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POLI 357: Legal Analysis and Persuasion Legal analysis and persuasion will introduce the student to the fundamentals of legal thinking; including the critical examination of case law and other written materials. Applying this legal analysis, students will learn to persuade a targeted audience in both written and oral forms. Classroom exercises include briefs, mock appellate arguments and/or mock trial. Cross listed with PLAW 357 3 credits POLI 360: Political Theory The Classical and Christian tradition of political theory and philosophy. Reading and discussion of select works of Plato, Aristotle, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas and Machiavelli. Modern Political Theory and philosophy. Reading and discussion of select works, including writings of Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, John Stuart Mill, and Marx. 3 credits POLI 390-394: Special Topics Such as Strategic Thinking, National Nominating Conventions Field Experience, Presidential Campaigns and Elections, Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict, and Totalitarianism. 1-3 credits POLI 395-399: Independent Study

1-3 credits

POLI 400: Political Analysis Senior Coordinating Seminar The Coordinating Seminar is designed to enhance and integrate the student's comprehension of politics; and to develop further, critical and analytical skills in reading, writing and research. 3 credits POLI 490: Fieldwork and Internships I Qualified individuals will be placed in internship positions with public officials, political organizations and governmental agencies particularly, not exclusively, in the local community. Students may also design, in consultation with the program director, an appropriate program of field research. Prerequisite: Permission of Department. 3 credits, Fall POLI 491: Fieldwork and Internships II Prerequisite: Permission of Department.

3 credits, Spring

Semester or summer internships in Washington, DC are available to all majors for academic credit through Gannon’s affiliation with the Washington Center. See Professor Jubulis or Cheryl Rink in the Center for Experiential Education for further details. Political Science Curriculum Liberal Studies Core Requirements: 39 credit hours Program Requirements: Concentrators should successfully complete 36 credit hours in Political Science and 43 credit hours in cognate and elective subjects, including the following courses: Freshman Orientation: POLI 101 (NC) Introduction: POLI 111, 112, 133, 220 Upper Level Core: POLI 360; 400, one of the following: POLI 321, 322, 340, 341 343 and one of the following: POLI 210, 260, 312, 315, 317, 350, 357. Experiential Learning Component: One of the following: POLI 342, 490, or 491 - 3 credits. Program Electives: 9 credits of upper level courses or Internship Fieldwork, Independent Study of Intersession Courses.

Gannon University Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014  
Gannon University Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014