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Level One – Foundation Course Selection (6 credits) LFIN 250 Theatre and Culture LFIN 251 Introduction to Music LFIN 253 Introduction to Visual Arts LFIN 254 Art of the Film Level Two – Elective Course Selection (12 credits) COMM 356 Digital Graphics* COMM 357 Animation* COMM 358 Digital Drawing* COMM 390 Special Topics ENGL 210 Creative Writing* ENGL 250 Introduction to Photography* ENGL 312 Poetry Writing Workshop* ENGL 313 Fiction Writing* ENGL 390 Special Topics FINA 232 Erie Architecture FINA 235 Christian Art and Architecture FINA 380 Art and the Sacred FINA 281 Problems in Contemporary Art and Architecture FINA 282 Modern Art FINA 390 American Architecture FINA 391 Special Topics LFIN 252 Women in Photography LFIN 310 Music and Medicine MUSC 200-208 Band (1 credit)* MUSC 231 Beethoven and His Influence MUSC 250 Music and Psychology MUSC 251 Music in Advertising and Marketing MUSC 252 Music in the Theater MUSC 390 Special Topics PSYC 300 Psychology of Creativity* THEA 251 Psychology of Design* THEA 252 Costume and Makeup* THEA 390 Performance and Production in Theatre* THEA 396 Dance (1 credit)* THEA 390 Special Topics *denotes applied course

FOREIGN LANGUAGES AND CULTURES MARTHA KOSIR, Ph.D., Chairperson FACULTY: Associate Professors: Martha Kosir, Carlos Mamani. Instructor: Jack Marcus. Adjunct Faculty: Angela Beaumont, Linda Brown. Latin, Greek and Arabic are taught by affiliate faculty in the Philosophy, Theology, English, and History departments. Aims and Objectives: The Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures offers the following programs: Foreign Language, Foreign Languages/Government and, Foreign Languages/Business options. The staff offers courses in language, literature and linguistics as well as specialized courses in terminology and practices in such fields as business, criminal justice, social services, and health sciences.

Gannon University Undergraduate Catalog 16-17