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Emphasis is placed on practical applications of statistical methods. Critical evaluation of each application is an important element of the process. Instruction in the use of statistical software is provided. 3 credits, Fall, Spring SOCI 352: Methods of Social Research Practical guidance in the design of both quantitative and qualitative research. Topics include theory and research design, conceptualization, measurement, data construction and analysis, and the ethics of social research. Prerequisite: SOCI 351 3 credits SOCI 390-394: Supervised Readings and Special Topics in Sociology SOCI 395-399: Independent Study

3 credits 1-3 credits

THEATRE AND COMMUNICATION ARTS ANTHONY J. MICELI, Chairperson FACULTY: Associate Professor: Shawn Jeffrey Clerkin. Assistant Professors: Mary Carol Gensheimer, Anthony J. Miceli, Brent Sleasman. Instructor: Paula Barrett, David T. Blaetz. The Department of Theatre and Communication Arts serves students who desire a thorough preparation in the theatre arts, communication arts (specifically electronic media) or a combination of both. In addition to meeting all the general Gannon University requirements for graduation, the candidate for a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Department of Theatre and Communication Arts must meet the following conditions: 1. The student must have received credit for at least 128 hours of course work, of which a minimum of 63 hours originated in the Department of Theatre and Communication Arts. 2. The student must satisfactorily complete a Senior Seminar and Thesis course. Juniors and Seniors are eligible for professional internships with WICU, WFXP, WQLN, WJET, WSEE, Cablevision, local radio stations, new media outlets, ad agencies and local theatre companies. The graduate of this department will be qualified for positions in professional theatre, television and radio as performers, broadcasters and technicians; many graduates may find their fulfillment in advertising, public relations, teaching, broadcast journalism, playwriting, new media, industrial or commercial production and in public or private recreational programs. Due to the students' co-curricular participation in the Schuster Theatre and WERGFM (the University broadcast radio station) graduates leave the department with a resume indicating practical expertise in communications and theatre.

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS: Theatre THEA 111: Introduction to Theatre A foundations course which specifically considers Theatre as a Liberal Art, focusing on theatre as a multi cultural phenomenon. 3 credits THEA 112: Scene Technology An examination of the technologies and practices of theatrical production. Emphasis is given to the interrelationship of the production team and the processes by which theatre is created. 3 credits

Gannon University Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014  
Gannon University Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014