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Housing commitment agreement in the University operated housing facilities is a nine month contract. Resident students are required to sign a housing commitment agreement for University Housing and are bound to the length/term of that contract. Students who sign a housing commitment agreement for University Housing and do not return to the University will be required to pay a Housing Commitment termination fee of $500 and will forfeit their housing deposit. Board plan agreement is optional. As is the case with the Residence Halls, most units are staffed with a Resident Director and when possible, a Resident Campus Minister. The staff is highly trained and strives to provide a safe living-learning environment for all residents. A third choice for students who are active members in a fraternity or sorority that offers housing to its members is to live in the recognized off-campus organizational houses they provide. Permission to reside in these houses is granted by the Student Living Office. In addition, the off-campus housing must be documented by March 1st as being current with the City of Erie housing codes (housing and occupancy permits). This option also applies to the Kirk House, which is affiliated with the Church of the Covenant. The Kirk House provides a selection for those students who prefer a Christian community opportunity.

Junior, Seniors, Graduate Students On-Campus Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate students may elect to live in On-Campus Apartments by participating in the housing selection process each Spring prior to the start of the next Academic Year. Any student signing a housing commitment agreement is bound to the length/terms of that agreement. Breaking of the housing commitment agreement will require the payment of a Housing Commitment termination fee of $500 and the forfeiture of the housing deposit. (Students who graduate in December are excluded from this stipulation).

Off-Campus Available apartments in the downtown area may also provide housing for those students beyond the mandatory housing policy category. Students contracting housing with area landowners enter into legal obligations in all aspects of rental and at their own risk.

Dining Facilities The University, through its food service, offers a number of meal plan options to the student body: 1. Freshmen resident students must purchase option 1 or 2. 2. There are a possible 277 meals during the course of the semester. For students who do not eat breakfast, the 227 meal plan would be the best option. 3. These plans are non-transferable. 4. Students can eat at other campus venues using a limited cash equivalency. 5. GUGold Funds can be used in addition to cash equivalency or for guests. 6. Students may use their three meals at anytime in a one day period. 7. Upperclassmen can pick from options 1-6. Resident Freshmen or Upperclassmen Full Board Plans Option #1 - 277 Meals per semester Includes any combination of meals equaling 277 meals over the semester This equals to three meals per day. Three meals can be eaten at any time during a 24 hour period, but do not carry over to another day. Option #2 - 227 Meals per semester Includes any combination of meals equaling 227 meals over the semester

Gannon University Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014  
Gannon University Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014