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sequence of courses in their Freshman and Sophomore years which introduce them to many of the major fields within Gannon. During this period the student, in consultation with the Director of the Pre-Law Program, is encouraged to select a field of concentration and to plan a course of studies which seems best suited to his or her individual interests and attitudes and to the fulfillment of the objectives of the Pre-Law Program. Students from any major may elect to pursue a Minor in Pre-Law Studies consisting in 18 credit hours of approved courses selected from Pre-Law and Cognate fields. Students may also choose to complete a Legal Studies Certificates.

GANNON UNIVERSITY – DUQUESNE SCHOOL OF LAW 3/3 EARLY ADMISSION BERNADETTE AGRESTI, Program Director ADVISORY COMMITTEE: Michael Agresti, Esq. Hon. Stephanie Domitrovich, Joseph Martone, Esq. Gannon University in collaboration with Duquesne University School of Law offers a competitive, early admissions program for Pre Law students. This integrated partnership provides special academic opportunities for qualified students to earn both an undergraduate degree and a law degree in six years rather than seven. Under the early admissions program, students may receive a Bachelors Degree from Gannon University after three years of undergraduate work and the successful completion of the first year of full time study at Duquesne University School of Law. The early admissions program is only open to those applicants who enter the program as freshmen and complete all three years of their undergraduate work at Gannon University. Admission is highly competitive and the program is limited to a maximum of twenty students per year. Students in the early admissions program will choose an undergraduate major in Arts and Humanities, Business, Criminal Justice, English, General Science, History, Accounting, Legal Studies Paralegal, Political Science, Liberal Arts and Philosophy, at the time of their acceptance into the program and will be required to take several courses from the Pre Law curriculum. Liberal Studies Core as well as all major and College requirements will be completed at Gannon University except in cases where Duquesne Law School classes may be applied to such requirements. The Pre Law Adviser and a Pre Law Advisory Committee including a representative of Duquesne University Law School and other members of the legal community, will provide counseling, advisement, opportunities for internships, field trips to Duquesne and generally help prepare those enrolled in the program with assistance in preparing for law school, the law school admissions test and eventual entrance into the legal profession. Students will take the Law School Admissions Test in their third year and will be interviewed by a selection committee which will include the Dean of Duquesne University Law School or a designate. Selection criteria will include a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5 for the three years at Gannon University and a minimum LSAT score in the 60th percentile on the LSAT. Evidence of leadership potential and interest and commitment to the legal profession and other qualitative factors will be considered in selection decisions. Duquesne University will admit from five up to ten students who meet the above criteria and who are recommended by the Selection Committee. At Duquesne's option, more than ten students may be admitted. The early admissions program is specifically designed for Gannon University undergraduate students with outstanding academic credentials who will distinguish themselves at the undergraduate level. By participating in this program, students may not only save the

Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015  
Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015