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3 3 ___1

College Algebra/MATH 111, 112 or 114 3 Microbiology/BIOL 106 3 Microbiology Lab/BIOL 107 ___1



Physics for Resp Care/PHYS 100 Intro to Resp Care/RSPC 201 Intro to Speech/SPCH 101

PROFESSIONAL PHASE (A QPA of 2.5 in the Sciences and a QPA of 2.5 overall is required to continue.) 4 1 ___4

Summer Semester Respiratory Care Procedures/RSPC 308 Respiratory Care Procedures Lab/RSPC 309 Cardiopul/Renal A & P/RSPC 317


2 4 1 4 2 3 ___1 17 5 28 11

SECOND YEAR First Semester Clinical I/RSPC 301 3 Mech Vent & Crit Care/RSPC 321 3 Mech Vent & Crit Care Lab/RSPC 322 2 Cardiopul Pathophysiology/RSPC 314 4 Pharmacology for Resp/RSPC 319 3 Sacred Scripture/LTHE 121 Pulmonary Functions/RSPC 390 ___ 15

Second Semester Intro Psychology/PSYC 111 Neonatal/Pediatrics/RSPC 350 Homecare/Rehab/RSPC 385 Clinical II/RSPC 302 Intro to Philosophy/LPHI 131

Summer Semester Clinical III/RSPC 303 Didactic Respiratory Care Credits Clinical Respiratory Care Credits

SCIENCE STEVEN J. ROPSKI, Ph.D., Program Director The Science curriculum is designed for those students who wish to get a broad background in the sciences. Students may choose a concentration from the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Mathematics, or Physics. The curriculum may also serve the needs of students whose career objectives are not yet definite or for the student whose career objectives are defined but are not completely satisfied by the suggested departmental programs. Students cannot declare science as a major after attaining 100 credits in a previous major without director's permission. The curriculum in Science allows for the completion of the Core of Discovery, 60 credit hours of studies in the sciences and mathematics, and twenty-nine credit hours of electives to devote toward the student's educational goal. The student must however earn a minimum of twenty-four credits in some one field of the sciences or mathematics and have a minimum of 8 credits in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and six credits in Earth Science/ Environmental Science and Math.

Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013  

Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013

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