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Electrical and Computer Engineerin 51

GENG 589 Digital Control 3 credits This course deals with the control of dynamic systems by employing classical and model control tools incorporating a digital computer in the control loop. It provides the background needed for those practicing engineers, who have studied the concepts of continuoustime control, to enhance their knowledge in the area of digital control system. Topics include the Z-transform, digital control system design, filters design, and the state-space approach to control system design. Modern software tools such as Matlab/Simulink will be used. GENG 590-599 Special Topics in Engineering 3 credits Special courses developed from study interest in all areas of Engineering. Brief description of current content to be announced in schedule of classes. GENG 603 Engineering Analysis I 3 credits The theory and application to engineering problems of Laplace transforms, generalized Fourier transforms and Linear Algebra. GENG 609 Nonlinear Analysis 3 credits Introduction to the understanding of nonlinear characteristic of mechanical and electrical components and systems. Basic analytical, graphical and numerical methods are presented. Introduction to chaotic dynamics and nonlinear control. GENG 648 Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems 3 credits This interdisciplinary course presents mathematical modeling methods for physical dynamic systems containing electrical, mechanical, and control components. Included are the application of physical principles, energy approaches, non-dimensional techniques, and discretization of continuous systems. Numerical simulation of linear and nonlinear models will be studied and compared to experimental results. Problems of current interest will be used as examples. GENG 678 System Testing 3 credits Prerequisite: GENG 586 This course covers the fundamentals of testing engineering systems and their models. Includes coverage of types of testing, fundamental problems in testing, purposes for testing, testcase design, quality assurance and test planning. Topics include prototype testing, validation testing, acceptance testing, and other topics. GENG 685 Advanced Control Systems 3 credits This course treats the analysis and design of linear control systems from the point view of state space representations. Topics will include system modeling, coordinate transformation, controllability,

observability, output feedback, state feedback, linear quadratic regulators, and linear estimators. Additionally, an introduction to nonlinear control is presented with the topics of feedback linearization and adaptive control. Applications from interdisciplinary current state-of-art systems will be presented. GENG 686 Advanced Control Technologies 3 credits This course emphasizes the applications of advanced control technologies. The advanced control technologies covered in this course include active disturbance rejection control, reduced-order active disturbance rejection control, discrete active disturbance rejection control, and discrete time optimal control. Applications include motor control, power systems, chemical processes, and micro-electro-mechanical systems. GENG 689 Stability Analysis of Multidimensional Dynamic Systems 3 credits Fundamental concepts of stability for carious classes of dynamic systems are examined and discussed. The systems considered include multidimensional lumped-parameter systems that can be described by linear differential equations. The systems under consideration are divided into certain well-defined classes, and various phenomena related to vibrations and stability of these systems are exposed systematically. Although the course examples are drawn from mechanical systems, the general nature of formulation can be applied to systems of similar nature in other disciplines, such as electrical circuits. GENG 690-699 Special Topics in Engineering 3 credits Special courses developed from study interest in all areas of Engineering. Brief description of current content to be announced in schedule of classes. Graduate courses in the 600 series are open to graduate students only. GENG 700-702 Graduate Professional Experience 1 credit Prerequisite: Discipline-specific industrial sponsorship This course complements regular academic training with handson, real-world development exposure. Students are required to be engaged in practical training during the course. International students require Curricular Practical Training (CPT) approval. Topics include issues facing engineering and computing professionals, trends in the fields, job prospects, team and workplace behavior, project leadership as well as reviews of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. GENG 703 Engineering Analysis II 3 credits Solving engineering problems using ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, series solutions to differential equations. Complex analysis applied to engineering problems.

Gannon University Graduate Catalog 2014-2015  
Gannon University Graduate Catalog 2014-2015