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Physical Chemistry I/CHEM 331 Physical Chemistry I Lab/CHEM 332

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Intro to Modern Analytic Chemistry/ CHEM 336 Intro to Modern Analytic Chemistry Lab/CHEM 337 Physical Chemistry II/CHEM 334 Physical Chemistry II Lab/CHEM 335

17 FOURTH YEAR Semester VII Fine Arts Series/LFIN * Economics/BCOR 111 or 112 Undergraduate Research/ CHEM 380-383 Chemistry Electives Biology Electives **


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Semester VIII Senior Seminar/LBST 383 Undergraduate Research/ CHEM 380-383 Biology Electives ** Chemistry Electives

__ 14-15

*Please refer to undergraduate catalog for course options. **Choice of Biology Electives restricted; please consult with advisor. Total Credits: 133-135

LECOM “3+3” PHARMACY PROGRAM This is a conditionally guaranteed, accelerated, Early Acceptance Program presented in cooperation with the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) School of Pharmacy. The “3+3” program is available to all students, but is typically utilized by the highly motivated student who wishes to enter pharmacy school before receiving an undergraduate degree. It is completed in two phases. Phase I consists of three years of undergraduate education at Gannon University. Phase II consists of three years of pharmacy school education at LECOM’s School of Pharmacy in Erie, Pennsylvania or four years of pharmacy school education at LECOM’s School of Pharmacy in Bradenton, Florida and their associated clinical sites. Successful completion of Phase II results in earning a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree. This program will permit the student to receive a degree of Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences from Gannon University after successful completion of the first year at LECOM (30 or more credits). It is the student’s responsibility to submit official transcripts upon completion of their first year of education at LECOM School of Pharmacy and to submit the proper requirements for graduation to the registrar’s office at Gannon University to obtain their undergraduate degree. LECOM THREE YEAR (“3+3”) UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAM IN PRE-PHARMACY AT GANNON UNIVERSITY (Numerals in front of courses indicate credits)

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FIRST YEAR Semester I College Composition/LENG 111 First Year Seminar Molecular and Cellular Biology/ BIOL 122 Molecular and Cellular Biology Lab/ BIOL 123

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Semester II Critical Analysis & Composition/ LENG 112 Sacred Scriptures/LTHE 121 Animal Form and Function/BIOL 124 Animal Form and Function Lab/ BIOL 125

Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013  

Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013

Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013  

Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013