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PHAS 443: Research Proposal Students distinguish between different types of research and systematically examine research designs and methodologies for the purpose of development of a proposal. Students will develop a research proposal under the direction of a research advisor. Prerequisite: PA major 1 credit, Spring PHAS 445: Problem Based Medicine This course offers the student an introduction to evidence based medicine. Emphasis will be placed on clinical problem solving through a case study approach. The student will be instructed to incorporate knowledge of pathogenesis, clinical findings, laboratory and other diagnostics to develop a differential diagnosis. This approach is designed to initiate critical thinking about medical problems and incorporation of treatment plans. Prerequisite: PHAS 414 2 credits, Spring PHAS 490: Special Topics This is an elective course which will cover topics of special interest.

1-3 credits

GPHAS 600: Pre-Rotation Lecture and Skills Lab This laboratory section is designed to complement and integrate the Pre-Rotation Lecture Series course in the Physician Assistant Program. The Laboratory experiences will supplement many of the lectures and afford students hands-on opportunities to practice clinical skills such as IVs, injections, NG tubes, Phlebotomy, Catheterization, Casting, Knot tying, and Suturing using task trainers. Clinical experiences include CPR/ACLS, computer-based medical training and clinical care scenarios utilizing high-fidelity mannequins in the Patient Simulation Center. Prerequisite: PHAS 415 1 credit, Summer GPHAS 601: Pre-Rotation Lecture Series This capstone course is designed to complement and integrate the Liberal Studies academic experience and didactics of the pre professional phase of the Physician Assistant Program. Students are expected to demonstrate their capacity to utilize concepts and methodologies presented in previous Liberal Studies courses as we explore the issues related to medical ethics. Issues explored will include but not be limited to the patient and health care provider relationship, human experimentation, reproductive and dying technology. Topics in the areas of Emergency Medicine, Orthopedics, and Surgery will be discussed utilizing the foundation of information previously presented in the didactic pre-professional phase. Prerequisite: PHAS 415 4 credits, Summer GPHAS 602: Business Practices and Current Issues for Physician Assistants This course is designed to introduce the Physician Assistant student to practice management in the clinical setting. Emphasis is placed on understanding health insurance coverage, cost containment and the quality of health care. Diagnosis and procedure coding will be introduced and legal issues related to the clinical setting are addressed. Prerequisite: PA major 2 credit, Summer GPHAS 614: General Surgery Rotation This six week clinical experience is designed to allow the student exposure to a wide variety of acute surgical problems. Under supervision, the student is expected to participate in preoperative and postoperative patient care. This experience will include taking histories, performing physical examinations, and assisting in the emergency department and operating room. Prerequisites: Successful completion of the senior year clinical and didactic courses. 5 credits GPHAS 616: Clinical Research This is a four week rotation in which students participate in medical research under the direction of a preceptor or develop a community health project. This project may involve reviewing charts, interviewing patients, reviewing existing data, collecting data and/or participating in ongoing clinical trials or educating the public. Students are required to complete a project outline and

Gannon University Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014  
Gannon University Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014