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Two and four year students should take LEGL 111 & 211 in the same semester. *PC Applications exam may be taken. If passed, CIS 170-172 or CIS 150 may be waived. **Cognates may include additional legal studies courses and such other courses as approved by a program advisor. Legal Studies/Paralegal Two Year Curriculum

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FIRST YEAR First Semester College Composition/LENG 111 Sacred Scriptures/LTHE 121 First-Year Seminar/LEGL 100 Legal Studies/LEGL 111 Legal Studies/LEGL 211 Political Science/POLI 111

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SECOND YEAR First Semester Introduction to Philosophy/LPHI 131 Legal Studies/Electives Cognates

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Second Semester Crit Analysis & Comp/LENG 112 History Without Borders/LHST 111 Legal Studies/LEGL 212 Legal Studies/Elective PC Applications/CIS 170-172, Business Tech/C1S 150, or testing Legal Studies/LEGL 105 Speech

Second Semester Theology or Phil III Series/LTHE or LPHI Legal Studies/LEGL 495 Legal Studies/LEGL 343 Legal Studies/LEGL 345 Cognates


*Cognates may include additional legal studies courses and such others as approved by a program advisor. **PC Applications exam may be taken. If passed. CIS 170-172 or CIS 150 may be waived.

LIBERAL ARTS GEOFFREY GRUNDY, Ph.D., Program Director Individualized Studies Program This interdisciplinary program allows students to design their own curriculum based on personal preference and career goals. It leads to a B.A. degree. With Program Director approval, students can select courses from two (Option A) or three (Option B) separate disciplines from the programs listed below. This program provides the flexibility to explore historical, social and cultural perspectives while also considering the problems and issues of contemporary society. Career preparation comes from choosing appropriate courses that foster administrative skills (researching, critical thinking, organizing, planning, creating, decision-making, oral and written proficiency). The program’s capstone course can be from any of the selected disciplines or it can be designed by the student in consultation with the Program Director and the appropriate Dean. Students always work in close consultation with the Program Director.

Gannon University Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014  
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