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accommodation of facilities, programs or services of the University should contact the ADA/504 Coordinator at 814-871-5522. Students may also come to the Student Success Center in the Palumbo Academic Center (PC 1025) and make an appointment with the Coordinator.

Early Alert Referral System The Early Alert Referral System (E.A.R.S.) is a referral program designed to help identify students early in the semester who are experiencing problems that may hinder their academic and/or personal performance. Faculty or staff should complete the brief on-line form which is forwarded to the Dean of the Student Success Center (SSC). The form is located on the Gannon Portal under both GUXpress / Faculty Information and Health & Well-Being links. Faculty/staff members are encouraged to discuss the referral with the student prior to forwarding the form. The student will receive an email from the Dean of the SSC asking them to schedule a meeting with the Dean to determine the appropriate referral to resolve the student's issues. The Dean will advise the referring faculty member and the student’s advisor of any actions taken on the student’s behalf. Examples of reasons for referral would include academic performance (received a D or F grade on test/assignment or is not turning in assignments), attendance (missed 2 or more classes), career satisfaction, financial issues, or personal problems. If the student requires personal counseling a referral to Counseling Services will be made.

Math Center The Math Center provides tutorial assistance to Gannon undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in mathematics-intensive courses, including those offered outside the Mathematics Department. The Math Center also assists Gannon students with developing mathematics studying and test-taking strategies, as well as preparation for proficiency exams, required in certain majors. The Math Center is staffed by a director and trained peer consultants. The Math Center has extended hours Monday through Thursday.

Program for Students with Learning Disabilities Special support services are provided for students who enroll in the Program for Students with Learning Disabilities (PSLD). Eligible participants must have been diagnosed as having a Learning Disability (LD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Support services include individualized weekly sessions with PSLD staff, tutors, and a writing instructor. In addition, PSLD students who have been accepted for the General Studies program, or as “conditional accept” students, enroll during their freshmen year in the First-Year Seminar Self Development course. Extended test time, and readers/scribes, as needed for exams, are resources that also are available through PSLD. Interested students are encouraged to contact the PSLD for further information as well as for requirements and admission procedures.

Student Support Services Program The Student Support Services (SSS) Program, a federally funded program, is designed to enhance students’ skills and foster success in higher education. Working in collaboration with other offices at Gannon University, the program aims to provide opportunities for academic assistance in navigating and managing other aspects of college life to increase persistence and graduation rates of SSS participants. A student needs to be officially admitted and enrolled at Gannon University, a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, and meet at least one of the following criteria: • Low-income student: a student whose family meets federal income eligibility guidelines • First generation student: a student whose parent(s) did not receive a Bachelor’s degree • Student with a documented disability

Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015  
Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015