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All students graduating from the College of Humanities must have completed six credits of a Modern Foreign Language.

SCHOOL OF EDUCATION JANICE M. WHITEMAN, M.Ed., Interim Director, School of Education FACULTY: Associate Professor: Leighann Forbes, Robin Quick. Assistant Professors: William Hallock, Jill Merritt, Janice Whiteman. Instructor: Nancy Morris. Mission of the Gannon School of Education: The School of Education is committed to the preparation of teachers as reflected through the Gannon University Judeo-Christian tradition. Through the practice of modeling, professionalism, and collaboration, we deliver a student-centered teacher education program that provides opportunities for diverse community experiences and promotion of continuous learning. All Gannon University teacher certification programs have Pennsylvania Department of Education approval. Gannon University’s undergraduate programs have been identified by the Pennsylvania Department of Education as model, innovative programs in the areas of: • Development, cognition, and learning coursework • Use of academic standards and assessment anchors to design instruction • Assessment skills and use of data to design instruction • Faculty qualifications • Use of educational technology • Field experiences and student teaching • New teacher support The School of Education currently offers the following initial certification baccalaureate program options: Early Childhood Education PreK-4 Early Childhood Education PreK-4 and Special Education PreK-8 Middle Level 4-8 • English/Language Arts and Reading • Mathematics • Science • Social Studies • English/Language Arts and Mathematics • English/Language Arts and Science • Mathematics and Science • Social Studies and Mathematics • Social Studies and Science Middle Level 4-8 and Special Education PreK-8 • English/Language Arts and Reading AND Special Education PreK-8 • Mathematics AND Special Education PreK-8 • Science AND Special Education PreK-8 • Social Studies AND Special Education PreK-8 Secondary Education grades 7-12 • Biology (BA and BS programs) • English • Mathematics • Social Studies

Gannon University Undergraduate Catalog 16-17