Barbara

Happy birthday Marilyn