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terminology and an introduction to computers. Students will be given a basic foundation for respiratory care with topics in flow mechanics, and physical properties of gases. 3 credits, Spring RSPC 301: Clinical Practicum I The student will perform respiratory care procedures on patients within the clinical setting. There will be an emphasis on operating and maintaining oxygen delivery devices. Prerequisites: RSPC 308, 309 2 credits, Fall RSPC 302: Clinical Practicum II The student will provide respiratory care to patients in the adult intensive care unit setting. There will be an emphasis during this course on mechanical ventilation, and cardiopulmonary diagnostics. Prerequisites: RSPC 321, 322 4 credits, Spring RSPC 303: Clinical Practicum III This clinical course involves a neonatal intensive care unit setting, pulmonary rehabilitation, and observation in the operating room. Rotations will also include continued skills in intensive and general respiratory care. Prerequisites: RSPC 350, 385 5 credits, Summer RSPC 308: Respiratory Care Procedures: This course includes the study of medical gases from their storage to the devices used to administer them to the patient. The different therapeutic modalities used in respiratory care will be presented. The modalities include: Humidity Therapy, hyperinflation therapy, aerosol/ pharmacologic therapy, intermittent positive pressure, chest percussion, bronchial drainage, and airway care. Prerequisite: RSPC 201 Corequisite: RSPC 309 4 credits, Summer RSPC 309: Respiratory Care Procedures Lab This laboratory will allow the student to practice and experience topics covered in RSPC 308 and prior to actual clinical practice. Corequisite: RSPC 308 1 credit, Summer RSPC 314: Cardiopulmonary Pathophysiology This integrated course will instruct the student in patient diagnostics and assessments. The course will also include an introduction to general pathophysiology with an emphasis on pathophysiology affecting the cardiopulmonary system. Prerequisite: RSPC 317 4 credits, Fall RSPC 317: Cardiopulmonary and Renal Anatomy/Physiology This course is an advanced study of the pulmonary, cardiac and renal systems. An emphasis is placed on physiology of these systems. 4 credits, Summer RSPC 319: Pharmacology for the Respiratory Care Practitioner A study to introduce the student to the science of pharmacology, it's terminology and administration. Emphasis will be on those agents primarily having an effect on the cardiopulmonary system. Also, antibiotics, steroids and other pharmacologic agents will be discussed. 2 credits, Fall RSPC 321: Mechanical Ventilation and Critical Care A study of mechanical ventilators, their operation and application in patient care will be presented. The course also includes applied critical care including monitoring techniques. Prerequisites: RSPC 308, 309, 317 Corequisites: RSPC 317, 322 4 credits, Fall RSPC 322: Mechanical Ventilation and Critical Care Lab Laboratory practice for topics covered in RSPC 321.

1 credit, Fall

Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015  
Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015