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Once the semester begins, the Office of New Student Services continues to provide support for students through programs involving academic advising, freshman four week grades, a self development first-year seminar, academic progress, registration follow up, and other firstyear experiences. First-Year Experience Gannon University recognizes the importance of connecting all students to the University community during the first year and to laying the developmental foundation for their success both in and out of the classroom. Student success depends upon their effective use of available services and meaningful engagement in the life of the University. First year students who are constructively engaged will have a holistically rewarding experience at the University. The mission of the First-Year Experience is to assist new students in making a successful transition to the University and to provide them with the foundations for lifelong learning, personal development and engagement in a global community. Some of the major components of the First-Year Experience include: Summer Orientation, Preview GU, Welcome Mass, Convocation, First-Year Seminar courses, Learning Communities, LIFECORE, College Student Inventory, Freshman Four Week Grades/Fall Advisor Meeting, leadership development and service learning opportunities. Self Development Seminar The Self Development first-year seminar was designed to provide study skills assistance and career/life planning strategies for academically at-risk freshmen admitted to the university. Enrollment in the course requires a recommendation from the Admissions Committee and/or permission of the Program Director. Self Development provides theory and practical application in an effort to enhance a student’s academic, career and personal development. Credit earned fulfills the first-year seminar requirement. FRSH 110: First-Year Seminar Self Development The course focuses primarily on study skills development, personal growth, and career/life planning. Students will examine their own interests, values, skills and abilities in relation to future career/life direction. 2 credits

RADIO STATION, WERG-FM 90.5 WERG-FM is Gannon University’s 3000-watt over-the-air, student-operated radio station. Participation in WERG is open to all Gannon students, regardless of major. WERG provides Gannon University students with a creative and stimulating learning experience in station operation, from the position of on-air announcer to the position of General Manager. Students are placed in charge of day-to-day operations under the supervision of the station’s professional Operations Manager: executing airshifts, scheduling program logs, compiling and reading newscasts, sports talk and play-by-play announcing, maintaining the station website, planning and running promotions, recording promotional and public service announcements, and all the other duties that make-up a successful broadcast operation. WERG’s over-the-air signal is available throughout the entire tri-state area and southern Ontario at 90.5 FM. WERG’s live Internet stream can be accessed through or with the Tune-In Radio app on a smart phone or tablet.

Gannon University Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014  
Gannon University Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014