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Our franchise system Made in Germany, performing globally

“It has been a great journey so far. But for us it is only just the beginning.” Christian Völkers


reasons to become an Engel & Vรถlkers franchise partner.

1 Success of our franchise system

2 Premium brand presence

3 Worldwide marketing opportunities

4 Training expertise

5 Full service support

6 Mr. de Robiano’s success story

7 Opportunities for business growth

8 Potential for industry professionals

What makes the Engel & Vรถlkers franchise system so successful? Our core values: competence, exclusivity and passion.

1 Over the past 30 years, Engel & Vรถlkers has

Our vision of bringing together the aspira-

made its name throughout the world as a

tions of discerning individuals worldwide

services company specialised in the broker-

is characterised by the core values of our

age of high-end real estate and yachts. We

brand: competence, exclusivity and passion.

and our partners have remained on a steady

If you can identify with these values and our

course of growth both nationally and inter-

high expectations of top-class services and

nationally, especially since the introduction

would like to grow together with us, then we

of our unique franchise system in the 1990s.

should meet and talk.

“Behind every successful business there is a strong team. Together with our partners, we know how to make use of these strengths worldwide.” Christian Völkers, Founder

“Engel & Völkers partners profit from a first-class image. Our clients come to us because we have access to the right properties and prospective buyers.” Georgios Petras, Rhodes, Greece

How do you benefit as a partner from the name Engel & Völkers? Through your positioning as a world­ renowned premium brand.

2 As an independent Engel & Völkers fran-

shop concept and standardised, highly pro-

chise partner, you benefit from the eminent

fessional services. Our brand strength is

reputation of a global brand from the out-

further distinguished by our specialisation

set. The strength and high recognition value

in sub-markets and our focus on selected

of this brand means that clients with pre-

premium target groups. We raise awareness

mium properties and potential employees

for our brand with a host of different PR and

will automatically express an interest. This

marketing activities every single day – and,

is due not least to our clear and consistent

in doing so, create the ideal framework for

corporate identity, as well as our established

your own business success.

What does the international Engel & Völkers network offer you? Reciprocal client referrals through worldwide connections.

3 Engel & Völkers offers you the ideal con-

luxury apartments in Dubai for your local

ditions for building up your own business

clients through to foreign buyers interest-

locally, while also benefiting from access

ed in a property in your portfolio. As an

to top properties and wealthy private and

Engel & Völkers franchise partner you

corporate clients beyond the boundaries

remain your own boss while also becom-

of your particular region. Our growing

ing a part of a large ‘family’ that acts as

network of partners, with over 400 shops

a global support network. All members

and offices in 38 countries, provides you

of this family have the same clear

with brokerage opportunities worldwide –

objective: to delight discerning clients with

from second homes in Tuscany or

top-class service.

“Being in a global network really pays off. In no time at all I was able to showcase prestigious homes all over the world to my clients.� Claudia Aguayo, Lo Barnechea, Chile

“Even as an old hand, you can always learn something new at Engel & Völkers. And for my employees the Academy training was worth its weight in gold.”

How can you make our proven system work for you? Through in­depth practical training at the Engel & Völkers Academy.

4 Increasingly dynamic market developments

with you, we will teach you everything about

are calling for specialisation and profound

the innovative Engel & Völkers system –

know-how. This is precisely the aim of the

from market analysis through to property

in-depth training and in-service develop-

presentation and the closure of contracts.

ment offered by the Engel & Völkers Acad-

Tried and tested sales seminars, expert

emy, which was founded in 1996 and caters

workshops and continually optimised con-

to the individual needs and requirements of

cepts ensure a sound training that meets the

everyone from our franchise partners through

necessary requirements – and a solid know-

to shop assistants. Irrespective of how much

ledge base that is of equal benefit to industry

sales and property knowledge you bring

insiders and newcomers from other sectors!

What support do you receive as an Engel & Völkers partner? Innovative IT solutions and comprehensive care.

5 As an Engel & Völkers partner, you are

highest standard of client support. You will

supported both when setting up your shop

also profit from efficient sales and CRM tools,

and in your daily business. This includes, for

innovative mobile services and our web-

example, your own online subdomain that is

based Print Shop that allows you to produce

linked to the Engel & Völkers homepage.

high-quality marketing tools and other ma-

Our Intranet, “E&V Life”, can be accessed

terials quickly using standardised templates.

anywhere in the world and offers you ex-

There is always a personal contact on hand

tensive specialist marketing and real estate

at our head office to answer your questions –

knowledge, while our “Global Office”

so that you can concentrate all your efforts

broker software enables you to provide the

on building up and expanding your business.

“As a partner, you are not only supported while starting up, but long after as well. This gives you a huge sense of security from the start.� Shirley Coates, Irvine, California, U.S.A.

“Engel & Völkers is unique in many respects. A competitive advantage that impressed me immediately – and that’s confirmed in new ways every day.”

How soon does the purchase of a licence pay off? Right from the beginning ­ as Mr. de Robiano’s success story shows.

6 The story of Geoffroy de Robiano’s suc-

prospects for this entrepreneur with a taste

cess as an Engel & Völkers partner began

for success. But the fact that he reached the

in 2006, when he got a first glimpse of

break-even point twice as fast as expected

the successful franchise system through

and had a positive cashflow within just a

a personal contact – and was immediately

few months came as a surprise even to him.

taken with it. Having gained many years

Today, Geoffroy de Robiano’s services are

of experience as an international stockbro-

in such high demand that his team is in

ker, as a manager of several property firms

urgent need of extra support and is expect-

and as the owner of a machine-building

ed to grow from three to eight real estate

company, purchasing an Engel & Völkers

agents. And this success story is not over

licence in 2009 promised new and exciting

yet …

What doors does an Engel & Völkers licence open for you? It is the key to successful entrepreneurship.

7 With this brochure we hope that we have

a complete picture of your partnership with

been able to show you what invaluable

Engel & Völkers and what you stand to

business advantages the acquisition of an

gain from your investment, which initially

Engel & Völkers licence can bring – and

includes the opening and expanding of your

what your future could hold as an inde-

property shop and a one-off licence fee.

pendent partner. The initial term for licence contracts is ten years, after which time you

Certainly reason enough to contact us today.

are free to extend it. Your success is our

We will be happy to meet with you, outline

success – and vice versa! You are bound to

the individual options available and answer

be interested first and foremost in gaining

any questions you may have.

“Setting up a business from scratch does, of course, involve a certain capital investment. But in my case this has more than paid off.� Roberto Magaglio, Milan, Italy

“Acquiring my licence has brought entirely new opportunities: access to exceptional properties and the corresponding clientele.” Frédéric Van Blerk, Kalmthout, Belgium

What does an Engel & Völkers licence offer you as an industry professional? Attractive growth prospects, both qualitative and quantitative.

8 As an experienced property expert, you

qualitative terms: you extend your local

know that anybody wishing to compete

marketing potentials and increase the

and excel in this sector must respond to

value of your property portfolio many

the growing demands of the market. Even

times over. More than 30,000 exposés sent

if you’ve established yourself as an inde-

every month in 38 countries and annual

pendent agent in your local area, you never

real estate transactions of more than 20

really know what tomorrow will bring.

billion euros speak for themselves – and for

An Engel & Völkers licence brings superb

the unique growth potential that a partner-

opportunities in both quantitative and

ship with Engel & Völkers can offer you.

Engel & Völkers: a strong brand ­ with a diverse business profile.

The success story of Engel & Völkers began in 1977 when the company began brokering prestigious residential property. Our strong brand is now bolstered by an acclaimed franchise system with a unique shop concept, a comprehensive range of services and innovative marketing and IT capabilities.

The Commercial division, founded in 1988, is specialised in the brokerage of commercial real estate – from multi-purpose apartment and office blocks to industrial and retail space, and investment portfolios – and is represented with over 40 commercial offices in Germany, the rest of Europe, South Africa and the Middle East.

Capital AG was founded in 2008 and is concerned with the issuance of upmarket property investment products. These ventures draw on the brand, the global network and the extensive market and real estate expertise of Engel & Völkers AG.

Founded in 2004, this business division specialises in tailored marketing strategies, pan-European sales and individual consultancy services for exclusive property resorts abroad.

Since 2007, the Yachting division has also formed a part of Engel & Völkers’ comprehensive range of services. Alongside the brokerage of high-end yachts, this also incorporates a charter service and management of new constructions and refitting projects.

The in-house publisher “Grund Genug” has been producing its architecture and lifestyle magazine GG in four languages since 1988. Along with editorial articles, home stories and travel tips, this internationally renowned magazine showcases exclusive properties and yachts from all over the world on a quarterly basis.


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