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A total of 36 credits will be required: Students will be required to take four core courses (12 credits) from business, four core courses (12 credits) from engineering, and four courses (12 credits) of electives that will include a maximum of two courses (6 credits) from Business. Students are expected to be able to waive Statistical Analysis, GMBA 525. If not, this course would be an additional requirement. Required Courses – Business: Select 4 courses (12 credits) Note: prerequisites may apply to some courses GMBA 501 GMBA 531 GMBA 561 GMBA 571 GMBA 631 GMBA 601 GMBA 641 GMBA 651 GMBA 661 GMBA 671

Financial Accounting Management Concepts Fundamentals of Financial Management Economic Environment of the Firm Organizational Behavior, Theory, and Practice Management Accounting Operations and Supply Chain Management Marketing Management Financial Management Managerial Economics

Mechanical Engineering Chairperson: Mahesh Aggarwal, Ph.D


The graduate program in Mechanical Engineering is designed to provide advanced studies for the graduate engineer who wishes to continue preparation for effective participation in the professions of mechanical engineering. The program also provides continuing education in advanced subjects for the working engineer who acknowledges the need to stay abreast of the rapidly changing technological world. Emphasis is placed on the development of the engineer’s capacity for independent study and continued professional growth.

Required Courses – Engineering: Select 4 courses (12 credits)


GENG 621 GENG 622 GENG 623 GENG 624


Reliability Engineering Risk Management Decision Making Under Uncertainty or GME 565– Computer Assisted Engr. Project Management

Elective Courses: Select 4 courses (12 credits) but no more 2 courses (6 credits) from Business Engineering – All GENG, GCIS, GECE, GENV, and GME courses are acceptable. However, they should be focused towards the student’s interests and objectives. Business – All GMBA 700 series electives courses are acceptable provided the appropriate prerequisites are satisfied for each course.

The program offers a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree.

1. Applicants must have earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from an ABET accredited program or its equivalent with a QPA of 2.5 or better. 2. Applicants without the appropriate Mechanical Engineering degree may be admitted and required to take additional course work as determined by the program director. 3. Applicants must submit the following: • Completed application • Transcripts for all prior college course work • Three recommendation letters • TOEFL scores if English is not a first language.


The student will be assigned an initial advisor through the academic approval sequence. The advisor and the student will select appropriate courses for the objectives of the student and obtain approval of this curriculum through the academic approval sequence. Within the first 9 credits, students must take the following course: GENG 603 Engineering Analysis 1 Note: A student may replace GENG 603 Engineering Analysis 1 with another approved GME or GENG course by passing an exam conducted during the first week of class. The exam time will be announced at the first GENG 603 class.

Gannon University Graduate Catalog 2014-2015  
Gannon University Graduate Catalog 2014-2015