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IMGT 450: Internship in International Management The student works under faculty mentorship with a for-profit or not-for-profit organization and applies knowledge and skills learned throughout the curriculum. The student will maintain a journal, meet regularly with the mentor, submit a paper reflecting on the work experience in the context of the academic experience, and make a final presentation. Credit is awarded based on the time spent with the organization (50 hours per credit). Prerequisites: Junior Standing, 3.00 minimum GPA 1-6 credits IMGT 490: Directed Study Abroad in International Management This course is designed to allow students to explore areas of management study while at a non-U.S. (geographically) university. The course content must be pre-approved by the fulltime faculty. Topics are chosen in discussions with the faculty member responsible and approved by the faculty member responsible for the management curriculum. This course can be credit bearing from 1-6 credits depending on topic and extent of work. The culminating work for this course is a written paper which must address all aspects of the international management) curriculum learning goals. Topics chosen for investigation must be within the framework of international management and also address all of the learning goals of the management curriculum. This work can also be completed at a foreign university under the tutelage of a professor at the foreign institution and with the approval of the responsible Gannon professor. Prerequisite: Permission of supervising faculty member 1-6 credits

MANAGEMENT Dramatic and fundamental changes are facing the management profession and the world. The management major prepares students to successfully manage businesses of the future, which will incorporate holistic and systemic thinking into the decision making process, i.e., understanding the societal and environmental impact of business and economic decisions. The demands on the managers of the future to think critically and to analyze systemic impacts will require heavy reliance on analytics (data storage and modeling) and implies a basic understanding of process, measurement, forecasting, functional interdependence, causality, forward thinking, and technology. The inherent networked architecture behind successful thinking and successful companies is basic to management’s goals and activities. The opportunity to study abroad and understand the international linkages that constitute our global economy is real and encouraged. Students will learn firsthand how to develop and manage projects for external clients. Essential to this program is the understanding that economic activity was designed and has the duty to positively enhance the human condition. The following courses must be completed to satisfy the requirements for the BSBA in Management: MGMT 305/Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability MGMT 330/Project Management MGMT 350/Quality Management IGMT410/Issues in Global Management SCMG 340/Sourcing and Supply Chain Management Elective Course (3 credits) from the following: MGMT 450/Internship in Management MGMT 490/Directed Studies in Management MGMT 399/Special Topics in Management Study Abroad

Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015  
Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015