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Henry’s Elephant Adventures

By ‘Enry

The Mighty Stuffed Elephant


I am ‘Enry the Elephant. I spent many days looking for Henry Abeln, Looking out to sea, at parks, at houses, Well, just everywhere!

Then I found Henry! We became Friends right!

I told Henry about my travels. I’m at the Queens palace In London.

Many cars! I sat on the fence Waiting for the King.

I rode a red bus many times

I worked with boats On the river Near Camden.

A party in Milano At the Church Duomo See the boy dressed up See the girl as an angel!

My friends and I Went to Florence To see big statues

At Night we went To the River Thames To see the Biggest Ferris Wheel In the World!

I flew to Spain To see more Big statues She let me sit Next to her.

My next stop was with Many pigeons. We sat And ate and talked. But I missed Henry And went home.

Henry was playing With a dog And driving a car.

Will the dog play with the ball? Will Henry drive his car? Henry ride the bikes with me?

Henry wanted to Play tennis with Little ‘Enry the Elephant.

Henry puts the toys away As he protects his eyes.

I wait for Henry At Piccadilly Circus

Henry's 'Enry, the Special Elephant  

Henry's stuffed elephant visits London and Indianapolis with many adventures and enjoying many sights.

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