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Intro to Speech/SPCH 111 Electives


*Fulfills Senior Seminar/LBST 383 **Fulfills Philosophy II Series Students will be permitted to take other courses in substitution for any course listed above which they have satisfactorily completed prior to admission into the Next Step program. Students are required to complete 7-19 credits in the Liberal Studies Core. Students may transfer courses equivalent to Sacred Scripture, Introduction to Philosophy, the Literature Series and/or the Fine Arts Series. Students must take the Leadership Seminar, the Theology/ Philosophy III Series, and the Senior Seminar or approved capstone at Gannon. Prerequisites: The above course requirements presume that the student has completed the following courses (or their equivalent), typically found in an A.S. degree program, prior to matriculation. If not, these become additional required courses in the program. Accounting (BCOR 201& 202) Business Technology (CIS 150) Algebra for Business Students (Math 114) Legal Env/Bus Law (BCOR 203) Economics (BCOR 111 & 112) Composition (LENG 111 & 112) Management (BCOR 251)

MARKETING MAJOR MICHAEL J. MESSINA, Ph.D., Program Director FACULTY: Professor: Michael J. Messina. Assistant Professor: Duane R. Prokop. The field of Marketing involves the process by which persons and organizations strive to anticipate and satisfy consumer needs and wants. The Marketing curriculum at Gannon is designed to enable students to anticipate and satisfy customer needs and wants by providing a broad working knowledge of marketing planning, marketing research, promotion, pricing, product planning, and distribution. The Marketing major serves those students planning a career in sales, sales management, public relations, advertising, marketing research, product management, physical distribution, brand management, retail management, customer service, marketing management, purchasing, and marketing consulting. Students are encouraged to explore the potential enhancement of their educational experience through internships, cooperative educational experiences, research projects with faculty members and participation in the Gannon Marketing Chapter of the American Marketing Association.

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS: BCOR 241: Principles of Marketing (See Course Description in Business Core)

3 credits

MKTG 255: Principles of Exporting This course examines the steps involved in exporting a product including documentation, terms of sale and payment, quotations, packing, insurance, regulations, modes of shipping, and role of freight forwarders. 3 credits

Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013  

Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013

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