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Study abroad is also recommended. This program provides excellent preparation for entry level positions in companies doing business internationally, in government service and international agencies, and for graduate studies in business as well as public and international affairs.

Foreign Language and Literature Program The literature course offerings are designed to develop the student's appreciation of the cultural and aesthetic system of the people under study. They are supported by courses in linguistics as well as by cognate courses in philosophy, psychology, sociology, history and the arts. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: Graduate School, college teaching and professional translation.

Foreign Language Minor The department grants a minor to qualified seniors upon graduation. Seniors who major in fields other than foreign languages but who have successfully passed four upper level courses plus FL 210 and FL 211 in one foreign language qualify for the minor. A maximum of six hours (two upper level courses) may be challenged by students entering with prior foreign language experience. The last six hours of foreign language must be taken at Gannon. Students interested in this minor should consult with the chairperson of the language department early in their academic career for advice on the sequence of courses to take and must complete an application form for a minor in the Dean's office.

GUIDELINES FOR PLACEMENT IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE COURSES Advisors please follow these guidelines or consult the Language Department. All students who have studied a foreign language for a year or less in high school should take CHIN 111, FREN 111, GREK 111, GRMN 111, LATN 111 or SPAN 111. Those who have studied 2 years should begin with 112. Students who have taken 3 or 4 years in high school and wish to continue with the same language, should begin at the intermediate level. Students with more than 4 years should start at the Reading level. Native speakers cannot fulfill requirements with CHIN 314, FREN 314, GRMN 314, or SPAN 314 Conversation. They must substitute another foreign language course in its place. PLEASE NOTE THAT STUDENTS SHOULD FULFILL THEIR LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT NO LATER THAN THE JUNIOR YEAR.

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS: Foreign Language Program Chinese Language CHIN 111: Introductory Chinese I Acquisition of basic skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing Chinese. For students with no background in Chinese or only one year of high school Chinese. 3 credits CHIN 112: Introductory Chinese II Acquisition of basic skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing Chinese. For students with one semester of university level Chinese or equivalent. Prerequisite: CHIN 111 3 credits CHIN 210: Intermediate Chinese I Continuation of skills acquisition with emphasis on spoken Chinese. Prerequisite: CHIN 112 or equivalent or Director’s permission.

3 credits

Gannon University Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014  
Gannon University Undergraduate Catalog 2013-2014