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Copper Tubing And Air Conditioning m/

Air conditioning is a combination of activities such as conditioning the air i.e., heating or cooling, ensuring air movement, and cleansing the air. The cooling is just a part of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. Copper tubes help make HVAC effective

About Copper Tubes Copper is light, strong, and has a unique property of heavy resistance to corrosion, therefore it is preferred to be used as tubes to supply hot and cold water. Also, copper tubes has high thermal conductivity which is about eight times that of Aluminum and thus is the most preferred choice for air conditioning or refrigeration. Copper’s long lasting and maintenance free characteristics make it the most suitable choice for systems such as air conditioning. The stringent requirements of the air conditioning industry such as increased operating efficiency and reduction or elimination of harmful emissions have further increased demand of copper tubing.

Types of Copper tubes Soft copper and Rigid copper are the two basic types of copper tubes. The soft copper can be bent easily and is the most suited for flare connection and thus is most popularly used in the refrigerant line of the split system air conditioner and heat pumps. The rigid copper is a popular choice for water lines.

Copper Tubes in Air Conditioners The direct expansion (Dx) system of the Air Conditioner is directly responsible for cooling by exchanging the heat with refrigerant passing through tubes of finned coiling coil. The evaporator of the Dx system is made of cooling coil fabricated of copper tubes and aluminum fins. Closed loop copper tubing is also required in the heat transfer loop where a refrigeration compressor moves the vapor refrigerant to the condenser and returns it back to the evaporator as a liquid refrigerant. The chiller package the system also has a copper tube or aluminum finned condenser coil and fan as the condensing unit.

One of the important components for proper functioning of the Air Conditioner is the copper tube. The copper tube, whether soft or hard drawn, should be carefully chosen depending on the width of the wall. Thinner wall is needed for a tube of higher diameter. As the pipe is bent, the wall thickness is reduced.

Quality of copper tubes and maintenance of Air Conditioners While purchasing a high price consumer durable goods such as an air conditioner, price is the most important factor the customer considers, though a high priced air conditioner does not guarantee a good quality. The reliability of a product is the direct product of the quality of the components used such as the heat exchangers and compressors. Quality can be ensured by a manufacturer though in case the manufacturer produces the parts, at least majority of them, by him.

The tubes should be capped or sealed in order to avoid moisture and foreign matter to enter the tubes. The tubes should also be brazen with Oxygen Free Nitrogen to prevent internal oxidation of the tubes.

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