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Foreign Language Philosophy or Theology III Series/ LPHI or LTHE

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Senior Seminar (Medical Ethics)/ LBST 383 Applied Statistics/MATH 213

QUALIFICATION PROGRAM IN PRE-HEALTH PROFESSIONS LISA J. NOGAJ, Ph.D., Program Director Gannon University offers an opportunity for graduates with a B.A. or B.S. to return to school to complete requirements needed to enter professional, health-related schools (i.e., medical, pharmacy, dental medicine, veterinary medicine, podiatric medicine, chiropractic medicine and optometry). Entry Requirements • Baccalaureate degree from an accredited university or college • Cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale in undergraduate biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics courses • Evidence of professional, personal and scholarly potential to enter one of the health professions mentioned above The Qualification Program may be completed with part-time or full-time status and can be completed in two years. Students may transfer up to 12 credits toward the program, but must complete at least 23 credits of undergraduate coursework at Gannon University to complete the Qualification Program. Science courses must be taken in sequence (see prerequisites for each course). The program is intended for individuals who lack all or most of the prerequisite coursework needed to apply to professional school. It is not intended for those seeking to improve their scores in undergraduate prerequisite coursework or seeking to take additional upper-level coursework in the sciences. At the time of application to professional school, the student must obtain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 in Qualification Program coursework to receive a committee letter of recommendation from the Director of Pre-Professional Programs at Gannon University. Further information and career counseling are available from the Director. Qualification Program in Pre-Health Professions Curriculum CHEMISTRY CHEM 111 General Chemistry I CHEM 112 General Chemistry Lab I CHEM 114 General Chemistry II CHEM 115 General Chemistry Lab II CHEM 221 Organic Chemistry I CHEM 222 Organic Chemistry Lab I CHEM 224 Organic Chemistry II CHEM 225 Organic Chemistry Lab II ADDITIONAL PSYC 111 Introduction to Psychology or SOCI 110 Introduction to Sociology

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*PHYS 111, 112, 212, 213 may be taken instead.

BIOLOGY (8) BIOL 122 Molecular and Cellular Biology (3) BIOL 123 Molecular and Cell. Biology Lab (1) BIOL 124 Animal Form and Function (3) BIOL 125 Animal Form and Function Lab (1) PHYSICS* (8) PHYS 105 General Physics I (3) PHYS 106 General Physics Lab I (1) PHYS 108 General Physics II (3) PHYS 109 General Physics Lab II (1)

Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015  
Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015