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Program Description The art of advertising has been a part of the selling process for as long as people and organizations have exchanged desired products and services. Today, with a multitude of media attempting to reach targeted audiences businesses and organizations need to take an integrated approach to the promotions industry. An integrated marketing communication effort combines the promotional mix efforts of advertising, public relations, direct marketing, sales promotion and Internet/social media to provide one clear, consistent and targeted message. Gannon’s Advertising Communication program, housed in the university’s School of Communication and the Arts, provides students an integrated approach with classes, assignments, projects, practica and a guaranteed internship that draw on all of the promotional efforts to ensure knowledge and skills necessary for career success in the fastchanging world of the integrated promotional industries. The Advertising Communication Program offers two options: the Advertising track and The Public Relations track.

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS: ADVC 101: Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communication Students will be introduced to the concept of integrated marketing communication (IMC), where the promotional elements of marketing are incorporated into a multidisciplinary approach. An overview of each of the promotional mix elements – general advertising, public relations, direct marketing (including Internet marketing) and sales promotion – is presented along with the concept of integration of all the elements for successful promotional management. Marketers in business today need to be proactive while having an understanding of all stakeholders, technologies and communication opportunities involved. IMC addresses these issues while this course provides the rudimentary knowledge to prepare students for future study and experiences in a specialized area. 3 credits ADVC 325: Emerging Media Advertising This course will focus primarily on the Internet as an emerging advertising medium. Traditional as well as new developing strategies for the creation and dissemination of persuasive messages, through online advertising campaigns will be analyzed. Prerequisites: ADVC 101, BCOR 241 3 credits ADVC 350: Introduction to Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing This is an intermediate level course for Advertising Communication majors, minors and others interested in the promotional mix elements of sales promotion and direct marketing. The course will incorporate an introduction of each and examples of uses in the industry, along with student application projects. The course will explore the fundamentals of sales promotions and direct marketing activities, how they are used in the industry, why they are used, and how they are integrated with other promotional mix elements. Terminology and procedures will be introduced and incorporated in the presentation of the materials. 3 credits ADVC 372: Principles of Public Relations This is an introductory level course on the topic of public relations, a component of the promotional mix elements. Strategies and communication tools will be introduced and studied as they relate to an organization’s efforts to communicate with and position itself with its internal and external publics. 3 credits ADVC 375: Advertising Communication Organizational Internship Selected students will be able to spend a period of time (150 hours) working as an Intern with an organization. During this period the student will maintain a journal, will meet regularly

Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015  
Undergraduate Catalog 2014-2015