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JUNIOR (33 credits) Fall Research Methods/SPRT 310 Philosophy/Theology III Series/ LPHI/LTHE Kinesiology w Lab/SPRT 360/361 Nutrition in the Lifecycle/NHP 300 Sport in Society I/SPRT 318 Leadership Seminar


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SENIOR (33 credits) Fall Exercise Test & Prescription w Lab/ SPRT 400/401 Motor Development/SPRT 414 Nutritional Assessment/NHP 400 Literature Series/LENG Independent Study in Exercise Science/ SPRT 450

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Spring Population Series/SPRT 324, 325, or 326 Food, Language and Culture/DIET 390 Exercise Physiology w Lab/ SPRT 390/391 Advanced Sport Nutrition/NHP 350 Fine Arts/LFIN

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Spring Sport Ethics/SPRT 460 Motor Learning and Performance/ SPRT 415 Sport & Exercise Science Practicum/ SPRT 430 Nutrition in Disease/NHP 410 Approved Electives

AFFILIATED PROGRAMS Sports Management and Marketing The Sport and Exercise Science Department, in conjunction with the Dahlkemper School of Business, is offering a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Sports Management and Marketing. This program is presented in detail in the Dahlkemper School of Business section of this publication. Minors in Sport and Exercise Science Department Chair: JASON P. WILLOW, Ph. D. Athletic Coaching Minor KORY STAUFFER, Ph. D., ATC, HFI: Minor Advisor Program Description: A minor in Athletic Coaching provides students with the didactic and practical experiences to enable them to coach athletics at the elementary, high school, and collegiate levels. The minor requires completion of 20 credits. SPRT 110: SPRT 402: SPRT 403: SPRT 404: SPRT 460: SPRT 432:

First Aid and CPR (can be waived with proof of current certification) Psychomotor Principles in Athletic Coaching Physiological and Nutritional Principles in Athletic Coaching Movement Analysis and Biomechanics in Athletic Coaching Sport Ethics Internship in Athletic Coaching

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Exercise Science Minor KORY STAUFFER, Ph.D., ATC, HFI: Minor Advisor Program Description: The minor consists of 21 credits of upper level Sport and Exercise Science culminating in an independent study at the end of all coursework. The independent study will be coordinated with the student’s academic major in an effort to merge their major

Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015  
Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015