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registered mail to both parties. This communication should include an opportunity for a member of the panel or the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs to debrief or otherwise provide further assistance to either party. 5. The decision of the grievance appeal panel is final.

STUDENTS CLASSIFIED AS “UNDECIDED” Choosing a major is one of the most important, and sometimes difficult, decisions to make in college. Often students have a specific interest in a concentrated area, such as science or engineering, but are “undecided” as to which major to pursue. Gannon offers students the option to begin their studies while being classified as “Undecided.” This allows them to complete core courses without making a premature decision. Once a major is decided upon, and the student has received permission from the department, a Change of Major form (available in the Dean’s Office) must be completed and submitted to the respective Dean’s Office. All students must declare a major in order to graduate. No student may graduate as an “undecided” student. Students classified as Undecided may earn no more than 24 credits in that classification. Upon completion of 24 credits the student must select a major and be accepted into that major or they will be removed by the Dean and placed into the Undeclared category and will be referred to Career Development and Employment Services (CDES). A Change of Major form will be completed and processed by the advisor. The Registrar’s Office will be notified of any courses that may need to be dropped. The Registrar’s Office will remove advisor approval for registration until the student has successfully met with the CDES staff and has been advised according to the Undeclared requirements. If permitted by the program, students who fail to meet minimum academic standards in their major program of study may be placed into an Undecided major for one semester to attempt to raise their GPA and return to their original major. If they remain academically ineligible for their original major after one semester in the Undecided category, they will be administratively moved to Undeclared status and the same process as described above will be followed. The following is a list of Undecided classifications at Gannon: Education Business Computing Engineering Health Sciences Humanities Sciences

TRANSCRIPT POLICY The student's authorization and written signature are needed to release a transcript. The student can request the transcript in person in the Registrar's office, can write a letter addressed to the Registrar's office, or can FAX the request. Official transcripts must be mailed directly from the Registrar's office to the party requested. All transcripts given directly to the student will be stamped 'Issued directly to the student'. Students who need transcripts to submit unopened with applications should request that the transcript be issued to them in a sealed envelope. The transcript is stamped “Issued directly to the student,” has the Registrar’s signature and the school seal. The envelope is sealed and has

Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015  
Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015