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Curriculum Outline A minor in Women's Studies will consist of 18 credits. Required: (6 credits) 3 Introduction to Women's Studies/WMST 201 3 Gender and Rationality/LBST383 Electives: (12 credits) 3 The History of Women in the United States/HIST 236 3 Women in Photography/LFIN 252 3 Psychology of Women/PSYC275 3 Physical Activity and Women/SPRT 326 3 Women and Crime/CRJS 340 3 Women and the Pilgrim Church/THEO346 3 Women Writers/LENG 249 3 Special Topics in Women's Studies/WMST390

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS WMST 201: Introduction to Women's Studies An interdisciplinary course that explores the diversity of women's lives through essays, readings, and the study of scholarly theories and research. The course will examine a wide range of social issues and the status of women in an historical context and in contemporary society. Prerequisite: Open to sophomore, junior or senior students or instructor’s permission. 3 credits, Fall WMST 390: Special Topics in Women's Studies Courses may include: Gender and Identity in Literature; and Women in Science. Prerequisite: WMST 201 (Introduction to Women's Studies) or permission of the professor 3 credits

Gannon University Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014  
Gannon University Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014