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Each student involved with the program is assigned a Student Support Services Advisor. Students will meet with their SSS Advisor on a regular basis to address concerns and monitor progress through implementation of an Individual Student Success Plan (ISSP).

Speech Communication Center The Speech Communication Center works in cooperation with the School of Communication and the Arts and provides assistance in speech development for both written outlines and spoken presentations. During the consultation session, students may receive guidance in areas including: selecting an appropriate topic, developing an introduction, formulating a thesis, organizing researched support, preparing a conclusion, improving confidence in delivery, practicing with use of visual aids and reduction speech anxiety.

Tutoring Center Knowing where to go for assistance and support is critical to academic achievement, and students who attend tutoring sessions bolster their confidence and develop stronger study skills. The mission of the Tutoring Center is to facilitate Gannon undergraduate success at every stage of their coursework, from understanding assignments to preparing for their final exams. The Tutoring Center offers free by-appointment tutoring in a wide spectrum of subjects, from Accounting to Theology. We are staffed by peer tutors who are carefully selected and trained, and possess a strong commitment to service and student success. Tutors are stationed in the Student Success Center five days a week and are available for one-on-one tutoring and group sessions. For more information, please visit

Writing Center The primary purpose of the Writing Center of Gannon University is to engender more effective, confident writers regardless of experience or learning style. We believe that writing is an essential communicative tool employed to express ideas and formulate new ones across our vast curriculum. Not only is writing essential for a successful academic career and beyond, but its process is crucial to the organization of thought and to the expansion or modification of a concept. The Writing Center is staffed by members of the English Department and trained peer consultants who reflect our respect for the individual writer, whose talents, voice and goals are central to all our endeavors. The Writing Center, which has both day, evening and Sunday hours, provides one-on-one conferencing, both in-house and online. For more information, please visit

Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015  
Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015