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Students are required to complete 7-19 credits in the Liberal Studies Core. Students may transfer courses equivalent to Sacred Scripture, Introduction to Philosophy, the Literature Series and/or the Fine Arts Series. Students must take the Leadership Seminar, the Theology/ Philosophy III Series, and the Senior Seminar or approved capstone at Gannon. Note:

Some of these courses are taught on a three-semester rotation so the actual timing may be changed.

THEOLOGY REV. CASIMIR J. WOZNIAK, Ph.D., Chairperson FACULTY: Professors: Rev. Terry Giles, Patrick F. O'Connell, Suzanne Richard. Assistant Professors: Sister Michele Healy, S.S.J., Rev. Casimir Wozniak. Instructor: Rev. Jason Glover, Rev. Michael T. Kesicki. Adjunct: Eric Dart, Sr. Kathleen Marie Dietz, Mr. Corey Ferraro, Rev. Nicholas Rouch, Sr. Charlotte Anne Zalot. Aims and Objectives: Saint Anselm of Canterbury defines Theology as "faith seeking understanding." Since a faith commitment is an essential part to the Gannon University learning community, it follows that a scientific and systematic investigation of that faith plays an important part in the intellectual life at Gannon. With this in mind, the Theology Department offers several courses as part of the Liberal Studies Core. Each student is required first to take Introduction to Sacred Scriptures (LTHE 121). After successful completion of this course, the student is offered his or her choice of one of any of the Theology catalog offerings which vary from semester to semester. Furthermore, each student is required to take either Theology of Moral Responsibility (LTHE 227) or Philosophy of Ethical Responsibility (LPHI 237). In addition, the Theology Department offers a sequence of courses enabling a student to major in the study of Theology or to take specialized Theology courses as an elective in his or her field of concentration. The Theology major at Gannon will find the program to be very thorough in Catholic Theology, thus enabling him or her to specialize in either Biblical Studies or Systematic Theology. The Theology major is required to complete at least 30 credits in Theology and, within the context of the capstone course (THEO 400) to write a thesis showing his or her competence in the field and the ability to do independent research, and to engage in a semester of experential-learning in order to demonstrate his or her competence in practical theology.

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS: LTHE 121: Introduction to Sacred Scriptures A study of the Christian concept of God’s self-revelation in the history of Israel and climatically in the person and redemptive work of Jesus Christ. This course is a prerequisite for all Theology courses. LTHE 223: The Catholic Tradition A study of some of the basic beliefs concerning Jesus Christ, the Church, worship and sacrament. Prerequisite: LTHE 121 LTHE 225: The Protestant Tradition A study of the development of Christianity with special emphasis on the Protestant

Gannon University Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014  
Gannon University Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014