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their clinical site, plus complete reading assignments to prepare for end of rotation exams. Students may need to relocate every six weeks, precluding steady employment. Students who choose to work may jeopardize performance and continuation in the program. Transfer Policies •

Transfer students are accepted on a space availability basis at the freshman, sophomore, and junior level of the program.

Students should apply through the Office of Admissions and request transfer status. Courses for transfer must be approved by the Dean’s Office. Students accepted into the program will receive a written evaluation of their transcripts showing which courses were accepted into the program.

To be considered for transfer into the program, a student must have at least a 3.0 overall GPA and a 3.0 in their science courses.

Transfer students must repeat any science course which was taken longer than five years prior to program admission.

Once matriculated into the program, Program GPA's of 3.0 must be maintained throughout the program as well as an overall GPA of 3.0

30 hours of volunteer/paid patient contact must be completed prior to matriculating.

Transfer students must complete the course of study (found in this catalog) for the Physician Assistant Program.

Personal interview is required.

Upon matriculation, transfer students will receive a program handbook detailing the program's policies and procedures.

Transfer students with a Bachelor's Degree should refer to Gannon's Graduate Catalog for prerequisite courses needed prior to application to the Post Baccalaureate program. All prerequisite courses are offered at Gannon University.

Advanced standing is not granted in the graduate phase of the program. No credits are awarded for experiential learning.

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS: PHAS 100: First-Year Seminar: Applied Concepts in Health Care This course is a First Year Seminar in the Liberal Studies core curriculum. It is a discussion/ experience-based course intended to orient the new student to Gannon University, to introduce the Liberal Studies Core and LIFECORE, to assist in the transition from high school to university life, and to encourage the development of academic, personal and spiritual dimensions of the student's life. This course will also provide an introduction to the field of health care including the principles of integrity that are essential to all health care professions as well as sources of information relating to the field of health care, how to search for these sources, and how to understand sources that are found. The course also investigates health care careers so that the student can plan his/her academic courses in a focused and analytical manner. 2 credits, Fall PHAS 121: Medical Terminology This course provides students with an introductory study of the medical language through prefix, suffix and root word forms. Anatomic and clinical terms pertaining to each body system are covered. Classroom activities emphasize pronunciation, interpretation and application of medical terms. Prerequisite: PA major 3 credits, Fall/Spring

Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013  

Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013

Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013  

Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013