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For all students: • A Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline from an accredited college or university • A GMAT score (this requirement is waived for students with an undergraduate GPA of 3.2 or higher). If a student has a GPA less than 3.2 they also have the option of being admitted as a “Provisional” student that requires that the student complete three of four 500 level classes with a minimum of a “B” in each class. The courses include GMBA 501, GMBA, 521, GMBA 525, and GMBA 561. If a student has waived all 500 level courses, then it is required that the student complete GMBA 601, GMBA 641, and GMBA 661 with a grade not less than a “B” in each class. Any student not meeting the minimum grade of a “B” in each class will not be permitted to register for any further MBA classes. Students can thus be admitted by either earning an acceptable GMAT score or successfully completing the identified courses as a “”Provisional” student with a minimum grade of “B” in each course within two consecutive semesters. • A completed application for admission • A completed resume • Official transcripts from all prior institutions • Three letters of recommendation • TOEFL scores if English is not a first language

• 9 credits of MBA Elective courses. MBA Elective courses allow students to customize a curriculum or build a concentration finance, human resource management or marketing. 1. MBA Foundation Courses (0-18 credits – courses may be waived on a course by course basis based on academic background at the discretion of the Director of Graduate Programs) GMBA 501 Financial Accounting 3 GMBA 521 Quantitative Techniques 3 GMBA 525 Statistical Analysis 3 GMBA 531 Management and Marketing Concepts 3 GMBA 561 Fundamentals of Financial Management 3 GMBA 571 Economic Environment of the Firm 3 2. MBA Core Courses (21 credits) GMBA 601 Managerial Accounting GMBA 631 Organizational Culture, Creativity and Change GMBA 641 Operations and Supply Chain Management GMBA 651 Strategic Marketing Management GMBA 661 Financial Management GMBA 686 Leadership and Business Ethics GMBA 799 Business Policy and Strategy

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Degree Status is awarded to students whose undergraduate grade point average was 3.2 or higher or who score at least 1050 using the following formula: 200 x (Undergraduate GPA) + GMAT Score

3. MBA Elective (Select 9 credits of free electives or a concentration in finance, human resource management or marketing).

Provisional Academic Status may be awarded at the discretion of the Director of Graduate Programs to students who show academic promise but do not achieve 1050 on the formula above. These students may petition for Degree status after completion of 9 credits with a minimum of 3.0 GPA.

Total Credits 30-48

Non-Degree Status is awarded to students who, in the opinion of the admissions committee, show academic promise and are seeking professional development. A maximum of 9 credits may be taken as a non-degree student.


The Gannon MBA is a professional degree program. Students begin studies with a wide variety of academic and work backgrounds. MBA curriculum requirements range from 30 to 48 credits depending upon these experiences. Courses are presented in three general categories: • 0 to 18 credits of MBA Foundation courses. This series is designed to bring all students up to the same preliminary level before commencing with the common body of course work. Foundation courses are waivable (or challengeable) on the basis of academic experience. • 30 credits of MBA Core courses. The Gannon MBA Core represents the common body of topics and skills that MBA’s are generally expected to possess.


The MBA Foundation courses may be waived in either of the following two ways: 1. Waiver by Transcript Students should make an appointment with the MBA office to determine if any MBA Foundation courses can be waived. A waiver request is based upon previously completed undergraduate or graduate courses which are equivalent to the Foundation course in question. The student must demonstrate the equivalency of the prior courses by completing a Course Waiver Form. The form is completed and returned to the MBA Office. To waive a Foundation course the student should have taken specific courses within 7 years and obtained at least a grade of B (where two courses are listed, a grade of at least a B must be achieved in both courses). Below are the Foundation courses and the undergraduate courses required to waive each by transcript. International students with a three (3) year bachelor degree will be required to take all 18 credits of the Foundation level as well as other designated courses and may not waive nor challenge these courses. GMBA 501 Financial Accounting 1 course in Introductory Accounting

Gannon University Graduate Catalog 2013-2014  
Gannon University Graduate Catalog 2013-2014