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undergraduate level. By participating in this program, students may not only save the expenses of the additional year of study normally required to complete both undergraduate and law school degrees but they may also qualify for special scholarship and grant-in-aid opportunities at both Gannon University and Duquesne Law School.

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS: PLAW 260: Introduction to Law in Society Introduction to legal institutions and processes; evolution of the American legal system; major substantive areas of law; legal reasoning and the adversarial process; and, the role of attorneys and courts in American society. 3 credits/Fall, Second Year PLAW 357: Legal Analysis and Persuasion Legal analysis and persuasion will introduce the student to the fundamentals of legal thinking, including the critical examination of case law, statutory law and other written materials. Applying this legal analysis, students will learn to persuade a targeted audience in both written and oral forms. Classroom exercises include briefs, mock appellate arguments and/or mock trial. 3 credits/Spring, Third or Fourth Year Pre-Law Curriculum This is not the track for 3+3 students. This is the curriculum for pre-law students who have not decided on a major in their freshmen and sophomore years. (Numerals in front of courses indicate credits)

3 3 *3 *3 ___2 14 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 6 3 ___3

FRESHMAN Fall College Comp/LENG 111 Sacred Scriptures/LTHE 121 Political Science/POLI 111 Sociology/SOCI 110 or Psychology/ PSYC 111 or Economics/BCOR 111 First-Year Seminar/LEGL 100

3 3 *3 *3 3

Spring Crit Analysis & Comp/LENG 112 Hist of West & World/LHST 111 Political Science/POLI 112 PC Applications/CIS 170-173 Cognates

___ 15

SOPHOMORE Theology II Series/LTHE Literature Series/LENG Fine Art Series/LFIN LS/Science Math Intro Law & Soc/PLAW 260 Fund of Speech/SPCH 111 Modern Foreign Language Cognates Elective

33 *This course may not be required in certain 3 + 3 program choices. **PC Applications exam may be taken. If passed, CIS 170-172 may be waived.

Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013  

Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013

Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013  

Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013