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Objectives: 1. To enable the students to develop an appreciation for their own natures as well as to recognize their social and political responsibilities. 2. To provide higher education to responsible adults whose positions will be enhanced by their continued education. 3. To provide advanced study that will enhance the student's intellectual enrichment and fulfillment. 4. To fulfill the requirements of an associate degree program at Gannon University. 5. To fulfill the requirements for admission to third year status in selected baccalaureate degree programs. 6. To allow students to choose special interest electives in selected baccalaureate programs within the University. Interdisciplinary Studies Curriculum FRESHMAN 2 First-Year Seminar 3 3 English Composition/LENG 111 3 3 Crit Analysis & Comp/LENG 112 3 3 Introduction to Philosophy/LPHI 131 3 3 Sacred Scripture/LTHE 121 3 3 LS Science 6 Electives 3 3 Psychology/PSYC 111 3 3 Sociology/SOCI 110 9 3 History Without Borders/LHST 111 3 Public Speaking/SPCH 111 ___ ___ 35 30

SOPHOMORE Literature Series/LENG Fine Art Series/LFIN Theology II Series/LTHE Philosophy II Series/LPHI Theology or Phil III Series/LTHE or LPHI Social Science Series MATH 125 or any other math Electives

INTERNATIONAL STUDIES Anjali Sahay, Ph.D., Director International Studies is an interdisciplinary major which draws its courses from the Foreign Language, History, Political Science, and International Business programs in order to form a coherent whole with an international focus. Students will acquire a broad multidisciplinary education while enhancing their overall sense of global awareness. While providing a wellbalanced curriculum, the major also provides opportunities for students to concentrate on a particular country or region of the world. This major will complement the existing International Business major and the Foreign Language International Business major. Its emphasis will be on social, cultural and international relations which can be applied not only to business and governments but other institutions as well. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: Employment at home and abroad with government, private agencies, multi-national corporations, in tourism and travel, in communications, in bilingual and bicultural agencies. This major is also an excellent preparation for graduate studies in languages, law, international relations and global studies.

Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015  
Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015