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Our third function is to collaborate with the Dean of the Student Success Center in providing direction and oversight to the undergraduate retention effort. We review retention data and research that is used in the development and modification of the undergraduate retention plan. General Studies Program Gannon University established the General Studies Program in recognition of the diversity of students and the importance of providing them academic/personal support. The General Studies Program provides support to students who have been identified as being at risk for retention and successful completion of a degree, but who demonstrate that they have the motivation and determination to be successful. The Program offers an opportunity to receive personalized assistance that will help them achieve academic success and acceptance into a specific major. Assistance to General Studies students is provided for math and writing skills, as well as, study skills and tutorial assistance. Students are advised by the Director and an academic advisor within the Advising Center. Their primary responsibility is to assist them in the areas of career development, personal development, academic advising related to curriculum concerns and course scheduling. Students remain in the General Studies program for a minimum of one semester or a maximum of three semesters. Students are permitted to enroll in their academic major after achieving the prescribed GPA, demonstrating competency in related courses, and being recommended by the Director of the Advising Center, with final approval by the College Dean. The General Studies Program is designed to enable students to complete degree requirements within the standard time frame for their major. Bachelor degrees may be completed in four years. However, some students may take longer based on their needs and the length of time spent in the program. Course requirements and sequencing of the program in which the student intends to major may also affect graduation dates. Most students will graduate with their class, and others are not expected to take more than an additional semester or two. The purpose of the General Studies Program is to develop the skills necessary to assure academic success and make college a positive experience. The Program is uniquely designed to help motivate and empower students with the knowledge that they are capable of college work and endeavors to inspire them with confidence in their ability to become contributing members of their community, society and church.

Career Development and Employment Services Gannon University stresses the importance of the individual. Students come to Gannon with varying abilities and interests, with different hopes and values. Therefore, only a person-toperson approach assures the greatest personal, academic, and vocational adjustment and growth. Career and Employment Services The career planning services are designed to prepare students for entering the work world or for continuing their education upon graduation from Gannon. This process begins when the students are freshmen and builds to the senior year and is also available to alumni. Counselors assist students in identifying and exploring career options and in developing and carrying out career objectives, in translating the academic experience into meaningful career options, and in developing the skills necessary to seek and obtain satisfying employment or to pursue graduate programs. Career Development workshops, employment services, individual testing and assessment, occupational information, and the Graduate School Fair are some of the resources available to students through this office. The On-Campus Recruiting Program, the resume referral service, annual career fairs, and web pages aid students in their job search.

Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015  
Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015