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Developmental Core 2 credits: First-year Seminar (may be met in major) 1 credit: Leadership Seminar (may be met in major) 3 credits: Senior Capstone (LBST 383 or met in major) Intensive Core 3 credits: 3 credits: 3 credits: 3 credits: 3 credits: 3 credits:

Speech (SPCH 111, 113, 115 or met in major) Fine Arts (see list below or met in major) Literature (see list below or met in major) Social Science (see list below or met in major) Mathematics (see list below or met in major) Science (see list below or met in major)

Literature Series Options/LENG ENGL 352 Modern/Contemporary Drama LENG 241 Prose Literature LENG 243 Drama LENG 245 Poetry Fine Art Series Options/LFIN EDCR 302 Expressive Arts ENGL 250 Introduction to Photography FINA 390 American Architecture LFIN 250 Theatre and Culture LFIN 251 Introduction to Music LFIN 252 Women in Photography Philosophy II Series Options/LPHI LPHI 233 Philosophy of God LPHI 235 Philosophy of Knowledge LPHI 239 Philosophy of Science LPHI 240 Philosophy of Education MGMT 360 Ethical Social Responsibility PHIL 210 Logic PHIL 225 Philosophy of Communication PHIL 233 Philosophy of God PHIL 235 Philosophy of Knowledge PHIL 238 Business Ethics PHIL 239 Philosophy of Science PHIL 240 Philosophy of Education

LENG 247 Introduction to Literature LENG 249 Women Writers MLED 201 Adolescent Literature/Practicum

LFIN 253 LFIN 254 LFIN 310 MUSC 231 MUSC 250 MUSC 251

Introduction to the Visual Arts Art of Film Music in Medicine Beethoven and Influence Music and Psychology Music in Advertising and Mktg.

PHIL 250 PHIL 271 PHIL 273 PHIL 280 PHIL 286

Comparative World Philosophy History of Ancient Philosophy History of Medieval Philosophy History of Modern Philosophy History of Contemporary Philosophy Philosophy & Law Philosophy of History Introduction to Metaphysics Modern Existentialism American Philosophy Philosophy of Communication

PHIL 290 PHIL 345 PHIL 350 PHIL 365 PHIL 383 SPCH 225

Speech Options/SPCH SPCH 111 Public Speaking SPCH 115 SPCH 113 Human Communication & Society Theology II Series Options/LTHE LTHE 223 Catholic Tradition LTHE 225 Protestant Tradition LTHE 255 Jesuit Tradition THEO 240 Faith, Revelation and Theology THEO 320 Hebrew Bible I: Torah THEO 321 Hebrew Bible II: Prophets THEO 322 Hebrew Bible III: Writings THEO 333 The Synoptic Gospels THEO 334 The Theology of John and Paul THEO 342 Jesus Christ: Yesterday, Today and Forever

THEO 344 THEO 345 THEO 346 THEO 347 THEO 361 THEO 362

Presentational Strategies

The Theology of Church The Theology of Worship Women and the Pilgrim Church The Theology of Marriage Christianity & World Religions: Western Tradition Christianity & World Religions: Eastern Tradition

Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015  
Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015