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Students will be permitted to take other courses in substitution for any course listed above that they have satisfactorily completed prior to admission into the Next Step program. Students are required to complete 7-19 credits in the Liberal Studies Core. Students may transfer courses equivalent to Sacred Scripture, Introduction to Philosophy, the Literature Series and/or the Fine Arts Series. Students must take the Leadership Seminar, the Theology/ Philosophy III Series, and the Senior Seminar or an approved capstone course at Gannon. Prerequisites: A basic Biology or Science course and a basic Mathematics course.

CHEMICAL ENGINEERING FRANCIS A. PELCZAR, Ph.D., Program Director The Department of Chemistry offers a cooperative program in Chemical Engineering with the University of Pittsburgh. This program requires five years of study for completion: three years at Gannon University followed by two years of study at the University of Pittsburgh. Upon completion, the student is awarded two degrees, a B.S. in Chemistry from Gannon University and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the cooperating university. During the period spent at Gannon, the student will take specified courses in Chemistry, Mathematics and Liberal Studies Core and will have the advantage of beginning college level work in small classes where there is a strong commitment to effective teaching. Upon transfer to the cooperating university a wide range of professional specializations are available, including opportunity to participate in a cooperative/work study program. Eligibility requirements for acceptance at the cooperating universities are no grades below "C", and a grade point average not less than 3.0. Further information and career counseling is available from the Director.

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS: CHEM 227: Material & Energy Balances The principles of conservation of mass and energy are applied to the analysis of chemical processes. Included are material balances for batch through multiple unit processes with recycle, P-V-T relationships for single ideal gases through multicomponent real gas systems, thermochemistry and combined material and energy balances. Lecture: Three hours per week. Prerequisites: CHEM 112, Math/MATH 140 3 credits, Fall (All other chemistry courses are listed under Department of Chemistry.) Chemical Engineering Curriculum (Numerals in front of course indicate credits)

2 3 4 3 3

FRESHMAN Fall First-Year Seminar College Composition/LENG 111 General Chemistry I & Lab/ CHEM 111 & 112 Calculus I/MATH 140 History Without Borders/LHST 111

4 3 3 3

Spring General Chemistry II & Lab/ CHEM 114 & 115 Calculus II/MATH 141 Sacred Scriptures/LTHE 121 Introduction to Philosophy/ LPHI 131

Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015  
Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015