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Summer Session GNURS 717 Anesthesia Clinical Practicum 4 * GNURS 721 Thesis Guidance 1 credit Fall Semester GNURS 718 Anesthesia Clinical Practicum 5 * GNURS 731 Integrated Role Seminar * GNURS 721 Thesis Guidance 4 credits THIRD YEAR Spring Semester GNURS 719 Anesthesia Clinical Practicum 6 * GNURS 721 Thesis Guidance 1 credit

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48 Total Credits NOTE: * indicates courses required for a Nurse Anesthesia Certificate. The Nurse Anesthesia program and Certificate options are accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs (COA).


to work effectively in leadership roles within today’s highly specialized and extremely complex health care practice arena.


The planned course sequence that follows is for full-time study, but part-time study is available. FIRST YEAR Fall Semester GMBA XXX Business Administration Course* GNURS 510 Financial Dimensions of Health Care GNURS 525 Theoretical Foundations of Nursing 9 credits

NOTE: * Graduate-level Business Administration course is required. Specific course taken to be determined with advisor. Spring Semester GNURS 526 Role Theory and Professional Issues in Nursing 3 GNURS 675 Nursing Administration Theory 1 3 GNURS 677 Nursing Administration Practicum 1 3 9 credits Summer Session ** Elective

For students with an earned MSN, a Nurse Anesthesia Certificate may be earned by taking the didactic and clinical courses indicated with an asterisk. If the student has not previously completed a thesis, the research component will be required. Certificate students must meet all admission eligibility requirements and are admitted on a space-available basis only.

3 credits

NOTE: Gannon RN to MSN students may be admitted into the Nurse Anesthesia option after completing all undergraduate requirements and fulfilling all admission requirements for the Nurse Anesthesia option. Availability of RN to MSN placement in this program option is limited.

SECOND YEAR Fall Semester GNURS 676 Nursing Administration Theory 2 GNURS 678 Nursing Administration Practicum 2 GNURS 650 Research Methods 9 credits


Specialization in Nursing Administration focuses on the responsibilities the nurse executive must assume in order to administer resources for the provision of nursing care delivery. Emphasis is placed on the analysis and synthesis of advanced concepts from both nursing and business—as well as the systematic investigation of the concepts underlying nursing and leadership roles in changing environments and complex health care organizations. The curriculum provides up-to-date orientation of today’s health care environment and explores the implications of that environment for health care organizations, individual nursing departments, and patient populations. The program of study prepares nurse executives

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NOTE: * Students are to identify a course within the University that will help them develop expertise in a specific area. Elective credits can be from the School of Nursing, but may also be taken from other Graduate Programs within the University.

Spring Semester GNURS 651 Research Seminar GNURS 512 Legal/Ethical Concerns in Health Care GNURS 513 Organizational Analysis of Health Care Administration 9 credits Summer Session GNURS 721 Thesis Guidance 1 credit THIRD YEAR Fall Semester GNURS 721 Thesis Guidance 1 credit

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