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Required areas of concentration: • 45 hours or 3 semester units of second language acquisition/ linguistics. • 90 hours of 6 semester units of methods of ESL, academic and literacy development, program implementation and assessment for English language learners. • 45 hours or 3 semester units or understanding cultural diversity in K-12 classrooms, multicultural education.

Master of Education: Curriculum and Instruction Secondary or K-12 Teacher Certification




This program is designed for the professional who holds a Bachelor’s degree and who seeks to obtain Pennsylvania Instructional I Teaching Certification in order to teach at the secondary level. This program is designed to allow students to accomplish this while pursuing a master’s degree. Courses, except those that have a practicum component, are conveniently offered evenings, Saturdays, or online to accommodate work and family schedules. Gannon University provides students with the tools to engage in leadership activities, instructional innovation, and ongoing assessment.

This program requires the student to take 25 credits of core courses and 6 credits of electives focused on preparation for the ESL Program Specialist Certificate. Students must take an additional 6 credits of approved ESL courses for the Program Specialist Certificate.

GEDU 503 GEDU 505 GEDU 601 GEDU 602 GEDU 603 GEDU 604 GEDU 621 GEDU 637 GEDU 650

Educational Leadership (3 credits) Classroom Discipline (3 credits) Educational Research Methods (3 credits) Portfolio (1 credit) Current Issues in Education (3 credits) Educational Tests and Measurements (3 credits) School Curriculum (3 credits) Learning Theory (3 credits) Advanced Educational Computing (3 credits online)

Required Cognate for Curriculum and Instruction/ ESL Certificate (6 credits)

Director: Janice M. Whiteman, M.Ed. Phone: 814-871-7497,

Students pursuing the Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction can also seek preparation as a Secondary or K-12 certified teacher in the content areas of Biology, English, History/Social Studies, Mathematics, or Spanish.

Students in the M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction are required to complete a portfolio. The portfolio enables students through action research to develop projects that will impact their classroom, school, and/or school district. As a result of these projects, students have made significant changes in schools and have emerged as leaders in their respective districts.

Additional courses required for ESL program specialist:

Students seeking teaching certification are also required to complete a professional portfolio. The portfolio is intended to demonstrate and document the professional educator’s knowledge, skills, abilities, performances, and professionalism. At the university level, portfolios must demonstrate the degree to which the teacher candidate has attained the outcomes designated by the School of Education and the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Equally important, the professional portfolio is a tool for the interviewing process.

GEDU 520 GEDU 517

Teacher candidates are required to complete 180 hours of field experiences and 14 weeks of student teaching, which can be conveniently arranged in a local school district. Students are encouraged to talk to their advisor early in the program so that they can take the proper course sequence and meet all certification and program requirements.

GEDU 518 Multicultural Aspects of ESL/Cross Cultural Communication (3 credits online) GEDU 519 Structures of English (3 credits online) Total credits required for M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction 31

Methods and Materials for Teaching ESL/Practicum (3 credits online) English as a Second Language Assessment and Program Development/Practicum (3 credits online)


A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university and fulfillment of requirements for admission to the graduate program at Gannon University

Graduate Catalog 2012-2013  
Graduate Catalog 2012-2013  

Graduate Catalog 2012-2013