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GME 650 Robotics 3 credits Introduction of basic concepts and robotic systems with principles of kinematics, dynamics control and economics, to familiarize the student with the basics and industrial applications. GME 655 Advanced Dynamic Systems 3 credits Energy considerations and development of Lagrange’s method for multi-element dynamic systems. Applications for deriving system differential equations. Dynamics of electromechanical and electrohydraulic systems. Examples of current interest will be studied. GME 657 Active Suspension Systems 3 credits Modeling and analysis of suspension systems for ground vehicles and aircraft. Response to various types of inputs. Applications of control theory. Analysis and design of active and semi-active components and systems. GME 661 Advanced Mechanical Vibrations 3 credits Advanced topics related to vibration of multi-dimensional and continuous parameter systems are examined and discussed. The course includes vibration analysis of various types of continuous parameter homogeneous and forced systems. It further includes methods of converting continuous parameter systems to discrete multi-dimensional systems. Additionally, concepts of vibration design including active suppression are investigated. Finally, vibration testing methods are discussed. GME 670 Mechanics of Composites 3 credits An introduction to the mechanics composite materials, specifically fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP). The course will focus on the macroscopic properties of laminated structures formed from FRP, including strength, stiffness, thermal and hygrothermal properties, and theories of failure. The course will present the classical lamination theory, with extensions to the theory as time permits. GME 680 Design of Experiments 3 credits Review of Visual Basic and MINITAB; application of Monte Carlo software for Six Sigma Design: simple comparative experiments; experiments with single factor; the analysis of variance; randomized blocks, Latin squares, and related designs; factorial design; two and higher level fractional factorial designs. GME 690-699 Special Topics in Engineering 3 credits Special courses developed from study interest in all areas of Engineering. Brief description of current content to be announced in schedule of classes. Open to graduate students only.

English Director: Penelope Smith, Ph.D.


The Department of English offers the Master of Arts degree. Its inception in 1964 makes it the oldest Master’s program at Gannon. The program is characterized by its range of offerings and flexibility of requirements. The Department has five graduate teaching assistantships. Competition for these positions is intense, and applications must be completed by mid-February. Contact the Office of Graduate Admissions or the Director of the Graduate English Program for more information.


The Graduate Program in English is designed for the professional student of letters seeking preparation for doctoral study in the discipline, for teachers of English who desire increased general competency, and for those in business and industry seeking professional growth or personal enrichment. The program is intended to expand the student’s knowledge of linguistic and critical theory, composition and rhetoric, literary history, the development of literary genres, and major and minor writers of all periods. Additionally, the program is designed to refine students’ responses to literature and language in use, sharpen their critical judgment, and develop their extended knowledge and expanded abilities into more effective writing, speaking, and teaching.


Satisfactory completion of an undergraduate degree in English is the normal prerequisite. However, students who do not meet this norm may be admitted to the program, dependent on their background (e.g. literature and writing courses, job experience, independent study, etc.). The Program Director, based on a conference with the applicant, may determine that some additional coursework is necessary. All students must arrange an interview with the Program Director before registering.


Master of Arts Program Thirty graduate hours are required. Candidates may elect to take all thirty graduate hours within the English department, or they may elect to take six hours of other graduate level courses approved by the Graduate English Program Director. Students are required to take nine graduate hours in English and American literature and nine graduate hours in language studies courses. Of the graduate

Graduate Catalog 2012-2013  

Graduate Catalog 2012-2013

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